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  1. I figure I'd revive this, since it's still bugged, at the very least on the character sheet (shows 'Lunar Heart' when I am a watcher only, so it's supposed to be 'Nimbus of Death')
  2. I believe there is a bug with 'Galawain's favor' (buff) that you are supposed to recieve when you choose to fight Scvorielaphas, but it is instead given to the dragon. With how the dialogue is presented, it heavily suggests you are to be its recipient due to your loyalty to Galawain before. I imagine this might be rather obscure as there are PoE1 conditions to gain this, of which I assume is that you needed to have chosen to strengthen the souls of the Dyrwood - and the fact that you must choose to battle, which most people probably do not. The dragon also recieves 'Ondra's Favor' which seems
  3. Could someone work their magic on this one? It's one of the game portraits, but edited. I'd greatly appreciate it.
  4. Can someone work their magic on this one? I'd greatly appreciate it.
  5. Not sure if this is the right place for this but as the title suggests, I am in need of a save during WM pt.2 or after it. Even pre end-game saves are fine if it's after the expansion. The other events/circcumstances do not matter too much since I am mostly interested in a specific thing, and I would be grateful if anyone has one. Thanks in advance.
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