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  1. I didnt find Dragon Dowyr arquebus or didnt saw how cool it is. if he gives -75% recovery for 30 sec he is much better than a pistol
  2. Cos dex give u attack speed. But freom barbarian bonuses (frenzy) and passives, and bonuses from pistol u got MUCH more aspd. And becouse of multiplicating mehanic for additional aspd bonuses - bonus from dex almost usless. On the other hand, health is always useful for survivability and tanking. If u can heal 450 + from athletics skill - u must have big HP pool. And on top of that - barb (and human) have +dmg multipler when they have a half or lower HP. with this build u didnt see difference between 10 or 20 dex. But difference between 400 and 600 HP is very significant. And int
  3. I know how that can be done with console. But i try to do that only in version 1.0, so scaling wos turned on and do nothing XD ind how it work now. But u can do (console command - Difficulty): 1) Difficulty Easy or Difficulty Normal 2) change location check in meny - scaling is turn on? if yes 3) Difficulty PathOfTheDamned 4) change location
  4. Strongest disadvange of Nalpazca it is: https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Arcane+Dampener cos thats spell aplays to ur drugs...
  5. How hard the game when u play on POTD with scaling "only up" for all enemies? It can be challenging when u play a full party? Someone already try play like that?
  6. Strange conclusions... Chanters defianetly on of the most powerfull clases right now. They have ifinity possibilities to cast spell. They have many summons spells. Very good damaging spells. And on top of that very good "auras" for heal party, up damage party, or damadge enemies. I start PoE2 (on potd) like a chanter/fighter and drop my first playtorough cos my chanter wos too strong and game feels boring. Maby solo chanter is balansed and not so overwhelming but with party chanters power is incredible.
  7. Ye, btw there is no different beetween 8 lvl pirates (in this video) or 16 lvl. Even Nemnok, or Last Guardian feels like no problem. vs 16 lvl pirates or vs or even vs vs furrante i died just becouse i think: I'm too lazy to do something. I'll just die and rise up and they will die. Would still take upgraded blood frenzy for increases duration along with Barbaric smash which refunds rage cost on kill. Only ever need to pop frenzy once in most encounter maby, but 3 talent points? to high cost for me) and even more. with bloody frenzy u will h
  8. Demonstration: and another: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49FoJ7J16lE and another: https://youtu.be/FHiLcBYzBmQ?list=PLskORkULOeMrxdvjmv_BywQ4eB1ucI02e Stats: Might - as many as you can. Constitution - as many as you can (it will be your primary stat). Resolve - minimum. Remaining points spend in int. Weapon of choice: Two hand sword - becouse of or Sword - skills: as many as u can in atlethics. Version with two hand have much better survivabilty. Version two one handed swords much better damage. Main idea: Stack items with regenera
  9. YAVP: Guts berserk/devouted. Solo. Path of the Damned. Saw on Youtube many walkthroughs for rogue class (or multi class) and decide do something different. Something like Berserk/Devouted. Try to add some role-playeng aspects in my walktrough. Teaser: https://youtu.be/FHiLcBYzBmQ?list=PLskORkULOeMrxdvjmv_BywQ4eB1ucI02e Conlusion: Berserks can be realy devastating. And very good tanks. When i start i did not expect such power. And such fun!) vs Nemnok: https://youtu.be/OOmlf5kobSA?list=PLskORkULOeMrxdvjmv_BywQ4eB1ucI02e almost all batles on youtube Many thank
  10. All skills from teachers gone when we reset level. And never appear again. P.S. someone know how add these skills from console? thx
  11. Hi! I cant get Cornett of the Depths. I have 20 con and 7 surv and still cant trigger "dive to light". Someone know what exacly stats need for dive? thx Even more. with drugs and stat items i have 22 con, 14 perceprtion, 16 atlethics, 7 surv and still cant trigger that damn dive text.
  12. it is possible to be a big human in poe2? i love roleplay and becouse of that its wos a very important options in POE1. But now its gone! Only goodlike can choose size of character. Maby already exist some mods? Or console commands? thx
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