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  1. Thank you so much. I'm going to get to building. I chose a Pale Elf Helwalker with Old Valiia so my stats are 15/3/19/19/19/3. I hope that's how I can maximize my damage with the mortars or is MIG more important in this case?
  2. This is a big help. One more question: I’m enjoy min-maxing so how would you go about it on this build?
  3. Okay, wow. This is a big help. Do you have a guide for any of these builds? I'm really curious now.
  4. Hand mortars would also work. I'm just wondering if all these guides can be used or they're outdated to the point that I can't use them.
  5. Hello, so I was wondering what a good dual pistol build multi class would look like. I’ve been looking online and on YouTube and found Sin Tee’s Gun Fu Monk Build. I watched it and found the play style to be what I was aiming for. However, that was done on a much older patch than 5.0, so I was wondering if that was still a good guide to follow. In addition, are there any guides on such builds?
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