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  1. I hired a new companion as a Ranger PC (Bear companion) and couldn't go upstairs either. I managed to go outside the inn though, but then my new hired companion became invisible and unselectable. Couldn't progress since the new companion could not move.
  2. It's because the game pauses itself whenever you travel to new screens or Quickload. Because of the black loading screen though it covers up the "pause" message.
  3. I'd like this too but it has to be done in a way that doesn't add even more clutter to the combat screen. It's hard enough keeping track of everything as it is. Maybe they should just color code the circles? Like if your Fighter engages two Wolves, have those three units get blue circles under their feet.
  4. I think casting animations need to be more apparent. In BG and IWD you had mages and clerics wave their hands with energy glowing for seconds at a time and you knew something was gonna happen. In the beta so far I can't realy tell what's going on. If I order my Wizard to cast a spell is he gonna cast it or is he attacking with his rod again? It seemed like my Druid wasn't casting half the spells I told him to. I don't know if the spells were broken or if the commands just got lost due to him auto-attacking, but it was really noticeable. And I would re-do the command, not knowing if I had
  5. Some skills are just lacking in important information. For instance, when you pick your ranger pet companion you get a vague description of what each animal is good at, but when you pick your druid wereform it's literally just "this is a cat form." It's like you're just supposed to pick a random wereform and hope you like its abilities.
  6. Yeah I noticed how my game would start out faded and paused whenever I Quickloaded. So it goes to figure that whenever you travel or Quickload the game pauses itself, and it looks like it's freezing on the black Loading screen. I just made a new game and managed to just unpause the screen whenever it froze like that.
  7. I was fighting some beetles and decided to try out the 2nd level Druid spell Conjure Lesser Blight. After the battle ended the Lesser Flame Spirit did not expire or die. I traveled back to the town and it was still with me. I went hostile in the inn and killed everyone and the spirit was still alive. I force-attacked the spirit with my party and it blew up. When I exited the inn the spirit was back in my party. It was impossible to remove, dismiss, or kill the spirit.
  8. I don't quite understand how looting works. If my entire party is selected, it seems sort of random who will walk over to the loot to grab it. Most times it will be the character closest to the pile but not always. Secondly, if you use the Take All function and your number of open slots is fewer than the total loot, how does it prioritize when you pick up? And sometimes when I use Take All on a character with completely open slots it won't let me take anything.
  9. Does anyone else think the game needs a better targeting system? This problem is really apparent when fighting the criminals by the bridge. All those boars totally block your cursor from selecting the bandits. Ideally the cursor should be able to hover over any part of the body and the entire doll should become highlighted so you know what you're attacking.
  10. Is there a way to compare items you want to buy to what you have equipped? I couldn't figure it out.
  11. I have the same exact problems and it makes the beta pretty much impossible for me to play. There's like a 90% chance my screen just hangs on the black Loading screen whenever I load any save. DxDiag.txt error - Copy.txt
  12. If you equip a Cloak item on your main character, it will show up on the character doll when you select any of your other party members. For example, my main is a Human and when I select the Orlan Rogue there's a Cloak taller than her in the background of her doll.
  13. Yeah combat happens a bit too fast for me. The Rogue is all about setting up debuffs to take advantage of Sneak Attacks, but the problem is I can't really tell if my debuffs are sticking or not. And if I do manage to see it, the enemy dies before my Rogue even does anything. The other problem is enemy movement. I accidentally moved my Cleric a bit ahead of the party and she aggroed 3 lions. They instantly pounced on her before I could really react to seeing them and she was practically dead from that moment. Attempting to move her out of the way just meant taking all those hits of dis
  14. It seems like 80% of the time when entering a new screen (either buildings or travel) it just hangs on the black Loading screen. I can still hear the background music and access the Menu to reload but I can't progress. It seems random as well since sometimes I can Quickload and attempt it again, and it works.
  15. My main was an Elf Ranger, yes. And I hired a Moon Godlike Chanter.
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