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  1. Would you look at that. I was just going by the ability descriptions and tooltips, but the game data bundles prove you correct. It looks like it's still missing from Concelhaut's Draining Touch though.
  2. Wouldn't Concelhaut's Draining Touch fit into the Kalakoth's Minor Blights / Firebrand category? It does exclusively Corrode damage, so the Acid keyword wouldn't cause any problems. This could also apply to Caedebald's Blackbow and the Acid keyword, thought it's less clear that it deserves the keyword: a bolt of negative energy might be tough to describe as acidic even if it does cause Corrode damage. Of course, if it's a matter of balance that's a different story. I was mostly thinking that there were a lot of abilities in the Wizard tree that seemed to fit the Spirit of Decay mold but were missing the keywords, and it seemed a shame. Anyways, I'll stop derailing the more productive discussion now. Thanks for humoring me.
  3. Fair enough. Thank you for all of your work on this. Is there a limit to the number of keywords you can add with modding? Or is it just a general desire not to add too much complexity to individual spells?
  4. Decay is not on any other Wizard spell, but the current keyword patch adds it to the Priest of Rymrgand version of Death Ring, so it seems like for consistency it should be added to the original version as well. But that's a reasonable argument to exclude Death Ring and Caedebald's Blackbow altogether, which maybe was the developers' original intent despite the corrode damage those abilities cause.
  5. Did any Wizard spell keywords get updated in the keyword portion of the patch? Specifically, the following spells seem to be missing keywords: Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon: "Acid" Concelhaut's Draining Touch (and the weapon itself): "Acid" Death Ring: "Decay" Caedebald's Blackbow (and the weapon itself): "Decay"
  6. Are there any plans to include nerfs to some of the more egregious ability abuses in this patch? The main example floating around seems to be Salvation of Time + Brilliant + X, where X is any suitably powerful buff with a short duration (e.g. Barring Death's Door, Blade Cascade). Maybe the answer is just "don't use abusive ability combinations", and that's fine, but a more elegant solution would be nice. I don't know what's possible, but something like only allowing SoT to extend an ability's duration a single time seems like an appropriate solution.
  7. I thought that might be the case. Oh well, it just looks like a horde of thieves without transparency mischief.
  8. Just to give an idea for the Trickster suggestion... But obviously done with your superior skills and the vector source images.
  9. Some feedback: Barbarian I liked your first version of "Corpse Eater", for what it's worth. Rogue "Assassin" is a little too similar to "Backstab", in my opinion. Perhaps add a target (a person's back?) to the backstab icon? Or remove the dripping poison/blood? "Trickster" looks like it doesn't fit the rest of the rogue icons; I think it needs to mesh both the illusionist and rogue aesthetics together. I would keep the illusion "orbs", ditch the hat and replace it with something else. Or perhaps take the sneak attack icon image and do something similar to mirror image with it? Paladin "Devine Retribution" should be "Divine Retribution". Ranger "Distracting Training": perhaps an image of an animal's paw/hoof stamping down on a sword? Druid Wildstrike icons: I would remove the "dripping" from the claws of the first and second levels of Wildstrike, and then add it back in for Wildstrike Frenzy. So e.g. the current icon for "Greater Wildstrike Burn" would be the new icon for "Wildstrike Frenzy - Burn". Wizard In general, I think these subclass icons look too much like individual abilities, and could do with more abstracting. I think the change you made to "Transmuter" is the right direction. "Blood Mage": I do like this icon, but perhaps flip the pentagram? Edit: Sorry, posted before I meant to. One minute! Edit2: Done. Apparently certain hotkeys autopost...
  10. Although certainly a step down from automatically learning all spells at level-up, Priests and Druids do still get the advantage of a free spell at each level, somewhat of their choice due to deity selection. But I take your point, Wizards certainly have the edge in flexibility via Grimoires. But isn't that the crux of the class? If the problem is overall class power, I'm sure there are other ways to make Priests and Druids stronger without giving every caster access to all class spells at most points in the game. It certainly feels bad to choose spells over passives, for obvious reasons, but that seems like the choice the developers wanted players to make. Flexibility versus strength.
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