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  1. I can't say for sure if this happens in 1.04, but it did happen in 1.05beta, Current 1) I talked to Kaerna in the bar, and got the quest to return her ring to Purnisc. 2) I then went to Purnisc, but knowing what's upstairs from a previous playthrough, I never brought the ring up. 3) Talked about svef, asked to trade, and when exiting the conversation, I had a quest update as if I gave the ring to Pursnic. Expected 1) No quest update should happen, or if there's an update, the update shouldn't say that I gave Pursnic his ring, but rather something to the effect of "I didn't bring the topic of the ring to Pursnic, I think I'll hold onto it for now."
  2. Oh this looks like a good one! Can't wait to try wizards after those buffs.
  3. In the intro dungeon, if you approach the trapped tiles from the "front", you'll get some interaction warning you about those tiles looking fishy (regardless of Calisca being dead or not). However, if you dodge the traps using the secret path on the right of the map, and approach them from the "back", you'll get no such interaction. Things are particularly silly if you decide to disarm traps and walk through them, triggering the interaction once you get to the other side. Expected behaviour: The "warning" dialogue should trigger regardless of the direction you approach the trapped tiles from.
  4. Near the gem-socket scripted interaction in the first dungeon you go into after the bîaŵac, there is apparently a hidding secret. But whatever it is, simply doesn't display on screen. To reproduce, what I usually did was 1) Get waterskin/gem 2) Put gem in eye socket in scripted interaction 3) Fight the oozes 4) Press tab and loot the blue thing (in the picture). 5) Go into scout mode. Find secret. Press and hold tab. Notice that you'll find a secret, but there's no purple area highlight. If the blue thing in the image is meant to be the secret, then it's badly coded and visible using before scout mode. If it's something else, it's simply not being displayed.
  5. I apparently can't take a screenshot of it, but the loading screen talking about disengagement attacks has "disengagement" misspelled.
  6. I noticed that in this particular section in the biography, there was a double line break in between the paragraphs starting with "As he left, the machine began to spin, generating some kind of energy, ..." and the subsequent "When you arrived in Gilded Vale, you found that the town..." when there should only be a single line break like for all other paragraphs. See the picture This is an incredibly minor F- priority bug, but I thought I'd mention it given how easy it is to fix. Probably a good idea to do a mass search/replace for double line breaks / double spaces across all strings.
  7. Most/All weapons with the Accurate property usually simply display "Accurate" in their list of properties (see e.g. Hearth Harvest on the left), while the Fine Club is unique in that it displays Accurate 1 instead. Also, my understanding of weapon properties is that Fine supercedes Accurate, so the Fine Club should only have the Fine property. I recall seeing this in earlier version too.
  8. Upon right clicking the book The Most Unfortunate Tale of Favia and Bernat: A Vailian Tragedy, the book simply refused to open up. I tried opening up other books like Eothasian Prayer, and that worked, but after closing the book, the game simply crapped and eventually freezed. I've also remarked that the item overlay while in the Stash was semi-transparent as opposed to opaque. I'll try to find the exact replication steps and give you a savefile, but I don't know when I'll have time, so I'm posting this just in case it's something simple like item data being corrupted on The Most Unfortunate Tale of Favia and Bernat: A Vailian Tragedy. The output log is available at http://pastebin.com/dD6kvxVd The dxdiag file is available at http://pastebin.com/hwP6Uy59 Also please add the ability to include files and screenshots in this forum.
  9. Damn, I was hoping a resolution for the Temple of Woedica main quest blocker. Patch notes looking good otherwise though.
  10. PoE Updating on Steam... likely the last files after the preload!
  11. HTTP Error 500 is an "Internal server error". So probably some kind of server overload/problem. Obsidian gets back in office in about 2 hours 45 mins from now. Try then and see if that makes any difference.
  12. I bought Digital Download Plus + Expansion + Beta. I wonder what that gives me. Really hoping for the Royal Edition here, or some way to upgrade from Champion to Royal.
  13. Oh it's quite clearly a low priority bug, I'm not disputing that. Just an annoying one given the purpose of the nofog command .
  14. [Description] When you exit/re-enter an area after using nofog in the console, the fog of war gets corrupted. [steps] 1) Create game 2) Exit area to the Stormwall Gorge 3) Use nofog in the console 4) Enter Lle a Rhemen 5) Exit Lle a Rhemen to return to Stormwall Gorge Notice that the fog of war is corrupted. [Expected behaviour] Fog of war should return to normal behaviour after using a nofog command.
