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  1. What do you mean? The defense bonus of deep faith? If so that one still exists and is influenced by disposition choices although the maximum has been lowered to +15
  2. The bonus spell is last. So when you use 2 of the three available spells and then switch you won’t have any spell left on that level with the other spellbook
  3. Alchemy also increases PL of poison cloud so i believe that all abilities that have the keyword poison in it are affected
  4. In fact crossbow by default has the best stats (same dps and penetration as arquebus, but without ACC penalty or crit debuff) Sadly there is only one unique crossbow in the game the fleetbreaker. But this one luckily fits the theme rather well. It has two enchantments that together add +9 extra accuracy, +1 penetration, 10% miss to graze conversion and + 10% extra damage against targets further away than 8 meters. as for stats: Might: gives 3% extra damage per point (with legendary weapon and talents you can get around 75% (125% with crit) extra damage. So every point of extra might increases total dps by 1-2% (the more you crit the lesser the effect). But you get extra selfhealing from recovery which usualy isn't buffed by anything else. Dexterity: that's a bit tricky since multiple bonuses to reload and recovery are not treated the same as one big buff. But overall one could say that one point reduces attack time and reload time by around 2 %. With your build you can get around 30-40% from items and talents (after light armor and sharpshooter penalty). So each point in dex will increase total dps by around 1% Perception: So lets say you have the same acc as your foe's deflection. Then you do roughly 60% of your sheets dps against them (30% miss, 20% graze , 50% hit 0% crits) Each point of perception increases hit chance and crit chance, and reduces miss chance until you are 30 points above their deflection. So until then your dps increases roughly around 2-3% per point. Since you already have quite good graze to hit and hit to crit conversion you will not benefit as much from perception after that. But there are tons of ways to increase acc in you build +15 from fighter, +15 from ranger +30 from gear so i'd say per until 30 above enemies, then might, then dex.
  5. That may be true but when you already have like +70% extra damage through powerlevel or even more when you empower it, the extra 10% from another extra powerlevel is a lot less then a flat +10% damage on top (ends up being +40/50 extra corrode damage on some empowered spells)
  6. I find a combination of devoted and chanter with crossbow or arquebus as spec pretty strong. Chanter has a song that gives +20% reload and 20% recovery which currently results in +40 faster reload time. Devoted gives huge boost to penetration and another +25% crit damage (which is synergistic with crossbows) Furthermore most fighter feats help in increasing accuracy/damage and hit to crit conversion as well as self sustain . All in all that translates into +15% weapon damage +10 acurracy +5 Perception +80% graze to hit conversion +25% hit to crit conversion +2 penetration +40 % Reloadtime +25% Bonus crit damage And +5 to might constitution and resolve through invocations Of course (if you like cheese) once you get to max level you get the redicolous overpowered brilliance invocation that pretty much makes your char immortal with Unlimited unbendings
  7. The 10% corrode damage boost of Blightheart actually gives all your spells a 10% lash. Resulting in a total 10% damage increase even after all powerlevel, might and crit multiplications are applied
  8. -shoot at an enemy with your arquebus -right at the start of the reload phase, click again (once!) at the enemy you are attacking -the reload phase will be significantly faster until you can fire again (around 50%) -repeat this results in an extensive dps increase
  9. Interestingly the 10% bonus corrosive damage (last tier of the wizard soulbind) also adds 10% extra corrosive damage (multiplicative) on damage spell.
  10. The Red Hand is a crazy good arquebus that i found in the console: giveitem Arquebus_U_The_Red_Hand it shoots twice before having to reload! does anyone know where to find it in game?
  11. Well i do believe that the 15% hit to crit conversion does not outweight the 10% longer reload and attack time of sharpshooter (and -10 deflection), so i'd suggest to go for ghost heart or vanilla ranger. If you want to go all out on crit i'd suggest you take crossbow (10% natural hit to crit conversion) dps is as good as an arquebus and has no penalty on neither accuracy nor crit damage. Most talents should be be passives that increase your attack/damage like marksman ,gunner, driving flight , weapon spec and mastery (even though it's just a small boost it adds up), improved critical, survival of the fittest etc. I think you can more or less dump defensive stats to go all out on dex,might and preception. And you will heal quite a large amount with your constant recovery due to high might. For active abilities i would only go with disciplined barrage and wounding shot since you will be an autoattacker with very high penetration and wounding shot has the best damage/bond ratio and benefits twice from crits due to increased duration. Gunner is extremely good , it is basically equal to 8 points of dex in terms of reloadspeed. If you decide to go for ghost heart instead of sharpshooter you can make a full dps companion without worrying about it dying. Vicious and merciless companion as well as predators sense almost double its dps.
  12. There is a unique pistol called „Scordeo‘s Trophy“ each time you shoot it in reduces recovery time of melee attacks by 15% for 30 seconds (more with higher int). And the bonus stacks !
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