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  1. Yeah, for the island itself, maybe. You keep guessing what will become of the dwarves if you choose to overthrow Nemnok as much as if you chose not to. Also, I remain curious on the note alluding Nemnok that you can find somewhre in Forgotten Sanctum. The note says Nemnok's cult is getting too powerfull and someone ought to do something about it. In the room nearby you can find another overgrown imp, that one also very OP. What does that mean? Was it a weapon in development to crush down mighty Nemnok? Or an accident in the research to find a way to undermine him?
  2. Well that also apply for Concelhaut, and based on the best choice ever avaiable in any CRPG your choice he could end as a Cthulhu-like horror, rising from the bowels of Eora and aspiring to godhood
  3. I mean, I really enjoyed the quest and the choices around it, but what if you just give the imp all the three grimoires and leave, never to fight him? His power and his cult will continue to grow... If I am not mistaken, even the Hand Occult was concerned and scheming to do something about him. What exactaly? Nemnok was by far the hardest quest boss in the core game - way ahead of any archmage or dragon. He was planning some sort of imp uprising and revenge against old Arkemyr. How? Besieging Neketaka? That seems not very likely to work... maybe an additional ending slide would clarify his fat
  4. My favorite side mini-dungeon in the core game. One thing I like in Deadfire is that every small dungeon area have a story of its own... for instance, the caves you first enter in the very beggining of the game were a smugler's hideout until the smuglers were all slayed by a malfunctioning golem, and you have to explore the whole area and collect the clues to realize what really happend. So, I found Leofwyn to be very interesting: a mad wizard who went to a forgotten, wild isalnd to wreck havock among the local fauna until she found... the Book of Sotrms... an average grimoire with nothing
  5. As the title say, the dragon fella disappeared from the area he was supposed to be in. The dialogue disclosed as normal, and as my decision was to release him, it made no real difference. But this issue was not that before, in my other two plays. I guess it started with the last patch of yours... but it is just a guess. The save in the dragon's sanctum follows: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oRdWBvW8_pfwSSjGlNYpCVcPuA0XWqW1/view?usp=sharing
  6. Yes. Otherwise it's just sloppy job and it kills the narrative. Oh brother, this is the sort of LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE hyperbole that I hate. If missing out on one bit of reactivity in one narrow situation "kills the narrative" I don't know what to tell you. Yeah, he is overreacting... I told I was sad, but personally can cope with killing some of my fellow brethen. My char is an ass anyway
  7. I really understand the side of the devs... but tought was a good idea to raise the question, you know, just in case...
  8. I made this character for role-playing reasons: priest of Woedica multiclassed with steel garrote paladin, the two new subclasses. But it was a bit frustrating when I come to the encounter at the base of the pyramid on the desert island: I was not even able to claim to the woedicians I was one of his equals. The whole stuff was somehow unnimersive, sadly.
  9. The problem is, I am having trouble finding the savegame files on my computer. My plataform is GOG, and I don't find any usefull tips in foruns or in reddit. The only one was to go like C:\Users\<username>\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity\,but found nothing there. Edit: JUST FOUND THEM BUGGERS! By Abydon's iron testicles, I am so stupid. There it goes: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16a_pEpmGIKl7ireCj4cETZ2b5tnOMS6Y/view?usp=sharing
  10. Did not find anybody else that complained about this issue, but started happening with me out of nowhere: Every time I jump into the hole of Wael's body to face the last battle of Forgotten Sanctum, the screen goes black and the area never even starts loading (after the text screens with dialogue options). It was not like that before (in that same play or in others), started to happen randomly like yesterday, and now is settled like that, no matter how many times I re-enter the game or re-start my computer. All the other areas and loadings seems to be working fine. Just can't finish the dlc on
  11. I believe so many people were "unimpressed" by Eothas rampaging trough the deadfire simply because they just did not believe it, and many that did were not sure of what was going on. The player had privileged first hand information. There was also the children of the downstars getting dreams and visions, but many treated them as fanatics. On the player's knowledge of the real nature of the gods, I guess you could do your best to spread this information by yourself, It would always be detorted or doubted, not only by the hand occult or the leaden key, but also by the people in general. Even if
  12. No, I can’t see many similarities between Fyonlecg and The Transcendent One. Preposterous! ARISE, VHAILOR, A GREAT INJUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE!
  13. I appreciate the comparison, but JI didn't cross my mind during Fyonlecg's development. I'm not super surprised by it, though, based on the stuff that did inform Fyonlecg. If you want to peek behind the curtain, I'll put it behind spoiler tags: Thanks, that was very informative. Never gave tought to the Aloth point. Maybe because yes, I roleplay as an elven wizard, from the White that Wends. A very evil and powerlust fiend, that gave this Aloth fella to a pool of blood in exange for power a long loong deal ago.
  14. It is just me, or the mad antagonist from Forgotten Sanctum is a plain hommage to the greatest CRPG villain from all times? I mean, common, both are powerfull elven wizards - masked and/or disfigured - seeking revenge and aspiring godhood. Even the voice acting tried to mimic David Warner's (and the result was quite good). Also, the background of Fyonlecg was not very clear to me. Was he working for the hand occult and then was betrayed and imprisioned? Or did he volunteered to the imprisionement without knowing the consequences? How did he escaped? He cannot be caged? Cannot be controlled?
  15. Hum, interesting. I keep reading here and there how chanters could be usefull in this fight. Unfortunately is a class I always underestimate (poor Konstanten learnt of it in Kazuwari). I also read somewhere that you have to kill enough baby spiders before collapsing all the huts, is that how it works?
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