  15. In the combat log, I notice some inconsistencies and improvements that could be made. 1) Many lines do not end with a period. Exemples include ...and hits with additional effect. Petrified (4.3 sec) BB Fighter hits Nridek for 39 Pierce damage. Prone (4.8 sec) This should be ...and hits with additional effect. Petrified (4.3 sec). BB Fighter hits Nridek for 39 Pierce damage. Prone (4.8 sec). Basically, when there's a status effect with a duration, the final dot is missing. 2) Ellipsis are not followed with a space. Exemple ...and hits with additional effect. Petrified (4.3 sec) This should be (also adding the final dot) ... and hits with additional effect. Petrified (4.3 sec). 3) Combined results are not pluralized correctly, nor to they include the final dot. Exemples include Gunketeer: 1 Miss, 3 Graze, 1 Hit BB Priest: 4 Miss, 4 Graze These should read Gunketeer: 1 Miss, 3 Grazes, 1 Hit. BB Priest: 4 Misses, 4 Grazes. 4) Combined results could include the final damage. For exemple Gunketeer: 1 Miss, 3 Grazes, 1 Hit for 43 Pierce Damage. BB Priest: 4 Misses, 4 Grazes for 12 Pierce Damage. 5) Inconstancy between some enemy names and enemy abilities. For exemple Crystal Eater (Crystal-Eater's Freezing Pillar): 2 Graze, 3 Hit, 1 Crit This Crystal Eater should be consistently hyphenated (or consistently unhyphenated). 6) The result of some attacks often precede the attack roll. For exemple BB Fighter hits Nridek for 39 Pierce damage. Prone (3.8 sec) BB Fighter (Knock Down) hits Nridek. or Crystal Eater casts Crystal-Eater's Freezing Pillar. Crystal Eater killed BB Rogue. Crystal Eater (Crystal-Eater's Freezing Pillar): 2 Graze, 3 Hit, 1 Crit or Party gained 250 experience. Bestiary Progress - Crystal Eater 83%. 1200/1440xp earned. Gunketeer killed Crystal Eater. These should be correctly ordered as BB Fighter (Knock Down) hits Nridek. BB Fighter hits Nridek for 39 Pierce damage. Prone (3.8 sec) (or even better BB Fighter (Knock Down) hits Nridek for 39 Pierce damage. Prone (3.8 sec)) and Crystal Eater casts Crystal-Eater's Freezing Pillar. Crystal Eater (Crystal-Eater's Freezing Pillar): 2 Graze, 3 Hit, 1 Crit Crystal Eater killed BB Rogue. and Gunketeer killed Crystal Eater. Party gained 250 experience. Bestiary Progress - Crystal Eater 83%. 1200/1440xp earned. or even better Gunketeer killed Crystal Eater. Party gained 250 experience. (Bestiary Progress - Crystal Eater 83%. 1200/1440 XP earned.)
  16. [Description] When a character gets dominated, then gets killed while dominated, the character does not get back up after dying. [step] 1) Get a monster to dominate a healthy character 2) Attack that character until they collapse while dominated 3) Win fight Notice that the dominated character does not get up. This was my combat log. The relevant lines are Nydrek (Dominate) crits BB Rogue. Dominated (33.8 sec) ... Gunketeer killed Nridek. ... Crystal Eater killed BB Rogue Auto-Paused: Character Death (BB Rogue) Crystal Eater (Crystal-Eater's Freezing Pillar): 2 Graze, 3 Hit, 1 Crit These are my gameplay conditions
  17. Wasteland 2 style area looting would be the best, given it's the best of both worlds. You get the per-enemy information, and you don't have to go through a clickfest to inspect/collect a bunch of random crap. This isn't bad, but this is by far not the biggest deal ever, as some in this thread make it to be.
  18. Area looting would be great. Glad to see it might make it in in a future patch. It's one of the best features of the BG:EE/BG2:EE/IWD:EE and was universally praised. Micromanaging this stuff is boring and does not add anything to the game. Adding a weight limit to the stash is much more sensible if you want to prevent the infinite bag of holding situation and want people to think about what to loot and what to leave behind.
  19. On my second-to-last playthrough of the BB, I picked a Darcozzi Paladin instead of my usual Kind Wayfarers and I have to say I much more enjoyed it in combat. Not that the Kind Wayfarers ability was bad, but the concept of a reactive paladin is just great. Give them a shield-bash stun ability (either per-encounter or a 10% chance of triggering), a taunt ability (per encounter), and a demoralizing passive (every attack vs paladin gives a -2 accuracy/-1defense cumulative penalty for 20 seconds) and you've got yourself a much more versatile class.
  20. The thought just struck me that this could be blood textures not displaying correctly.
  21. There is one unpickable plant in Dyrford Crossing. See screenshots for the location of it. It's just south the Wurm area where the Dragon's Egg is. Location on map This plant right here
  22. If you equip the Mail Coif, there will be clipping issues on the dwarf head (BB Fighter), and on the elf head (BB Wizard).
  23. Well it was only for a few frames. If you averaged it over a second, the average over that second was 52 FPS.
  24. [Description] When you kill a corpse, and there's lighting around, you see a bunch of squares centered on the corpses. [Reproduction steps] 1) Create/load game. 2) Go to Dracogen Inn 3) Kill everyone 4) Take BB wizard and cast Fan of Flames on the next to some corpses Notice the visible squares due to the uneven lighting. [Expected behaviour] The lighting transition from corpse to non-corpse should be as one would expect it, free of squares.
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