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Potion not working in combat with AI on

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I'm not sure if anyone is still patching Deadfire, but is it just me or are potion actually bugged in combat when the AI is on ?

Each time I'm clicking on a potion/poison, the action is "used" (meaning the action bar reset to a new action, which is usually the next action AI-determined) but never, never, do a potion puts its effect on my character. This "bug" do not happen when I turn off the AI. SO, the only way to get a potion is to turn the AI off, take the potion, then turn back the AI on.  Am I the only one noticing this bug ?

Can't believe the game is in its "final" state if this is the case... This is almost game-breaking on PoTD with a few challenges on.

Thanks !

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It's absurd that neither Pillars game can get potion-drinking right. Someone on this forum or Reddit said that putting the AI to 'attack only' and then Defensive behaviour worked for them, but it seemed hit or miss for me. Turning the AI off entirely when drinking was the only way to be sure it would work. Unfortunately posting in the support forum is unlikely to be useful because support has ended.

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