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  1. Did you guys see that you can download the "Player Manual" once you activate on steam? It downloads a PDF. I found it by right-clicking on the game entry and selecting it in the menu.
  2. I am totally OK with getting a game disc later, since the digital download means I get to play it anyway. I really see no reason to hold on to everything, except for saving money on shipping. But you've already said that you'll eat that extra cost, so I say ship the stuff now!
  3. I just verified that this is still an issue in v333. I don't think this is in the "known problems" list yet.
  4. [Description of the issue] When you've selected Auto-Pause on "Character Death" the game will pause during the fight with Medreth when the "Boar Companion" is killed. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] New Game Talk to Medreth to get the Cat and Mouse quest. Go tell Nyfre the truth to let her go. Tell Medreth you let her go to start the fight. Kill one of the Boar Companions, and the game will say in the combat log: “Auto-Paused: Character Death (Boar Companion)” [Expected behaviour] The game should not auto-pause when the enemy's companion dies, I don
  5. I zipped the Output_log.txt file so I could upload it. Now its just 19kb! output_log.zip
  6. Oh man, I had this issue too, but ShadySands idea worked for me as well. I hit the space bar and it finished loading! Thanks.
  7. [Description of the issue] Crash to desktop on loading a save game [Other remarks / Comments] It happened after I loaded a quicksave, then I tried to load a full save, since the quicksave was broken (missing gear bug). [Files] I have the crash dumps/error logs, but the system won't let me attach them (no permission on .log file and the output_log.txt is too big) - Well, I did upload the error.log by renaming to error.txt I was able to attach the dxdiag.txt [special] Win 7 SP1, 64-bit, Core i5-2500k, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 570 DxDiag.txt error.txt
  8. Mine finished downloading but now it won't launch. restarting steam...
  9. The downloads section on steam shows it as 2.9 GB for some reason. Not sure why the discrepancy.
  10. I can confirm I got my key and steam is downloading!
  11. I was worried the site was going to be down past 3pm. Whew!
  12. If I know that it won't but out until 2pm, why can I not stop F5ing?!
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