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  1. Im running a similar Mcbook and i can confirm this is exactly what happens to me aswell !
  2. I noticed that there are 2 favored/disfavored dispositions. I also noticed that for a number of correct dialogue choices the defense increase is by 0.4 . How many matching dialogue choices equals stat increase ? can i choose in between my 2 favoured dispositions or should i aim to max one first ? How much penalty does disfavored dispositions give ?
  3. my game is up to date and this is still happening ! i have the 2 separate buffs running currently on character sheet "the red hand" and also "Guilty conscience (The red hand)"
  4. Sorry for the late reply ! An email was sent with the savegame and a link to this topic ! thx in advance !
  5. So upon further testing, I realised that that whatever i stack as "guilty conscience buff" gets cleared upon client restart, and whatever stack i gained gained now gets added to the other "the red hand buff" in this manner: what you see above is me loading a save game with the stacks of guilty conscience i gained from the 4 previous client restarts ! so anyway, I really hope any of this is going to help !
  6. So im running blackjacket fighter/assassin rouge with insta-swtich between 4 arquebuses, and i suspect that in between switches the stackable enchant for The red hand got all messed up and ended up like this on the character sheet:
  7. I just realised he was asking for stuff that happens specifically in Deadfire, and not carryovers from POE1. Reading comprehension ftw Sorry, perhaps I was a bit unclear ! I was in fact thinking of all carryover changes that come with Poe1 choices into Poe2 ! not the ones that you find in poe2 (as theres already a good thread about that one) : this is a good min/max guide for poe2: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/101300-guide-permanent-bonuses-approach-for-a-no-rest-run/
  8. So there is a lot i dont remember in Poe1, but to keep it short, is there any choices here that affect stats/items/gold/skills in deadfire ? Disregard completely from dialogue changes !
  9. I have enchanted both the "Ushers visage" and "Death in life" auras on the Blackened plate armor and yet during combat the only one visible on the enemy status bar is ushers visage ! I I tried testing them in combat separately on a different save and they worked fine on their own, and then when i added both of them, they appeared on the status bar. My guess is that this only happens when you add both enchants at once !
  10. I've noticed this aswell, The debuff for Ushers visage will show and will tick on enemies if they are within aura range. On the other hand nothing appears to be happening with Death in life !
  11. Im playing a solo game and invited serafen to strip him of his gear, I realized you can use the roster to dismiss party members, but the fact that they still leech XP is ruining everything for me ! Is there anyway to permanently remove people from your roster ?
  12. despite having changed the hotkey for the console multiple times in the control settings, nothing ever opens ! Any other macbook users figured this out by any chance ?
  13. Im literally refreshing this topic a couple of times a day in hopes of a fix !
  14. It would be extremely reassuring to know if devs of Oblivion are working to patch this up, with a given date for us to know ?
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