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  1. Gl playing caster without seeing numeric values and no pause, slow. I feel this challenge will be mostly tanky monks with nice scripts written. Oh yeah mby scripts will do it for casters but i doubt any1 will share anytime soon.
  2. You get completionist challenges in form of god challenges that you have to put up with. I'm sure it was stated somewhere that Steam achievement or whatever equally meaningless thing will be released once all dlcs and content is out. First game wasn't supporting solo... it was just oversight in game development that made certain classes borderline op solo and using multiple characters just made game trivial (although first run thru poe 1 is probably harder with party than solo because you have to micro much more, your attention is divided between many, mostly less geared chars, even tho you got more resources overall than solo char to beat the game) - you played wizard just as I did (completed trial of iron solo) and it had nothing to do with outsmarting the system when 95% of the fights were about getting to the narrowest choke point you could find after pulling, buffing up to survive alpha strikes and then just blasting with aoes... wow what an achievement - I derp on myself too because I used to feel it was a big achievement while in fact it was pretty shallow really when you think about it. Solo achievements were added to PoE 1 after release once they realized some classes are quite easy to actually roll through the game solo - it wasn't a design choice tho. PoE 2 was initially super easy, now its made harder to provide reasonable challenge for full party, which in turn makes your solo early pretty dicy, but just like in PoE 1 you get thru it by learning what you can do at what level and what you need to shelve until you get some item and/or level. You say you like outsmarting AI - well im here to disappoint you, both poe 1 and poe 2 is about looking at enemy stats, stacking yours to make rolls atleast even between you and ur enemy and then utilizing choke points, bam you beat the game. AI is dumb as **** and there is nothing to outsmart in those games. That being said poe 2 is soloable by many classes... certainly you got more ways to trial of iron poe 2 than you had in poe 1 (Think I haven't seen any fighters nor rangers get that achievement in game one). I personally got equivalent of toi tcs in poe2 on wizard/fighter multiclass and softcore tcs on priest/monk (pre nerf).
  3. If you go for party potd i'd build more offensively than defensively - the difference is that with offensive party you will micro to kill enemies fast and around alpha strikes, with defensive setup you micro around staying alive because you kill too slow. That being said in a long run going much more defensively will be safer as you go higher level and stack enough defenses that can't be penetrated while all meaningful buffs last - much more boring tho imo.
  4. Bloodmage + Tactician = brilliant at level one with chillfog. Easy to cover all enemies by pulling to corners etc. Seriously check this out lol. Not that wizard really needed brilliant ever but its a funny gimmick. Deffo super OP early game, later its irrelevant I guess. For sure its a good way to approach Woedica challenge - you could go into fights with no spells use bloodmagic or scroll and brilliant your way up without mashing rest button all the time.
  5. i played a little bit of witcher 3 and i could tell early on that it was a more attractive looking skyrim with a better script but also with batman mechanics. he even has that detective vision lmao. i really cannot understand how so many people are like wow this is like the pinnacle of gaming a very basic batman controller mechanics and unlock system spun off into mad max and fantasy. its really straight console gaming for people that want to play games that feel like movies. they think the closer the game is to being like a movie "you" star in the better it is i want to play a game, i also like having a squad anyway *banging on table* where is my mass effect tactics Exactly my thoughts, witcher games are more action adventure than rpgs... playing witcher feels more like playing lara croft or batman indeed. But honestly genre is in such a devolved state that I don't even care for "rpgs" anymore. I rather play mobas lol. Skyrim even tho it's pretty bad in vanilla state atleast gives you the option to mod the **** out of it and actually with something like close to 200+ mods make it probably a game that would still deserve a game of the year title (question is: if game allows to be moddable to such a degree to become really good is it its own achievement or not? for me it kinda is). Pillars 2 gained a lot in my eyes because its moddable and you have communities that will provide you with whatever tweak you fancy if vanilla game is bad (vanilla pillars 2 have tons of issues with balance still so I can't play it without mods anymore) and then you have games that are hardly moddable and you're stuck with whatever game studio offers (god bless refunds tho)
