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  1. He's introduced earlier during the party, Shane DeFreest - Director of Marketing/Public Relations
  2. Patch looks nice! Thanks for update on the documentary, can't wait to see the rest of it
  3. Just wanted to update this in case anybody else was wondering the same thing. Received my goods today (of coursw without the actual game discs) but status under My Orders is still saying shipping soon. Looking back I did however receive an email from swag@paradoxplaza.com about it shipping that I missed at the time. Thankfully just got back in country to pick this up before they shipped it back
  4. Hey, When it says "Shippinig Soon" under orders is that accurate in that it hasn't shipped yet and do we get tracking information when something ships? Sorry wasn't able to quickly find answer and I know some people seemed to be getting theirs. Work just sent me traveling out country and don't want to have my stuff arive when I'm not around and end up getting returned Thanks!
  5. Thanks for being on top of getting the pre-load unlocked and working on getting keys out. Also, wow this thread is adding pages faster than I can read em!
  6. Many streamers belong to streamer groups. I can't be 100% sure this is the case with this game but often publishers will give multiple keys to the main person in that group to distribute as they see fit (within certain guidelines) and that person then distributes keys within their group or to other streamers they are friends with. This is often how streamers with much lower viewerships get these keys. Personally I have no problem with that if you're going to use streamers to market your game. Much better to give chance of little guys to climb up the ladder since often getting to be on
  7. I don't think anyone has any trouble imagining ways that multiplayer can be tacked on to a game like this; that's not exactly a new concept and has been done. This is not some revolutionary idea that needs brainstorming. Just because people aren't receptive to the idea doesn't mean they can't imagine it; heck they don't need to they can probably just think of another game with a story that multiplayer ended up taking away from the enjoyment. Multiplayer is not some holy grail that should be added to everything possible. Pillars was marketed, designed and created as a single player game.
  8. I hate scaling in RPGs for general mobs, it pretty much voids the idea that your character has grown over the course of the story when the entire rest of the world progresses at the same pace while sitting at home and doing nothing. That said certain things should scale. For example they're talking about competing adventure groups, it makes perfect sense that they should scale to some extent as they themselves are adventuring. So in general very much against scaling but it's something that can be intelligently applied to situations that make sense. If when thinking in terms of the wo
  9. Endless Space is another game that's made with Unity if you want an example of how different things can be. There are varying types of engines, some engines are made for specific game types and some are more general. Also nothing with the engine prevents using 2D graphics. You can see a list of trailers and games made with Unity on their site: http://unity3d.com/gallery/ . Don't think the list is 100% complete but it gives an idea of how varied it can be. And yes many of the games use simpler graphics, not because of engine limitations but because they are smaller projects and it's
  10. Sounds like publishers have forgotten what the service is they're supposed to be selling and have become too focused on just trying to churn out money blindly. That's the impression I get at least from any group that basically wants to get paid for something but never stops to think about what the other party is supposed to get in return. Hopefully some of them figure out their place in helping the industry rather than just profiting from it so that things can improve in the future.
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