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  1. Is it not? I chose to develop few fetishes over the years - I deffo wasn't born that way... that would be abomination
  2. I played FPS game yesterday, I felt offended because shotgun sound was too manly. I mean what is this? 1920? Its 2020 for christ sake, why are we still tormented by macho sounding weapons. Someone should get to the bottom of this and people responsible should be punished. #FREETHEPOWDER2020! #RIDUCULETHESHEEPLE
  3. Not taking the bait here Bitches, gays and transmogs do not belong in fantasy realm, they are reality. If anything it would be offensive to put emphasis on those minorities in fantasy game because why what you imply then? That their indentity is a fairy tale to you? huh? Outrage
  4. Last few days I've been thinking about why I actually dislike Deadfire overall. I got into some balance, mechanics discussions in Deadfire and about why Deadfire sales were not so good and I'm coming to somewhat simple conclusion that isometric rpgs, especially nowadays stopped being RPGs at its core. So what are they you ask me. Well they are dumbed down combat games. Let me expand on that statement by talking about classes design. We got all sorts of generic classes like rogues, fighters, barbarians, priests, paladins etc. All of these classes, multiclass or not are homogenised to
  5. True but it wouldn't change much, already grindy fights would just become 4 times grindier as it would still be just about locking down SoT into infinity.
  6. It's only annoying You because its more dialogue options than You'd have in real life or there is a catch somewhere? Sorry couldn't help myself :D:D
  7. I'm sure you can build a case here and bring into into Supreme Court of NPC Rights somewhere in Neverland. About the second thing - that's why it's a fantasy game - I mean there are no Dragons IRL where do I compain about that?
  8. We shouldn't go down this path - not fixing one broken thing because it would highlight other flaws But despite the above I think it should be prio to fix mechanics that are usable for the whole game and worry about optional content for 0.1% of playerbase afterwards. (Not to mentiont that if You have content for 0.1% of playerbase then its already some sort of fail itself but I'm not sure about this one, could we wrong) I got a feeling tho that a lot of us here focus on solo aspect of the game despite that Deadfire was designed and balanced for party play. In that regard I think we
  9. Haven't seen You quote or address what I said per se, I've seen your point and honestly you somehow disagree with me but in explanation why, You agree with me lol. I mean I don't know what's more to dissect here - you summed it up pretty well - Brilliant is key buff that opens up OPness of otherwise not really OP stuff. Wall of draining + bloodmage is more or less the same mechanic but copy pasted under different name and rearranged Sure we can disagree for the sake of e-peen and turn the cat upside down saying "Yea, no, Brilliant is ok but SoT is op"... I mean sure resource regenerating sk
  10. To sum it up; Brilliant is the only true OP as it simulates consoling yourself to "godmode". When it comes to Ultimate tho, the only fights that you probably can't pull off without broken infinite resources are mega bosses because they are made too grindy health sponges. Rework them to be hard tactical encounters and voila! you can remove Brilliant completely. Honestly I never even touched Ultimate because it was apparent from day1 its gonna be totally dominated by moronic builds based on SoT and/or Brilliant. I refuse to play this garbage skill and I encourage others to boycott that e
  11. I personally dislike all OP that comes from just abusing brilliant to become immortal with endless resources. I mean why would you even pretend you're playing legit this way and not pop god mode with console - pretty much same effect. Brilliant buff is hands down most ****ing moronic implementation in PoE. I feel it was added to game just as an excuse for making insanely boring, grindy fights with mega bosses. Whenever someone posts a brilliant buff build im like "no, **** off with this bs, bring something creative instead of this copy pasta cheat build" I like OP factor if it comes in a
  12. Well you'd be right if you talk about preorders only. After release tho a lot of people checked youtube, listened to personal opinions of people who bought it and decided based on that and it affected sales in following weeks, months etc. Not to mention about less legit side of PC gaming, a lot of people rather try it for free torrenting a cracked version and buy game only if they find it good, so all in all I think if good was legit GOOD enough more copies would sell. I dunno what exactly feels off about Deadfire but for me its a mix of meh combat system, meh setting, a lot of things too meh
  13. I mean marketing fail for release day is one thing but shouldn't sales pick up after a while if game was good enough? My take on why Deadfire was less succesfull would be: -PoE1 was really first serious bg2 successor "worth" title in years so a lot of people starving for that kind of game jumped on it, with Deadfire some people might have burnt out of the genre with first one and original sin 2. So bad timing and increased competition. -Setting is god damn awfully offputting for "average isometric rpg fan", take it with a grain of salt but I only came to Deadfire knowing PoE1 had thi
  14. Well honestly I think game is overall so imbalanced that you don't really need to worry too much about making items too strong. Make them fun. I used hand and eye of vecna and wand of orcus only, whats most OP is the fact those items give you perma top tier buffs/immunities which imo is fine but not when you can have it for gold. From the list above I'd like to see your take on Invulnerable Coat of Arnd (maybe Mythic from the start, with +4 PL for paladin/priest and damage shields) Wondering if its possible to make Staff of Magi that allow you to cast high lvl spells from different
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