  6. Who are you baiting this hard lol?:D Call of Duty rpg of the year please - I roleplay a soldier there.
  7. Already talked about it, i won't rince and repeat, so in a nutshell: -Good ol' Might Attribute which i want to see dead once and for all. -Per encounter crap/auto heal after combat, which seems to reflect pretty well what Blizzard had in mind while developping their hack n slash "Diablo 3" ("Players should feel powerful" and "Nothing should get in the way while killing things") I can bear with everything i dislike, but these. It's already patch 3.0, so i guess that's it for the little hope i still had. 1. might: wow did you even play poe1? 2. auto heal: wow did you even play poe1? per-encounter - yeah that ship sailed a long time ago. no way they're just patching that away. Well, as i said somewhere, i could never play past Act 2 ^^ (though i've spent 150H just playing 2 acts). I got stuck quite a long while on the character creation page, too, and much more while playing afterwards, trying to figure out what to do with this crap, before coming up with a totally unsatisfying compromise which i could not make do. But yeah, chances for them to patch things now are pretty inexistant. I agree on this. Especially since they solved the Might Attribute problem during beta, before reverting to previous system. I probably won't follow much Obs anymore, but it's still nice to see them improving the game like they did with the first one. Hope they can remain independant and not follow Bioware's path. The issues you are having are like uber trivial to get past thru. I'm inclined to say you sound like a person that just loved some oldschool rpgs like bg nvn etc and thought that love is eternal but after playing new generations of games like Poe u don't find that love anymore and try super hard to justify it by nitpicking on game systems. Maybe you just don't have it in you for games like that anymore but it's okay man...
  8. Surprisingly I found playing solo often times "easier" than with full party. The fact that you can stack best equipment on 1 char and don't have to worry about managing squishies in ur party makes it easy. The way AI clumps up close to your main char allowing you to utilize choke points, corners and hit them all with spells like corrosive siphon, chillfog while only getting hit by few of them in return is prime example of that. That being said solo chars tend to be over the top tanky with a lot of sustain and just enough damage to cut through. Nothing rocket science about playing solo. I used to think playing solo is some bigger achievement than with pt but tbh it's not. I feel its bigger achievement to do fights underleveled with squishy chars or just one designated tank and without best in slot gear for each char.
  9. Did not ask for help against the dragon. I let Waidwen go and brought King / Inquisitor back to the Wheel. What would be the difference? If you ask for help they regenerate the glyphs on a timer as well as do damage to the dragon. If you don't ask for help, I believe you can only use the glyphs once IIRC. Good to know, but that would not be "solo". Voidward, Rakhan Boots and Cauldron Shard all give +corrode armor. I will try that too. Just have to get the items together In this sense even using animal pet isn't a true solo. Using NPCs is technically still playing solo if you don't have another playable char with you.
  10. Hi there. I'm coming back to poe 2 and I decided to solo but with roleplaying build. I went for Vampire Death Knight using Wizard/Fighter multiclass. Wizard gonna use only spells that debuff, drain hp, do some frost, corrode, raw damage spells - basicly going for dark themes, no arcane fire, wall of many colours etc. I chose devoted and gonna build it for greatswords. I'm using mods that allow multiclasses to get 8th and 9th PL abilities + mods that speeds up casting, recovery times for both player and AI (wanted to make it more poe 1 in that regard). Also gotten some addon with extra items from different universes (like Vecna hand and eye) to roleplay Kas (Vecna bodyguard). I'm basicly looking for list of items that would fit the theme. I know about sanguine greatsword and black plate armor that you can get at higher levels but wondering if there are some more items with evil, brooding vibe.
  11. To OP. Don't you get access to 2 more tiers of abilities as single class? That's a crazy boon over multiclass. Most of these high end PL 8 and 9 abilities are not only very powerful but also flashy and satisfying, while multiclass is stuck using mid tier stuff over and over for most of the game single classes get to diversify their gameplay in shorter intervals. Imo this suffice.
