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  1. Damn it. So it seem unlikely PoE2 come back on GFN then. Someone will need to explain to me what did Obsidian think when they changed publisher from Paradox to Versus Evil....
  2. Hopefully. I guess this is a publisher decision ? So this is in the hands of Versus Evil for PoE2 and was in Paradox hands for PoE1..
  3. So I was playing Deadfire, which runs poorly as *** on my PC, on Geforce NOW. It was running flawlessly until yesterday. Then today, I cannot find it anymore. Since Microsoft Studio was removed late April, I guess this was expected... Still, a bit strange since PoE1 is still there. As PoE1 was published by Paradox, I guess that explains it. But is Microsoft taking over Versus Evil as the publisher of Deadfire ?
  4. I'm playing ATM with the exact same core party as you (except furyshaper) on PotD! But since I'm still thinking on which faction to side with, I still keep changing it from time to time. For optimization, I to keep up with a balanced party composition and roles. However, I'm surprised when you say you don't use potions or scrolls. I keep using them on more difficult encounters (for instance, Periki's Guild at lvl 10-11 and Undercity at llvl 9-10). Are you also on PotD ? I might have less experience with the system as you if I look at the post counts;-).
  5. Hello all, Kind of new here but just wanted to mettre mon grain de sel as we say in french. The continuation of the Watcher story was quite a plus-value to buy Deadfire for me. PoE1 ended on a cliffhanger and I wanted to have more time to react to all this new information about the nature of the universe I spent 120H getting into. Moreover, I wanted more change to involve my character in the world with this hard-acquiered knowledge. So, PoE2 was a great opportunity to do that ! I felt like it was a great gift to players to keep the same character and storyline (friends, history
  6. That's exactly what I want and what I'm doing so far. Glad to see I'm not the only one, even if it means adopting a non-optimized gameplay combat and stats-wise. Regarding factions... So in a single playthrough, you completed pretty much all faction questlines ? I thought you'd end up too soon at the level cap while doing that. But so far, yeah, it's really hard to pick a side haha. So much complexity involved in all factions, there is really no good or bad guy (which I like). It all comes back to their motivation. Rautai wants to supply his mainland, VTC are aggressively dev
  7. Hello there ! I just want to say I think Obsidian delivered a really nice game here ! It's really a shame it didn't sell more because it is so much enthralling and deep at different levels (gameplay, history, characters, etc). I really hope for a third one. But before, let's finish this one both in RTwP and TB xD. Anyhow, I'm curious how do you guys work around with different types of NPC (story driven as Aloth, Eder and Xoti, faction-linked, sidekicks, generated one). So far, I'm switching between story NPC at different time points to have as much perspective from my crew as I
  8. I'm not sure if anyone is still patching Deadfire, but is it just me or are potion actually bugged in combat when the AI is on ? Each time I'm clicking on a potion/poison, the action is "used" (meaning the action bar reset to a new action, which is usually the next action AI-determined) but never, never, do a potion puts its effect on my character. This "bug" do not happen when I turn off the AI. SO, the only way to get a potion is to turn the AI off, take the potion, then turn back the AI on. Am I the only one noticing this bug ? Can't believe the game is in its "final" state if th
  9. Hello ! I'm noticing that while a character is speaking during a combat (e.g. casting a spell, screaming, etc), it tends to interrupt other characters sound. For instance, if a spellcaster start to cast a spell and then someone speaks, the spellcasting sound is interrupted and we just hear the phrase (and a clipping sound). It can be quite experience-breaking. I'm having this issue through my USB headset and my speakers connected via my Realtek codecs. I'm under Windows 10 (see dxdiag file) Any ideas or solutions ? Thanks DxDiag.txt
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