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  1. I appreciate everyone's comments! And yes, I agree that it does seem nit-picky to avoid a game because of language on one hand, while being completely fine with violence/murder/etc. But like some have already mentioned, gratuitous use of language can be attributed to lazy writing and can be off-putting (in my opinion). If dialogue is a constant, f-this, f-ing that, then I begin to question, "Can the writers not be more imaginative?" From what I've seen so far, that isn't the case, and I appreciate that Thanks for mentioning the streams. I've watched a few already, although most were
  2. First of all, this game looks awesome. I really, really, really, want to give Obsidian my money for this game. It's made me start a new game of Baldur's Gate 2 just to scratch the isometric rpg itch I've been having recently. Now, I'm probably in the minority asking about this, but it's a concern that will determine whether or not I'll buy this game. So: based on the Mature ESRB, how prevalent is the (stronger) profanity in this game? The ESRB summary says: So, is that one instance? Is there only one dialogue where it appears? How often is it used? I guess we won't really kn
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