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  1. The one that stops people from moving is awesome (mental binding? red icon, lvl2 I think) The one that jumps from target to target is great (lvl2). Started out as a Cipher, have done about twice as much damage as Edér, probably mostly from that one. (obsidian pls don't nerf this is glorious)
  2. Same thing happened to me. Mine only went away after another battle, then they unsummoned and stopped following me around. I do, however, have some wyverns left over on the bridge at my keep, and there's adra beetles everywhere—even places I never brought it. One outside the Dyrford inn is kinda invisible, the one inside sometimes floats in the air. It's kinda funny though, now I can try to find the adra beetle on every map. It was kinda confusing when I got up from the Skaen temple and there was one in Timmy's dye shop, and it helped kill the assistant. I thought it was his adra bee
  3. It's a driver issue alright. Fixed it by switching to catalyst (more specifically, a beta catalyst (aur link) since plain catalyst requires I downgrade xorg.) I remember when arch dropped support for catalyst because it was such a POS … guess it's got something on the open source driver now.
  4. Nice, I'll try it out when I get home! And probably build a git version of the driver, looks like the last release was about six months ago. Maybe the git version is horribly buggy, maybe it's fixed the problem.
  5. No worries, character creation is as far as I can get before the game crashes.
  6. Oh, so this is where I was supposed to post now. B-) I'm not even sure how to get relevant debug info out of Pillars. Using the Steam version, on Arch 64 bit. Whole computer goes down. I've had this happen before with Wasteland 2 and XCOM, intermittently. Wasteland 2 apparently figured out what the problem was because it stopped doing it after a while. Pillars consistently crashes a bit after the screen starts moving at the beginning, after character creation. Also game looked … interesting in 2560x1440: Running it in a lower resolution (i.e. 720p or 1080p) makes it
  7. should be 09:00+0100! actually I'm in favor of 00:00+1200, i.e. as soon as the 26th becomes a thing east of new zealand or wherever the date line is
  8. Where's the pacmanoption? Are you telling me I'll have to usedpkgorrpm?!
  9. Never heard of Bloodborne. Still surprised people buy Sony stuff after the rootkit scandal.
  10. While I agree with pretty much everything else you said, I disagree with this. I loved Battlestar Galactica but every time I heard the word 'frak' it threw me right out of the show. Sounded way too forced and contrived to me. I feel they should have just gone with the real thing and just toned down the amount of times they used it. Obviously, this whole discussion is totally subjective though. Same. Fake swear words are one of the most immersion breaking thing in the genre for me. Yeah, the swearing in BSG was frelling tame. The people in charge of it must've been completely fahrbot.
  11. Look, I install software one way: via a package manager. Does GOG package their games for AUR or have a repository? Because if so I'll switch from the Steam package manager. If I have to unzip some tarball manually—forget about it.
  12. A month is nothing. A week isn't that long. 72 hours is pretty long. 24 hours is a tough burden. 1 hour is maddening.
  13. I find people who are unfamiliar with germanic languages tend to assume people are speaking German, even if it's a scandinavian language. So different! What's the mystery? Probably that Germany is a huge country that people talk about a lot. And Russia's a huge country that's in the media more than other east European countries, so it stands to reason that it pops into people's mind easily. There are a huge amount of languages and dialects in the world. Expecting everyone to have been exposed to everything so they can recognize it is silly. Making mistakes is human, and we're all ignorant
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