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  1. The spell description only shows base damage (240 raw/15s), not damage modified by Intelligence, so i thought total damage is fixed
  2. Does intelligence make spell Disintegration less effective ? intelligence increases duration of the spell but total damage does not change. So less intel will rmake enemies take damage faster?
  3. does Spell disruption affect interrupt immunity enemies (like Oracle of Wael)?
  4. In my first playthrough (patch 5.0), i freed the dragon and siphoned essence for watershapers but he still helped me. Perhaps i should not rescue him this time. Thanks for the answer! Btw, can Double Tap enchantment from Red Hand instant kill the Guardian of Ukaizo?
  5. I know that. But if i free him, he will help me fight the Guardian so there would be no boss fight at Ukaizo. I wonder if i could free the dragon without skipping the Guardian boss
  6. I want to fight the Guardian of Ukaizo but also want to free the dragon in Watershaper guild. Is there anyway to do both in one playthrough?
  7. Thanks for the answers! Slippers of the assassin: can i counter enchantment "Untrustworthy" by Persistent Distraction?
  8. I'm playing a Soul Blade/Assassin which uses two-handed weapon (for high damage) to backstab => soul annihilation => smoke veil => repeat. Only use two abilities: smoke veil and SA, most time just auto attack to generate focus when run out of Guile Can this build do endgame content (Oracle, BoW dragon ...)? And which weapon should i use? (two handed or dual wield) Any advice is welcome. Thanks!
  9. My Scout dual wield Kitchen Stove and Thundercrack. I use conductive blast on a Huana Spirit (Poko Kohara quest) and surprisingly, it hits 4 times and instantly kills the Spirit. Is this some kind of bug or an interaction between conductive blast and blunderbuss ?
  10. In deadfire, the gods mention that they once walked Eora as titans and they would stop Eothas if they had their titan bodies. But i could not find how and when they lost their physical form (only Abydon was "killed" by the moon of Ondra). Is there any more detail on this matter? (Sorry for my bad English)
  11. I received this unique rapier after completed The Seeker's Path quest and already upgraded 1st level soulbound (35 afflictions). The second level requires "Complete each of the Seeker's path fights" and i re-complete all these fights but this item not be upgraded. Any idea how to upgrade this soulbound level? Thanks!
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