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  1. Are the spells it grants one-time use only? Once you've cast a spell it's gone forever?
  2. Thanks. My main character is a ranged cipher who uses a unique bow (can't remember the name at the moment), and the exceptional arquebus is equipped by Kana. I don't have a rogue NPC to take advantage of Lead Spitter's abilities, if I understood your analysis correctly.
  3. I'm trying to see if the Lead Spitter is superior weapon to the Exceptional Arquebus, or not. If someone could help interpret the data I'd be thankful.
  4. Does it give a flat 15% damage buff, or is it like the rogue's sneak attack where enemies need to have some cc condition for it to activate? I've read that you need some form of cc for it to work but the description in-game does not state so, unlike the description for the rogue sneak attack.
  5. I had Nyry the Deft Hand visit much earlier, I dealt with her and that was that, or so I thought. Lord Brywingar was next, he's being dealt with and now Nyry has revisited. Except that she's not physically at the keep, and my only options are to pay her off for send her off with an escort (that would take 6 (!) days!) from the menu. Is this a bug, feature, how do I ensure that these annoying pests never darken my stronghold ever again? I mean, IRL I could instruct my guards that these people are persona non grata.
  6. Is it possible to complete each and every companions' quests in a single playthrough?
  7. Does it have to be equipped by a member of my party for it to work? Can I leave it on a NPC who's at the Stronghold? Would it work if I just left it in my stash>
  8. Whilst adventuring with Sagani in the party I noticed the icon on her character portrait that she had something to say to me. I opened dialogue, ran through all the options (every line is now grayed out) but the "want to talk" icon still persists. Reopening dialogue with her doesn't result in any new lines. I'm not sure what's happening here... a bug maybe?
  9. How do chanters learn new chants? Do they gain them automatically, like priests, or perhaps they need to read a book or learn a legend?
  10. What's a lash? Additional elemental damage e.g. Fire lash on Durance's staff?
  11. I'm currently on PoE now, and I was wondering how PoE2 fits in story-wise with the first game. Is it a continuation of the story in the first game, or a sequel, or something not really connected, but just set in the same world? Thanks.
  12. Sorry to necro this, but which class benefits from this? Would it be useful to a chanter, or a cipher?
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