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  1. Can I like a post more than once? Wow what an awesome lengthy post. Thank you so much. I will save it to my files. Thank you so much. Edit: Still speechless, I feel like nothing I write will do your post justice. I appreciate it a lot.
  2. Oh Haplok! I remember you from Pathfinder threads on reddit. Nice to you see again. I remember asking you about one of your builds as well. I haven't thought of the stealth nuke approach very interesting thank you for that. I'm not too keen on weapons witching to be honest but the assassin approach sounds fun. Any specific Synergy that comes to mind or just spell slinging from stealth and restealth?
  3. Hello I was recently playing @thelee's build . It's super fun and I recommend everyone giving it a try. While playing it though I noticed that I really wanted to play something more ninja themed if that's even possible. Akin to FFXIV's Ninja. Meaning Being a rogue + Debuff and offensive Magic. I wanted to know if there's a strong combo that's PotD viable and doesn't make use of the the lance. I was Thinking about dual wielding melee ofc and either dagger or sabre. The most obvious that came to mind was Trickster + (Blood?) Mage but I can't really see any synergy and I wonder if actio
  4. Are you sure? It sounded like the word ultimate was just used for emphasis. I mean one of the 2 main critera is just that it was commented on.
  5. @thelee 's builds would also be up to date. I think they're on gamefaqs. One of them is linked here but wasn't updated I think? I actually recommend the whole guide. Very informative.
  6. Never really played a Single Class Rogue but how does he spam all the skills you guys mention? Is there something that restores guile aside from Gambit?
  7. Yeah I know about that. My issue is more if Durance quests advances per "rounds" like Caed Nua does and if I do it late I won't be able to finish it.
  8. Heyo, I gave in and decided to do the PoE rerun again after all... I have but one dilemma, I remember Durance being super annoying stat wise, aka super low dex and otherwise mediocre stats. Now I want to replace him with a merc as soon as possible while still doing his quests. I'm unsure how old some of the info is that I found. I know that I have to rest with him in the world and not at inns but that only seems to allow me to talk to him about his basic lore and not really advance his quest. Would it be okay to immediately ditch him till ac
  9. I only came back recently and noticed steam cloud didn't back up my old clear save from 1 back then. Is the Generator for 2 good enough or will I be missing out on some stuff? I wanted to do a playthrough initially regardless but after playing an hour I noticed I can't go abck to 1 anymore...
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