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  1. I will no longer be purchasing any more games from this company. Rest in peace. Not that it will ever happen, but releasing the source code so that fans that actually care can fix things would be the right thing to do...but of course you wont, because money.
  2. And the sky is blue, why continue to do something without inquiring whether or not someone already has?
  3. Is the game coded not to give more than one of these from the shipwrecks/abandoned villages etc random loot tables? (Because it's "Unique" ?)
  4. Should I even be surprised anymore? Let me guess, someone's gonna come along and say it cast an "AOE" on target, I was within the 'red area' and it hit me too. No, the spell description specifically states it applies the effect to the target you are attacking. "On Target" not 'in an area', not 'on everyone around the target and the target', "ON TARGET" In case I'm wrong: Perhaps be clearer with the descriptions and then it perhaps wouldn't be left to interpretation
  5. Getting tired of having to save scum enchants, testing each weapon one by one, beating on my pet companion with spells/normal attacks in order to figure out what is triggered by spells or not due to the halfassed descriptions. A problem is there could be hidden variables like things only activating in combat, or specifically not triggered by hitting an ally (I recall something being nerfed in this way specifically) and how the hell would anybody know? Obsidian certainly doesnt go out of their way to help players understand anything. More specifically (for now) which of these activate with spe
  6. Happened again without the gun btw, enemy was standing in an amphora flame but took no damage from it, i even stood in the flame directly afterward to test and received no damage from it so pretty sure the only thing landing the kill was the bolt.
  7. In theory, should be totally possible as enchants similar to this idea already exist in game https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Colossal
  8. Me and (I presume) Phenomenum have been talking with the author of that mod, yes it is a mess to implement, I'm seeing that first-hand now. We are trying to come up with ways to make it work without it being OP and broken. But, with that said, what a modder can do is nice but assuredly it's far from what the actual developers can accomplish. We made progress though, I haven't tested it yet but Flick of the Wrist should be working the same as it had in poe1. Check it out here (once it's been updated that is)
  9. Wanted to update this in case anybody was interested, don't edit line 575, it's line 574 that you want. (As of this post and current patch) You'll have no problems compiling then. Looking ridiculous but working. Or just download the file
  10. Lol, you're focusing on scale breaker only in spite of my original post? Edited my last post for emphasis for someone like you, who seems to be trolling now since you didn't seem to catch what I now put in bold and underlined I'll spell it out for you. No Not only Scale breaker Blooded Hunter, Dungeon Delver, God Boons, Song of the Heavens, The Merciless Hand Crucible of the Soul, Dominion of the Sleepers, Speaker to the Restless, Steps to the Wheel, Sever the Soul, Scale-Breaker Dozens' Luck, Flick of the Wrist etc Also, it's not only these, I haven't seen
  11. I'm fine with level 1. It's kind of necessary even if hypothetically there happened to be no lore related reason. That's okay with me. Just the unexplained loss of abilities my watcher gained previously is the issue, especially with the bait and switch of the save import asking specific questions and then your answers making no difference at all....or was there dialogue? If so, that's okay but lacklustre and pretty lazy on it's own. Completely lost opportunity to give watcher back the abilities and plenty of people expected to see things like scale-breaker return due to the save import feature
  12. man, just constantly assuming bad faith.... I'm open to real reasons. Trust me, I'd love to be wrong.
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