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  1. Plain and simple - which powers are awesome and absolutely required and which are really crappy? There's not a lot of space to go wrong here, so would like to know your opinion.
  2. Thanks for answer! I think I'll go either Cipher or Rogue. Got the image of bearded pirate-style darkish protagonist in my head. Would both of these classes make a valid choice for 100% gunner?
  3. Hi, there have been a hundred topics about that, but I want to ask a more specific question. I played all the IE games and I'm a long time RPG fan. Sadly, I start every new game five times due to fact that I never can decide whom should I play with. I usually go with glass cannon or stealth and with Eternity I widen my choice to those: Rogue, Druid, Wizard, Cipher What I want: - I'll be definitely playing with pre-build characters, not creating my own, because I value their stories - my character needs to be the strongest - and that's not munchkinism! I just need to control the
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