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  1. This decision is up to you. I think you're right, should not add them or their weakened duplicate. Just rings are not enough now, and other options do not come to mind... Snerf's Folly - does not look interesting. Yeah? Sigil of the Arcane - Maybe this? Silver Lover's Ring and Copper Lover's Ring - these last. In categories of other things(belts, cloaks, hats, gloves, boots and amulets) a lot of good items too, but they are not as necessary as the rings. P.S: And about Hood: the model of this item is different from the Blackbladess Hood. That is why I asked about the Foot
  2. Its old... but very funny video. In Warcraft and Witcher series localization sometimes was so very impressive that the cause goosebumps. Yes, I fully agree about your power-tiers of items. Gwyn's Band of Union is so strong, I never took it off after receiving it. Maybe these abilities needs some nerfs in your mod? Minor Spellbind: Blessing: Grants Blessing (1 per encounter) Spellstamina: Instill Doubt: Grants Instill Doubt when drops below 80% (1 per encounter) Decrease time duration from 20 sec to 10 sec? Blessing can work only 1 per rest, not per encounter? Or is it a ma
  3. Great mod. Wonderful Idea. Perfect Russian Localization. 10/10 More Rings from POE1, please. In the Deadfire they are not enough. I hope that the author will not abandon this mod and create most rings / amulets / gloves / boots / belts and some cloaks and hats that possible competently implement. For Example: 1. Crossed Patch to Eyepatch from Deadfire (All Icons from POE1 is here); 2. Footpads Hood to Hood from Deadfire 3. Executioner's Hood to Harbinger's Hood from Deadfire and etc. I can also express the idea of refinement Kana`s Hat to Kana's Turban And idea to create any bonuses for s
  4. Inquisitor Lödwyn must somehow comment on the attitude of the player's subclasses to Woedica (Even if only by textual dialogue, i think). It is especially strange that there is a special dialogue for the Bleak Walkers subclass but not for The Steel Garrote Paladins or Priests of Woedica...
  5. It's great that many of the forum attendants are ready to defend the position of developers, whatever it may be. But this is probably the only moment in the game where a special dialogue for these subclasses is really necessary. Do not consider my statement rude.
  6. Phenomenum, can i beg you create 'convo' for this images? If you like it...
  7. That is what I meant, in fact, because the main plot and everything else should not revolve around this Gods - because they stories is not the main story, it is only knowledge about the world of Eora. I hope that without The Wheel they will have to go into the background and they will not get into the Eora's life without serious necessary. Where is Naasitaq? Is it not on the Archipelago? Instead of the next quest about the Gods could tell us about the life of this region. That's the problem. Naasitaq is a remote southern island nation, located in the Deadfire Archipelago. Many bore
  8. lolwhat? Speaking about of metaphysics, I mean its definition from the game: "A young field of knowledge, Metaphysics deals with animancy, adra, the Wheel, the In-Between, the Beyond, and all mysteries of the soul." The Gods and this Metaphysics too often began appear in the plot in order to inflate the importance of everything and everyone. Most of these stories are actually empty and do not carry any meaning = real influence on the game world. Pillars of Eternity is good without it. And all this pouting importance about the gods only harms the universe. It is better go through th
  9. Yeah? I think that game mainly about the "Builders of Engwithans" who became Gods and about their descendants over whom they have power. And everything revolves around this ugly metaphysical main idea. There is no real sense of gravitas or choice, and for the most part side quests (stories about these descendants and their life in Eora without metaphysical intervention of Gods? Yeah?) were far more varied than the main questline. Yes, choise - is nothing. Wheel will be Break. What will it mean? - Is Nothing. No matter how everything is significant for life in Eora - everything will be
  10. Metaphysics will destroy you, Obsidians. The next time you decide to write an interesting story, think first of all about of player's Role-Play, not about metaphysical garbage. GL.
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