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  1. ...After third in row journey to Neketaka and instantly leaving I suddenly got the book. WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS IT?!
  2. Well, I don't have it. Going back to Neketaka and leaving it again didn't help. I don't have saves before leaving it first time either.
  3. I on the way to Hasongo and never got the book. Is it supposed to be an actual item? Should there be a dialogue about it?
  4. I must say, cipher in general is way less fun in this game than in PoE1 (where I played as one AND usually had Grieving Mother with me). Partially because PoE2 cipher feels "slower" while the battles in generally take less time now. Partially - because a good number of spells are either situational or simply feel underwhelming compared to, say, wizard. Speaking of wizards- I would've thought that changing them to per encounter system would mean somewhat lesser difference in power between their spells and ciphers'. Nope, it's the opposite; now wizard spells are both stronger AND more available than in the first game (and Aloth is the most badass guy in the party now) yet cipher spells became weaker, starting focus is lower AND most of recource increasing effects are either very weak for him or simply do not work? The latter feels outright dismissive. So far it seems that cipher is only good for boss battles. Or multiclassing.
  5. How does such stuff work with Cipher? For example, my party just took a nice relaxing bath at Luminous Bathhouse. It gave +1 cast for level 1 spells for mages. Martial guys got simple +1 to their recource. I expected for cipher to get something like +10 focus yet he actually got... nothing? Is that how it supposed to work? If yes than it's just unfair What about equipment with +max Power Pool effects, like Devil of Caroc Breastplate?
  6. I had it happen whwn I control the character, not AI. There were a few times when I simply clicked on the target and the character in question run to melee range and melee attacked in melee despite being able to shoot. What about the times in real-time when the character shot and than attacked in melee without pause in between? It seems that it can happen when the target moves in melee range durung the character's shooting animation and he have melee weapon in the other hand but it doesn't happen always.
  7. How is melee/ranged weapon combo supposed to work? In turn-based it's usually "hack if target is close, shoot if not", through sometimes the character run in melee instead of shooting? And in the real-time mode there were a few times when the character shot a (moving closer) enemy and than, without recovery time/reload animation, attacked it in melee?
  8. Thank you all, especially MaxQuest. I'm still deciding what exact build and game mode I like more but you advices are really helpful. Through I like both Psyblade and Inquisitor. Btw Ascendant is propably not that good at turn-based, right? How dangerous it is to dump any stat? (Other than dexterity in turn-based mode.) In the first game my character had 3 resolve - the biggest problem it gave me was constant stream of "not enough resolve" in dialogues. Is having lower than average resolve/constitution bring more problems here?
  9. Hello! I have this (hopefully great) game for a long time (preorder) yet I've never really played it; first I wanted to wait for some patches/dlc, later I didn't have time, after that something else... You know how it happens. Anyway, I have free time now, check the game after a rather long time, and by coincidence, the final patch just came out! Must be a sign:) I have a few question through. I hope it's right subforum for them. My main PoE1 character was a Pale Elf Cipher and I want to use him again. I'm kinda overwhelmed (pleasantly) by the sheer number of available (sub)classes and their combinations. It seems there are even more of them than the last time I checked! Now, I'm quickly learn stuff when I'm into it but I would appreciate a few directions. 1) New turn-based mode looks pretty interesting. Will it be alright for my first real playthrough? Is there something really important about it I should know? It seems dex not as good as as in real-time? 2)How good/fun each of the subclasses (including base)? For both real-time and turn-based. 3)On the first look cipher's high-level spells look rather dissappointing. Multiclassing seems to be better option. Am I wrong? 4)In case of multiclass build, what would you recommend to try? It can be anything. Melee, ranged, stealth, pure caster, anything. Sorry for possible problems with my English.
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