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  1. Triple the budget while keeping the scope and mechanics the same, and I've no doubt they could make it look a lot better. For $4M, I'm more than happy with how it looks. Well I'm not. I was creating a character, a human mind you. My wife walked over to my PC and burst out in laughter and ask "what is that?" I then realized how silly the character looked. They look terrible, stumpy, and 3-4 identically proportioned faces. You can be content if you like, but by doing so you're not striving for quality, you're settling for less. That's the kind of thinking that gave way to EA's rise to power and Activision's call of dooty's yearly releases. You actually hurt the game by detouring the developers to improve based on others' feedback. Especially in this situation where the character models and textures are CLEARLY poor. whether or not this is strictly a beta issue that would eventually resolve itself, I can't say. I'm not going to wait and see either. I'm going to give feedback and ask for more, I want this game to be the best it can be, because I care about it.
  2. Some of you guys are quick to defend what's present by saying it looks "decent" or looks "good enough". I believe Obsidian are made of sterner stuff than "decent" or "good enough".
  3. Yeah I've noticed this too, I hope they didn't scrap it.
  4. No, but I at least expect more options than was offered in Neverwinter nights 2. Right now, that is not the case. Also, I see those details every time I open my inventory. And it might not seem important to you, but it very important to me. I play games to be immersed in my avatar, if something pulls me out of the experience (stubby little human with generic face) then I lose interest. It is supposed to be MY character, in which I can project MYSELF into to experience the quest and story and relations with the world and lore of this game. If it's not, then why am I playing it, just so some no name character that I care nothing about can poke things with a sword when I click on them? I'd like my experience to be a bit deeper than that and sadly I lack imagination. So, very much yes. I think the character models, animations, textures, and portraits need a second pass and much more options, content and systems added. if that's absolutely not in the budget then that's a tragedy. But for it to stay as it is, hurts this games integrity as a "role playing game". Edit: I don't mean to be cruel here but I HAVE seen facebook games with better quality character creation... With all due respect and gratitute for making this game a reality. I really feel like the Player Character deserves more aesthetic attention and overall quality.
  5. well I'm glad we can agree (too some degree) the level of detail of and love put into the character creator is not up to snuff.
  6. Keep in mind that I wasn't asking for the universal removal of character portraits, just an option to Opt out of having to use them. A camera bubble showing each character's face like in Dragon Age: Origins. Might be out of the realm of possibility to ask for such things from the developers, but asking me to constantly create/scale/shop for custom character portraits could be asking too much of the player. I'll do it if I must, but I won't enjoy it. lol
  7. Look at my profile avatar and guess if I'd want a bigger sword.
  8. If you read the backer email, they told us to judge aesthetics and textures.
  9. My main focus here is going to be on the forced use of Character portraits. I understand they are near and dear to a lot of people in this type of community but I'd again rather have a system that just shows a crop of my created character. I don't want to have to use a custom portrait and spend 20 minutes of my life every time I created a different character due to me being unsatisfied with the provided (vanilla) character portaits. Now, moving on to lack of customization options for faces and my issues with bodies and height. Why is it that all of the faces have the same deminsion and size? why are our options of facial hair and other things so limited? I also find some of the races (Humans) to be awkwardly stumpy in demenor. Very short with large heads as if for no real reason other than to say all human males are 5ft tall. I didn't care for this much. Or rather I do care. A lot. And lastly Over all texture quality for the NPCs in the world are too low. Everything else in the world is seemless and beautiful but the characters take away from it. They stick out like a sore thumb against these 2D backgrounds, and not in a good way. They appear at times to be pixilated, jagged, and their animations bring about a strong desire for me to have the option to turn texture filtering up to X18 and X8 antializing. But then I realized it wouldn't do anything to change these settings when they are provided because the textures themselves are made to be old looking as if to pay homage to an older game. This is not however, an older game. I'm running a machine capible of playing the witcher 3 on max settings. I would just like to see some more quality and higher texture resolution. Also, heavier NPC and character shadows and possible character outlines to make NPC's stand out more from their background. Thanks guys. Sorry If I was a jerk. It's 5am!
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