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  1. Yeah I know about that. My issue is more if Durance quests advances per "rounds" like Caed Nua does and if I do it late I won't be able to finish it.
  2. Heyo, I gave in and decided to do the PoE rerun again after all... I have but one dilemma, I remember Durance being super annoying stat wise, aka super low dex and otherwise mediocre stats. Now I want to replace him with a merc as soon as possible while still doing his quests. I'm unsure how old some of the info is that I found. I know that I have to rest with him in the world and not at inns but that only seems to allow me to talk to him about his basic lore and not really advance his quest. Would it be okay to immediately ditch him till act 3, then take him into my party and rest a few times outside to trigger his quests/talking to him after the council of stars and still be able to sway him?
  3. I only came back recently and noticed steam cloud didn't back up my old clear save from 1 back then. Is the Generator for 2 good enough or will I be missing out on some stuff? I wanted to do a playthrough initially regardless but after playing an hour I noticed I can't go abck to 1 anymore...
  4. I'm no one to tell others how to play but brilliance makes me fall asleep. If it was a limited thing to x per encounter then yea, much better.
  5. For me personally the only "OP" or "Broken" things are infinity combos or where you can't die anymore. They are also not very fun for me.
  6. This sounds fun. I saw you commenting somewhere else on Steel Garrote/Blood Mage too. I really like the idea of that as well. Makes me think of a Death Knight if you use Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon that you mentioned. Since you played both, which one did you like more? I know fun is subjective but your builds were always fun to play for me. (Even been using PoE1 builds from you in the past!).
  7. I wonder if the original patch has been abandoned? I saw people posting bug reports on the nexus about 6 months or so ago with no new fixes. Does your patch include those fixes Elric? Will you ever make a Nexus entry?
  8. Game has definitely stutter issues. First game had it as well. As well as memory leaks. Same thing for Pathfinder Kingmaker which has savegame bloat on top. 15 seconds "quick"save in the endgame with an nvme ssd anyone? Neketaka has a huge fps drop for me as well. I'm running a 2700x 32gb Ram and a 2080. This shouldn't run this bad. I honestly blame the unity engine here.
  9. I was initially thinking about a "Reach Cleric" With Wael + Chromoprismatic Quarterstaff but I don't wanna start a playthrough only to find out the synergy doesn't work or is nonexistant.
  10. Thank you so much for the lengthy responses and tips. It means a lot to me. I was initially undecided on Berath/Woedica/Wael but wasn't sure for example how to make Wael Single Class work. Berath and Magran as thelee recommend seem to be the "easier" option to me to cover my bases with damage spells and then pick the support spells myself. I'm gonna read through the link you provided as well. Thank you so much.
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