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  1. Tablet? What tablet? Done that and finished the quest that sent me there. Nope.
  2. How does one start this DLC? I've completed BoW, SSS and I'm right at the end of the game - I just have to do the final quests for a faction of my choosing then sail to you-know-where.
  3. Never got the hang of it. I get a message saying to the effect that I can't pickpocket whilst being observed. Finally managed to get it by upping CON and choosing the "drink him under the table" option.
  4. I'm playing on PC and the loading time, especially when loading a save in a new session, has always seemed abnormally long to me.
  5. I can't drink him under the table, and there are a couple of other options that are in red. He won't sell it either. How can I get the coin off him without killing him and the rest of the bar?
  6. I spec'd her as a conjurer and now I'm thinking that may not have been the best decision. In any case I'm trying to determine the best grimoire(s) for her to use so I can level her up from lv 1. Any suggestions?
  7. Is the lock in automatically forced on the player as soon as HWIF is completed, and one has to choose there and then?
  8. What is the most optimal manner (least amount of replaying) to do all faction quests? I'm trying to get all 4 achievements for completing the respective factions' questlines. My progress in the game is as follows: Main quest: started "He Waits in Fire", but yet to sail to Ashen Maw Huana: started Fruitful alliance Principi: started Shrewd Proposition VTC: Of Like Minds RDC: Clearing Out Crookspur Should I, before even landing at Crookspur, complete He Waits in Fire? Thanks.
  9. Is there any way to ameliorate the conflicts between companions so that one doesn't up and leave? I just had Tekehu blow up at Maia. And Aloth rubs a couple of others the wrong way. I'm more or less comfortable with my current party - Eder, Serafen, Tekehu and I'm wanting to bring Aloth along and finish the game with him.
  10. If I pick up Fassina at the conclusion of the vault quest, does she get replaced with someone else as merchant in that shop?
  11. I try and hug the wall but the construct always detects me. The white detection circle almost touches the wall.
  12. Yes, I got onto the roof via the Dark Cupboard living area. There's a construct looking left between the door that leads further up the roof (left of map) and the door that leads into the second storey of the manor. My main character is a cipher rogue with some points in stealth and equipped with boots of stealth which give +2 stealth. I can skirt by the white circle of the construct but he just catches me everytime.
  13. I crossed over to his manor using a rope from the Dark Cupboard but there's a construct on the roof. I'm trying to sneak into the mage's bedroom but I think that involves sneaking behind it. I get caught everytime and I'm too low a level to fight those machines. Is there any way to distract the construct or otherwise sneak successfully past it in order to get to Arkemyr's bedroom?
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