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  1. For real ? In the beta ??? And they didn't corrected this issue ? Hard to believe. They fixed that particular crash right away, obviously it reappeared here in the Hold.
  2. This same crash happened in the backer beta as well, it was connected with the ogre cave
  3. My first major problem with this game as well. I'm also stuck in the hold, I cant leave.
  4. I cant give any kind of in detail review of the past 3.5 hrs since I started playing, because I am speechless. I have one thing I can say to all involved: BRAVO!
  5. Why vote when you don't have a dog in the race? You make an excellent point, noname. I'll just go with ignorant as the reason why and leave it at that. That's me being nice. I voted 1. Gimme my stuff. For those who vote 2 because they want it complete and sealed on a shelf as a collectors edition, it makes MORE of a collectors edition with no disc inside. Think about it
  6. Frame rate issues must be your rig's fault, I have no frame rate drops, and my rig isn't spectacular(anymore). I do agree that something needs to happen, especially with the webs, if they were to make all those effects only cover the feet/lower half, then I think you could still be able to see everything you need to see.
  7. The Cladhaliath spear does show up on the paper doll, but not ingame. You can see that the toons hand is wrapped around something, but not what. It does work, you can see the effects of it in the combat log, it is just not visible in the hands.
  8. You can enchant items normally if you have the mats, but they don't stay through map changes and game reloads. This includes the *****SPOILER*****Cladhaliath spear you can enchant from the underground temple with your soul vessel. The enchantments that are originally on the items do stay, just not any that you put on.
  9. At first I didn't think character portraits were a big deal or an issue for me, but they are. For some reason, I just don't like any of the ones given. If there are going to be no changes to the portraits, or new ones added, I vote for going with a crop like NWN or DA:O
  11. You have truly established your place as a god-like figure on these forums, never to be forgotten! Hail, hail to the great... uh, whatshisname! :p Finally, someone recognized the awesomeness that is me.
  12. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to be the first at something. Pretty pathetic right?
  13. I've heard it's around 1.5TB. Of course, I'm the person who said that, who I heard it from, so it's very likely not correct. Guaranteed not anywhere near 1.5 Tb. That's 1500 Gb yall. More like 5-10 Gb tops.
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