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  1. I have to admit, i don't bother with the Gorecci street now. I just enter from the south and stealth straight to the Illari guy or whatever his name is. Pay him the 40cp and everyone else just walks away no fighting needed, free xp before digsite.
  2. Not from my experience as its not a targetted spell and just shuts everything down. Have had my arcane reflection dampened by the wiz with Concelhaut.
  3. Arcane Archer/Fury sounds like a lot of fun. You'd get a second bounce from Driving Flight, right? Yeah you do, its quite powerful and very fun. I did use the imbue web alot mixed with a wiz for reflex spells.
  4. Ive done an arcane archer / fury druid before. Probably not what you are after being mainly backline. I used essence interrupter stacked lightning and used the fury shift to get an extra bounce on the arcane archer imbued shots. I have considered shifter/ascendant and playing like a rogue. Go in build up focus, shift out dump spells shift into another form rinse and repeat. Wouldnt be optimal but something different.
  5. Pretty sure @MaxQuest figured it out on Reddit, (*) I have just rechecked the gamedatabundles. The values are still: 5, 10 and 15. But it's the scaling - is what I've got wrong. Self damage doesn't scale with power level at all. It scales with character's level in the following manner: tier1_dmg = [5 + 1 per CL] * dmg_bonuses tier2_dmg = [10 + 2 per CL] * dmg_bonuses tier3_dmg = [15 + 3 per CL] * dmg_bonuses Also I have checked ingame a level 4 bloodmage with 10 and 5 MIG: MIG10, LVL4: 27, 27, 18, 9 MIG5, LVL4: 23, 23, 17, 8 So the tier3 damage of 15, turned into 23: (15 + 3 *4) * (1 - 0.15) = 22.95 Don't know if this is still the case, but seems about right..I believe it randomly picks between the 3.
  6. I've played 2 different types of Beastmaster, first was a Fury/Ghostheart which I tailored towards throwing out spells to get targets low and then finish them in the fury spiritshift, it was fun and the ranged accuracy really helped along with the bounces from fury's lightning form. I took heart of the storm and used the essence interrupter for its lightning damage along with all the other lightning spells. The second I went lifegiver/Ghostheart and basically used them as a support character. Dropped heals in my group and then peppered with war bows, using the ranger abilities on things like concussion shot on mages and taking out priority targets. Another option i toyed with for this was the stalker and keeping the pet near me to intercept any stray mobs coming to my back line. The only reason i went Ghostheart was i didn't need the extra micro of the pet and my tank was an Unbroken Trickster with near unlimited engagement. I'd say the first was fun to see lightning going everywhere however the second seemed to be the more effective party member.
  7. Hey, your build looks pretty good i played something similar although not solo. Just looking through Im not sure if you just copied the wrong links but you have both weapon and shield talent and divine purpose listed twice at different levels. You can also take thrice she was wronged at level 1 allowing you to take something else at 3. Other than that seems fun and different to the usual summons heralds. Starter island was suprisingly smooth.
  8. Ranger also gives you Gunner for reload speed and driving flight later on. Only other class with similar would be chanter with swift handed chant. If it's a party and you have a chanter then a fighter might be better.
  9. 100% agree, have been playing this build but using the Spearcaster Crossbow, crossbow modal plus explosives and u can lock down whoever u need along with the tranq shot reducing duration effects on casters. If u need to drop aggro summon pet, then smoke veil/shadowing and they clump around ur pet for another bomb.
  10. Carnage i don't believe works with ranged, Frenzy works as it is just action speed. My Warlock seems like they cast faster than normal, however that could just be the sped up recovery. I currently play mine solo using wizard buffs for defence and DW, drop Chill fog and combusting wounds then hit and trigger the CW. My plan for the char was to test the snakeskin grimoire summoed weapon to see if it acts as a melee DW weapon and if the poison procs from carnage hits.
  11. Don't know if this helps you guys but i couldn't retrieve it solo either, it would just kick me back to the game after selecting dive into the pool. Thought it might be a solo bug as i had previously got it, so i grabbed Maia to test and sure enough worked first go with a companion. Since there is no achieve for solo atm this could be a way to get the loot if you need it however most likely a solo bug that i hope is sorted fro TCS achievements.
  12. I've had the same, I had Aloth learn Substantial Phantom at level up and when cast it has empower points but no spells and will just melee attack. Believe its a bug and just acting as the essential phantom?
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