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  1. My Scout dual wield Kitchen Stove and Thundercrack. I use conductive blast on a Huana Spirit (Poko Kohara quest) and surprisingly, it hits 4 times and instantly kills the Spirit. Is this some kind of bug or an interaction between conductive blast and blunderbuss ?
  2. In deadfire, the gods mention that they once walked Eora as titans and they would stop Eothas if they had their titan bodies. But i could not find how and when they lost their physical form (only Abydon was "killed" by the moon of Ondra). Is there any more detail on this matter? (Sorry for my bad English)
  3. I received this unique rapier after completed The Seeker's Path quest and already upgraded 1st level soulbound (35 afflictions). The second level requires "Complete each of the Seeker's path fights" and i re-complete all these fights but this item not be upgraded. Any idea how to upgrade this soulbound level? Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone, Currently im playing a Seer (Ascendant/Ghost Heart) using dual pistols to build up Focus then bombard enemies with Cipher spells. Which pistol should i use as main weapons? And should i take passive Two weapon style? Firearms only have reload time so this passive (-15% recovery time) is useless for pistol, am i right?
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