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  1. I'd like to see more of those wonderful, painted, scripted interaction screens in the style of Darklands.
  2. What's wrong with having more content if the quality remains the same? Give us more stretch goals and if people are willing to pay/wait, they will.
  3. Old school RPG on Kickstarter, only few more days: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1446315704/lords-of-xulima-an-epic-story-of-gods-and-humans
  4. I am for gaining exp only for completing objectives, because it makes non-combat skills much more valuable than otherwise.
  5. As already said, no "chosen one saving the universe from evil mages/dragons/whatever...", please.
  6. Not a fan of time-based quests. "Urgency" could work with some side-quests, but not with main questline. It's just too restrictive.
  7. Choices are between different combat and different non-combat abilities (separately). The aim of this approach is to ensure that non-combat skills are important as combat skills. Have a little faith, Obsidian can pull this off.
  8. Great update. For me, non-combat abilities are just as important as combat skills and rewarding players for their accomplishments is definitely the right way to go.
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