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  1. To max RES would make this a very attribute heavy build. You would want intellect for buff duration and area of effect, might for healing, dexterity for action speed and perception for accuracy. You could max resolve, but would only be left with 10 points for the rest of the attributes. How would you spread it out?
  2. I’d assume the deflection bonuses from the illusion spells in the trickster skill tree are enough on their own that you wouldn’t have to put any points in resolve on character creation, no?
  3. If you used Whispers of the Endless Paths with a Holy Slayer couldn’t you skip the offensive parry upgrade and take blade form instead? You’d have riposte from the rogue skill tree.
  4. What would you consider the most over-powered single class or multi class character if you EXCLUDED monks?
  5. Given the updates, would you tweak this build to include two weapon style and the use of sasha’s singing scimitar?
  6. Kaylon, after looking over your party composition Id say the weak link amongst standard companions is Pallegina/the Paladin role, no? Probably most efficient to play a Herald then.
  7. Didn’t think of combining with a monk or rogue. I’m assuming you’d initial play Helwalker/Ascendant as a ranged character?
  8. Thanks, Boeroer. Hmm that likely means that the bonus would apply to Cipher spells as well and would be particularly useful for an ascendant. I’ve been theorycrafting a multi class character for a re-roll. Herald was one option, but since you’re the preeminent Deadfire expert, I’m curious what you think of an Ascendant/Tactician. My only stumbling block would be generating damage quickly to achieve ascended status, which made me think of a build utilizing Veilpiercer’s weightless draw upgrade to pick up quick crits before casting. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  9. Does anyone know if Kuaru’s prize and Griffin’s Blade (Hound’s Courage) affect damage output of passive chants or active offensive invocations?
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