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  1. This is a public forum, not a peronal blog, really no need to open a thread to announce that you would have a week off.
  2. But crafting/ enchanting is exactly to do that, right? sorry, I misunderstood your idea before. I have thought that you mean giving elemental damage type to every unique item directly, I would not against the idea of giving elemental enchanting recipes to them.
  3. Bad idea. Why should every unique item has an elemental damage type? For most of them, physical damage is enough, damage type should be related to the item's lore, if a sword does not have lore relate to fire, then it should not have fire damage .
  4. Very interesting mod. As you will make more unique weapons, is it possible to inport new weapon models now? Or you will just reuse the existed models?
  5. What do you mean? There is no any quest bug blocking the game progress now. ANf although there are still some bugs here and there, it is hard to consider the game is "borked öike hell".
  6. Well, I want to make a Multi-class character with both Darcozzi Paladin and Priest of Magran, but I found that these two class are not compatible. I did go through characters.gamedatabundle but didn't find out where to define the conflict of two sub-class, can someone help? Edit: Nevermind, I find it. It is defined by the PositiveDispositionsIDs and NegativeDispositionsIDs in the factions.gamedatabundle file
  7. This is probably the same problem I reported in a previous topic. I didn't notice that the problem is caused by 1.02 though, since I purchase PoE2 after the release of 1.1 . Besides what OP saids, I also have something to added: 1, this issue does not only happen on Pallegina, but on all characters with female human body (including female human characters and female human-size godlike characters). 2, thanks to the pre-1.02 screenshot post by the OP, I can now illustrate the problem clearer. This is a pre-1.02 screenshot (I found it here, the same uploader of OP's pre-1.02 screensho
  8. The mod I have made only replace the model of Whisper of the Endliss Paths, but yes, it is also possible to mod a new weapon with this model.
  9. an unused greatsword weapon model: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/102483-unused-content-a-zweihander-like-greatsword-weapon-model/ I also find more unused weapon models after this one, will show them later.
  10. When digging into the art files of PoE2, I found an unsed greatsword weapon model. The size of this greatsword is exactly same of Whisper of the Endliss Paths, and it also has a zweihander-like design, but with a simpler, straight blade. In the art assets files, this sword model is marked as w_gs08 (and Whisper of the Endliss Paths is w_gs09), the model file also has a name greatsword_alec. I don't remember there is a character called Alec, maybe this is a name of a Dev? It is actually my favourite greatsword model in PoE2, I'm quite curious about what is the model suppose to be origin
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