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Loading bug at the heart of mystery



Did not find anybody else that complained about this issue, but started happening with me out of nowhere: Every time I jump into the hole of Wael's body to face the last battle of Forgotten Sanctum, the screen goes black and the area never even starts loading (after the text screens with dialogue options). It was not like that before (in that same play or in others), started to happen randomly like yesterday, and now is settled like that, no matter how many times I re-enter the game or re-start my computer. All the other areas and loadings seems to be working fine. Just can't finish the dlc on that play. My PC is windows.

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Salutations Brunachos,


Sorry you are running into this issue. If you happen to have a save from right before this issue is occurring and an output log from when the issue happens, it will assist the developers in investigating this issue. Feel free to use the pinned How to Report a Bug for reference.

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The problem is, I am having trouble finding the savegame files on my computer. My plataform is GOG, and I don't find any usefull tips in foruns or in reddit. The only one was to go like C:\Users\<username>\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity\,but found nothing there.


Edit: JUST FOUND THEM BUGGERS! By Abydon's iron testicles, I am so stupid. There it goes:


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