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  1. Indeed I meant assassinate, and I recognize your better knowledge of the game. Guess what I wanted to say is that my favourite archetype is represented well.
  2. Got to express my greatest admiration to the developers since playing as a most non-combat-oriented multi - mage/rogue doesnt feel gimped, and generally is a great experience. Same character in BG2 or NWN would be carried by party members, but POE2 is balanced in a way that is suitable to roleplay. Remember the limited number of spells that work with sneak attack in dnd? Remember how you ended up with the most restricted build of them all ever? POE2 does rogue/mage right, and that's why i love it. I dont have dps - I have burst, I have my roleplay and it feels great.
  3. Anything/monk swift strikes just works. However. I speced Maia as Wizard/Ranger and it is a lot of fun. She can self-buff accuracy and decrease enemies' resistances to deliver some serious one-shot punishment. Not cheesy and very satisfying.
  4. Thanks Jmerc! I haven't considered the Skaen priest at all and it seems like a surprisingly good match, though makes little sense from the PoE2 canon perspective. The advice on unique weapons hit home as well. Think I'll be going with the Spearcaster for now, if only to get the arcane accuracy bonus. Ranger really boosts accuracy and there seems to be disappointingly little interaction with high accuracy/crits apart from monk's flurry and maybe assassin's one-shot-kills...
  5. I want to play through the game with a Der Freischutz (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Der_Freisch%C3%BCtz) inspired build. The basic concept is a marksman misled and powered by various nefarious forces, particularly via magic bullets for his rifle. Got the game recently never played beta, so advice of some more experienced players would be very welcome. I am looking for flavour and reasonable combat performance. Monk does not fit thematically; and something arcan-ish powered would make a lot of sense. Does anyone have a good build / idea?
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