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  1. Linus desktop usage is higher, but it's barely relevant to gaming stats, since percentage there is different. You can see it from the public numbers that we have (like from the Humble Bundle for example). Either way, Unreal engine isn't that difficult to release for Linux. Not any more difficult than to other systems at least. Professional developers are doing it fine. Quite a number of games came out for Linux recently using UE.
  2. That's weird, since they were selling very well (Linux versions I mean). I guess without exact numbers it's hard to estimate what it means "not worth it".
  3. Why not natively? Aren't they using Unreal engine? Unreal engine should work well on Linux these days, as long as they are using recent one. It works with Vulkan.
  4. So far it doesn't look like Epic store provides DRM-free options. Or at least it's not clear how they handle this. Did you ever use it?
  5. Private Division is owned by Take Two. And Kerbal Space Prorgram was released on GOG before Take Two bought the company which developed it. So it's not a very solid indicator. However since they are already dealing with GOG and can see that it brings them profit, may be they'll continue doing it.
  6. Did Obsidian comment anything? I've read somewhere, that Take Two got some publishing rights on the game. They are quite pro-DRM, so if that's true it's bad news.
  7. Not sure if this was already asked. Do you plan to release The Outer Worlds on GOG? And since it's using Unreal Engine, will you release it for Linux too? Thanks!
  8. That would be very bad if true. As a Linux and DRM-free gamer, I'll have to say adieu to Obdisdian if MS will buy them, because I highly doubt MS will let them continue releasing Linux games and same goes for DRM-free day one releases. And it's quite disgusting that MS are going after successful studios to swallow them up. They already did that with Compulsion Games, so no more Linux and DRM-free releases from them.
  9. Thanks for the workaround! Why is the game statically linking SDL in the binary??
  10. I bought Pillars 1 through GOG the Deadifre DLC Pack's available as a free download, though you'll also need to download the latest patch for PoE/White March (if applicable). If you use Steam, the Deadfire DLC Pack is here. Yeah, I know. I mean if there will be a way to get the single download for the definitive edition from GOG, once you buy all parts separately.
  11. Will there be some upgrade pack for for those who have regular edition on GOG already to buy just the upgrade to get the definitive eidition?
  12. Those weren't included because those weren't questions they asked. They were asking people about DLC not about what systems they played their games on or what publisher they bought them from. Not sure what you mean. Did you miss the preferred gaming platform (OS) and preferred purchasing platform (store)? I don't quite understand why they can't publish all numbers for that.
  13. The results are confusing without real numbers published. For example, how many people (who took the survey) play your games on Linux? How many buy on GOG? I couldn't really understand that from the above. Can you please publish complete results?
  14. I used this one for Wwise: https://github.com/eXpl0it3r/bnkextr But resulted file also required re-encoding, since it wasn't a regular WAV, but also unusually encoded raw RIFF. sox helps for that. See an example here.
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