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  1. Thanks for the post. I kinda abandoned this thread and forgot about it after no one replied for 2 days but I'm happy now that someone did reply! Ancient really does look nice, I agree. My only problem is, I don't really know how to build a chanter... I would kinda prefer to multiclass instead of playing 2 seperate characters if I go that route. Healing is not a requirement and if I were to play single class chanter, I would like to play them "caster" style if possible. Also it's kinda sad that they lack dots. Decisions decisions.
  2. Not a fan of Wall of Draining cheese. Might as well just go priest with it and never die. It's so lame.
  3. Not OP but any chance you could elaborate a bit more on chanter synergy as in which phrases and invocations to use?
  4. Hello, I'm really in a Summoner fever at the moment and I'm trying to make one work here in this game. Any ideas how I should build one? I feel like Ancient / Beguiler / Troubadour are all strong picks but I don't know which one I should pick or mix. Are there maybe other choices I'm forgetting? I would like to take it to PotD all upscaled. For summons I would like it to be either Animals or Elementals but it's not a must. (I don't even know if Elementals are good.) Or is this all a pipe dream and summons still scale very badly?
  5. Pretty neat! Is there any chance you could align the _convo pic to the bottom and left and right side?
  6. This is so nice too. I couldn't find this when I googled for nice images.
  7. After playing around with this build in the early levels I can safely dub this the Port Maje destroyer. Seriously, this was the easiest PotD Port Maje intro I had on any class so far. I didn't even need mercs and cleared the whole arena too without any problems whatsoever. Granted I did take Charm beasts for lvl 1 since I will eventually get enough damage spells anyways but now I'm not sure if that was a mistake in the end. The regen of the boar form though is amazing and helped a ton too. I should've tried playing a shifter earlier.
  8. After reading it all I think I will play this. It sounds a lot of fun. I actually like it now that you left some wiggle room for custom stuff. I have but one questions. Could you please add enchantment paths for the weapon and armor? Seeing as this is a decision that can't be reverted when playing unlike respec.
  9. I didn't mean to come off as rude, I'm sorry. I see your point and thank you for the additional info. I might give this build a try soon then. Is it okay if I ask you additional questions via PM if they ever arise? I don't want to clog up your thread.
  10. I really like the flavor you added it's just a personal thing that I really hate to play gnomes/half-lings/orlans etc in rpgs. I always feel like no one takes me serious lol.
  11. This looks fun. Would Orlan be interchangeable for Human? Seeing as their effect would be up for most of the time.
  12. Honestly wish this was a bit more precise stat and skill wise. I mean what does High even mean for you? Max? Usually when I try out other peoples builds I just copy the build 1:1 and try to play it how the build maker wanted it to be. I appreciate the effort though.
  13. Heyo, I wanted to know if someone could tell me what multiclasses would be best with trickster synergy wise as I really want to play one and preferably melee with dual wield. I just have a hard time comming up with anything really. I appreciate every help!
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