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  1. Plain and simple - which powers are awesome and absolutely required and which are really crappy? There's not a lot of space to go wrong here, so would like to know your opinion.
  2. Thanks for answer! I think I'll go either Cipher or Rogue. Got the image of bearded pirate-style darkish protagonist in my head. Would both of these classes make a valid choice for 100% gunner?
  3. Hi, there have been a hundred topics about that, but I want to ask a more specific question. I played all the IE games and I'm a long time RPG fan. Sadly, I start every new game five times due to fact that I never can decide whom should I play with. I usually go with glass cannon or stealth and with Eternity I widen my choice to those: Rogue, Druid, Wizard, Cipher What I want: - I'll be definitely playing with pre-build characters, not creating my own, because I value their stories - my character needs to be the strongest - and that's not munchkinism! I just need to control the strongest figure if the game to have good reasons for others to follow me. As simple as that. If other guys in my party are more powerful than me than I'm a ****ty leader. - Rogue feels like a way to go, but can it match in power with spellcasting classes? - Is it true that Wizard is in general the weakest of spellcasters? - Is Druid really that powerful and if yes - why? What makes Druid better than Wiz or Cipher. - Cipher seems really fun as kinda darkish magical presence. Does mechanics of Cipher live up to this expectations? - All in all I want a FUN class to play, which for me means lot of micro in game mechanics and character that is bad ass enough to look boldly in the face of death. Advise please.
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