  12. PoE2 too hard topics start to emerge? Good to know devs finally cater to people with brains. If you got no brain, hands, play with monitor turned off, go for the story mode whelp.
  13. I based my score on RP value as understood by me. That alone brought it to 6/10 but then I waited for patches supposedly fixing balance etc and I asked myself "Hmm is this game replayable" (I stated before I finished multiple playthroughs but in truth I finished it once and rushed the second half due to #trivial issues, the following playthroughs were just to test classes, however got to max level on each) and the answer was no... I sat down thinking of the ways I could replay this game, including inventing plentiful handicaps to battle triviality of the game that just erupts in mid->late levels, also I sat down thinking how to skip merry adventuring that inevitably makes me switch my wallpaper to Jack Sparrow and again I found no way to avoid it, there are no alternative ways to travel, you just have to be a sailor as your vacancy first and foremost. Talking about fruitful rpg experience huh? As in understood by ROLE, singular, sailor role. In that case I'm sorry its 10/10 game. Thought it's about ROLES. O Igitur Stulti!! Lemme reply to the guy that lol'd at me giving game rpg aspect that low score. First off, well I'm glad you're just easily entertained but secondly... no I have nothing else here tbh. I don't think 4/10 is too harsh, maybe if games weren't given 8/10 instantly just because they look better graphic wise than some indie low budget thing then companies would actually care to finish their games and hire some better writers to do the job. I'll leave commenting on arguments about Tyranny being good rpg game as it clearly proves too massive difference in perception of "good" to engage in civil discussion.
  14. Hey guys. So I wanted to share my bit about the game as I finished it three times and I waited for balance, overhaul patches to give poe 2 some chances before giving my final thoughts... Before going into detail i'll just say how I personally rate it as roleplaying game first and foremost... 4/10. Ok... ok... that's low. Before everyone jumps on me saying "Woah dude, game plays great, the graphics! the animations! it's clear improvement over first installment... sure they have some balancing issues but that's only because they attempted to give us even more than in game one in form of multiclassing" I'd agree if it was marketed as arcade isometric action game not as an RPG with big quotes like "Baldur's Gate successor!". Why? Because you can't even play evil guy in PoE 2... your "evil" dialog options narrow down to being edge lord or "I don't care. Bye". There are no quests that get you evil like in poe1 where you could send a child to be eaten alive by some lunatic so you gain some powers or sacrificing people in Effigy ritual. PoE 1 was packed with moral choices in quests... also setting was grim overall. You could attempt defending poe 2 saying "ok setting is different so quests and writing matches that" but holy ****... it's still same universe but apparently game is trying to highlight it's "I'm jack sparrow yo ho and a bottle of rum chasin'o God theme" above all else. You even get some shanties while traveling to bump that pirates of caribbean theme. That said, in many aspects poe 2 fails even to be roleplaying game at it's core. It's a regress compared to poe 1 that even with it's flaws was an rpg game. Poe 2 is more in line with arcade games like Tyranny (that was marketed as rpg also lol). I won't even start of aspects of the game that are only relevant to tryhards aka char building appeal, replayability, balance. Basicly due to terrible balancing that trivialize content past early-mid game you have no reason to replay the game at all. All in all after realizing quite quickly this wasn't a real RPG (in a full meaning of that word) I enjoyed the game to some extent. Obsidian surely worked to make that game have enough flare graphic wise to have me finish it few times with different classes just to see all the flashy spells etc... but afterall that's something you could do just consoling your char to max level, because acquiring it all and using legit way bordered pretty much the same sense of achievement (due to ****ed up encounter design and lack of balance, derp). So yea... pretty negative review. I'm sure dlcs and ton of balance patches can salvage replayability to degree that will have me revisit but lack of deep char development and shallow rpg choices that cut on "evil" aspect... I guess for lower PEGI... makes me consider poe 2 to be regress, as rpg compared to poe 1... I don't even consider it rpg game honestly. It's good arcade, action adventure, isometric game.
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