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  1. So to use an analogy it's like swapping magazines on a rifle? When I've exhausted all the spells on one book in an encounter I can swap in another book and continue casting? Or is it more like having different spells in the 2nd book?
  2. I've picked up a couple of other grimoires from foes. What good are they? I can't use them right? Only to see what new spells there are, and to pay copper to learn them.
  3. Thank you guys. This game has a rather steep learning curve...
  4. Thank you. Is there like a minimum perception or some other stat in order for hidden items to be revealed?
  5. I'm exploring the 1st level and I'm stumped by the bells. There's supposed to be a letter that provides part of the solution, in the small room off a larger room, it appears to be some sort of small library or study. However I am unable to find the hidden items even though my party is in stealth mode. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here.
  6. So the bonus that you pick is like a temporary buff that is active after camping? How long does it last?
  7. Hi, I'm new to Pillars and I'm working my way through the beginning of the game. When I camp, I can select bonuses. Could someone please explain how it works? Thanks.
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