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  1. If that is the case, I would probably say a worse barbarian. That makes me feel disappointed. I don't want to play a sub class that is worse that the base class.
  2. I think I will give up on my mage slayer/nazpalca monk. Although, I love the wizard slayer class and just the basic idea of the mage slayer. Being essentially a kith only magic slayer is now a bit too restrictive.
  3. I had been fighting The Messenger, Ironclads and the wooden druids and their spells always went off (as you said, these are not proper spells). To check that it worked against kith I went and attacked Arkemyr and it does interrupt his spells. I have mainly been using fists/mace to get my stacks up which is reasonably easy to do on most mobs. Understanding that the spell disruption only affects kith is good to know but also quite annoying (in Baldur's gate 2 it was all mobs). As this class is quite gimped already and now to restrict it to the kith isn't great. Awwwwww. The appeal to this class has really dipped. Thanks for the reply @Boeroer. Your insight and testing of this is most appreciated.
  4. I’ve been playing a mage slayer (wizard slayer was one of my favorite classes from BG2) and the spell disruption just does not seem to work. I am playing a mage slayer/nazpalca and I can easily get 4 stacks on most casters, yet, spells never fail. The mage slayer is meant to come with 1 defining talent and it just does not work.
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