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  1. Damn it. So it seem unlikely PoE2 come back on GFN then. Someone will need to explain to me what did Obsidian think when they changed publisher from Paradox to Versus Evil....
  2. Hopefully. I guess this is a publisher decision ? So this is in the hands of Versus Evil for PoE2 and was in Paradox hands for PoE1..
  3. So I was playing Deadfire, which runs poorly as *** on my PC, on Geforce NOW. It was running flawlessly until yesterday. Then today, I cannot find it anymore. Since Microsoft Studio was removed late April, I guess this was expected... Still, a bit strange since PoE1 is still there. As PoE1 was published by Paradox, I guess that explains it. But is Microsoft taking over Versus Evil as the publisher of Deadfire ?
  4. I'm playing ATM with the exact same core party as you (except furyshaper) on PotD! But since I'm still thinking on which faction to side with, I still keep changing it from time to time. For optimization, I to keep up with a balanced party composition and roles. However, I'm surprised when you say you don't use potions or scrolls. I keep using them on more difficult encounters (for instance, Periki's Guild at lvl 10-11 and Undercity at llvl 9-10). Are you also on PotD ? I might have less experience with the system as you if I look at the post counts;-).
  5. Hello all, Kind of new here but just wanted to mettre mon grain de sel as we say in french. The continuation of the Watcher story was quite a plus-value to buy Deadfire for me. PoE1 ended on a cliffhanger and I wanted to have more time to react to all this new information about the nature of the universe I spent 120H getting into. Moreover, I wanted more change to involve my character in the world with this hard-acquiered knowledge. So, PoE2 was a great opportunity to do that ! I felt like it was a great gift to players to keep the same character and storyline (friends, history, linked with previous events) for those who were with the franchise from the begining. For my perspective (of a 30ish guy playing RTwP RPG since teenage but still have a job and not much time to game), the low-sale issue of PoE2 seem linked to the issues in the first game. Many people tried PoE1 thinking they were purchasing a Baldur's Gate game and instead got something they perceived as a novel-in-a-game style, with a lot of new mechanics (compared to classig D&D) and handful of lore to take in (instead of well known FR setting). Some (very much) liked it (*raising hands*), but many felt they lacked the time, attention or motivation to get into that new world and shelved the game. If I just introspect at my experience with PoE1, I feel it was from the attentional span PoV more akin to reading a book or playing chess than playing a traditionnal RPG. I loved it - It was high-investment, high-reward, but many didn't have the time or interest to do that. Add to that the fact that the first game was plagued with loading times issues and bugs at launch, so you really needed to be MOTIVATED to get it to the end. I think I saw some stats somewhere showing that less than 50% of people who played PoE1 finished it ? I don't know if the source was reliable (didn't archive it), but I have no problems imaging that this was indeed the case. I can't count how many of my friends were enthusiasts about PoE1, tried it but didnt finish it and didn't want to hear about it past patch 2. So don't talk to them about a possible sequel. I know devs fixed many things in PoE2, but it was CRUCIAL to get the word out on these changes and I think marketing failed at this point. I guess it's the drama of doing sequels : always carrying the burden (and success) of previous issues. In this case, it was quite necessary to turn the tide and it wasn't done in time. Result : only hardcore fans of the series purchased it, leading to a mess from a sale perspective even if the reviews and hardcore fans were in awe. Nevertheless, I hope it's not the end. Eora and the mechanics in PoE have potential to revitalize RTwP instead of always remaking D&D adaptations. But for future marketing campaign to change the tides (and perception of casual gamers) about the PoE series, I think they really need to adress core issues and present the game for what it is (and isn't) with strength and authenticity. For instance, in the case of Deadfire : it's different than Baldur's Gate, more mature in theme, grasping politics and religion and the overrall focus is a LOOOT more on combat and political strategy with pirates than friendships and dragon-related epicness. So be prepared to play with a coffee and immerse yourself for a few morning (or evening) to fully enjoy it. It's just my humble opinion, but I think if the dev tried to convey a more focused message regarding what PoE2 is and isn't, it could have been a different outcome since people would have known a bit more what to expect from it (and thus, less disapointment).
  6. That's exactly what I want and what I'm doing so far. Glad to see I'm not the only one, even if it means adopting a non-optimized gameplay combat and stats-wise. Regarding factions... So in a single playthrough, you completed pretty much all faction questlines ? I thought you'd end up too soon at the level cap while doing that. But so far, yeah, it's really hard to pick a side haha. So much complexity involved in all factions, there is really no good or bad guy (which I like). It all comes back to their motivation. Rautai wants to supply his mainland, VTC are aggressively developing their economy, Huana are trying to survive and compete with global powers and Principi are pillaging. It really makes you think about your character motivation, background and interests. However, it DOES make me experience a bit of a FOMO and anxiety about making the right choice for my character so I guess the only way to live through that is experience most of their questlines firsthand and decide after. Ty !
  7. Hello there ! I just want to say I think Obsidian delivered a really nice game here ! It's really a shame it didn't sell more because it is so much enthralling and deep at different levels (gameplay, history, characters, etc). I really hope for a third one. But before, let's finish this one both in RTwP and TB xD. Anyhow, I'm curious how do you guys work around with different types of NPC (story driven as Aloth, Eder and Xoti, faction-linked, sidekicks, generated one). So far, I'm switching between story NPC at different time points to have as much perspective from my crew as I can, but I feel I miss the sidekicks part. But at the same time, it doesn't seem I'm missing much since they dont have personalities traits or sustained interactions with the rest of the crew or environments. But I'm not sure I'll be able to keep switching between story-driven NPC all the time since they don't get along with each other and it's difficult to optimize builds for an ever-chaning party. So, I'm curious how do you guys deal with your parties ? Switching between characters ? Using a stable party ? If so, how do you choose which parties member you go with ? Determining in advance which factions you go with ?
  8. I'm not sure if anyone is still patching Deadfire, but is it just me or are potion actually bugged in combat when the AI is on ? Each time I'm clicking on a potion/poison, the action is "used" (meaning the action bar reset to a new action, which is usually the next action AI-determined) but never, never, do a potion puts its effect on my character. This "bug" do not happen when I turn off the AI. SO, the only way to get a potion is to turn the AI off, take the potion, then turn back the AI on. Am I the only one noticing this bug ? Can't believe the game is in its "final" state if this is the case... This is almost game-breaking on PoTD with a few challenges on. Thanks !
  9. Hello ! I'm noticing that while a character is speaking during a combat (e.g. casting a spell, screaming, etc), it tends to interrupt other characters sound. For instance, if a spellcaster start to cast a spell and then someone speaks, the spellcasting sound is interrupted and we just hear the phrase (and a clipping sound). It can be quite experience-breaking. I'm having this issue through my USB headset and my speakers connected via my Realtek codecs. I'm under Windows 10 (see dxdiag file) Any ideas or solutions ? Thanks DxDiag.txt
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