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Pillars of Eternity: Backer Beta

A forum to discuss the beta and report any issues you find. Beware of spoilers! (Note: These fora is now Archived)

  1. Backer Beta Announcements

    Read the latest announcements concerning the Backer Beta and its updates. (Note: This forum is Archived)

  2. Backer Beta Discussion

    All non-bug Backer Beta discussion should go here. If you have a specific bug, please post it in the Backer Beta Bugs forum. Beware of SPOILERS. (Note: This forum is Archived)

  3. Backer Beta Bugs and Support

    All bugs found in the Backer Beta should be reported in this forum. Pillars of Eternity development team members will be monitoring and responding to issues regularly. Beware of SPOILERS. (Note: This forum is Archived)

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