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[Bug] Auto-Pause on Enemy's pet's death?



[Description of the issue]

When you've selected Auto-Pause on "Character Death" the game will pause during the fight with Medreth when the "Boar Companion" is killed.


[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]

  1. New Game
  2. Talk to Medreth to get the Cat and Mouse quest.
  3. Go tell Nyfre the truth to let her go.
  4. Tell Medreth you let her go to start the fight.
  5. Kill one of the Boar Companions, and the game will say in the combat log:  “Auto-Paused: Character Death (Boar Companion)”

[Expected behaviour]

The game should not auto-pause when the enemy's companion dies, I don't care.


[Other remarks / Comments]

I have not encountered any other enemy companions, so I'm not sure if it is just the boar companions or not.



I've attached the output_log.txt.


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That boar always has been problematic. In past versions, it triggered the autopause on pretty much everything that triggered it in allies. So I suspect that enemy animal companions are treated as allies for purpose of autopause. Clearly a bug.

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