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  1. A quick question regarding power levels: The Voulge gives +3 to Storm power levels. From what I can see in the descriptions, only the spells Returning Storm and Relentless Storm are tagged with the "Storm" keyword. Neither the Storm of the Seven Bolts nor the "Amira" invocations have the "storm" keyword - are you sure the Voulge affects these spells?
  2. On this topic - what are the best ways to debuff reflex so that the mortars are more accurate? - Nature's Mark (-10) - Chill Fog (Blindec, -5) - Miasma of Dull-mindedness (-10) - Curse of Blackened Sight (Blinded, -5) - Tanglefoot (Hobbled, -5) - Crippling Strike, Blinding Strike (-5, Debilitating Strike adds -10 from Hobbled and Distracted)
  3. I did a quick test on Maia as a Gunhawk/Streetfighter. With the Gunhawk class she gets 5m range on Blunderbusses, which means she gets the Accuracy bonus from Marksman. I was able to get the reload time down to around 1.4 seconds. The 1.4 seconds came from (5 base -13 % dexterity - 20 % Gunner - 30 % Dual Wield - 15 % Two Handed Style - 20 % Sure-Handed Ila). That was with no armor (and also no Nalvi). That seems pretty good. Right now I'm running Maia as a Gunhawk/Assassin, but that opening Assassin shot isn't that impressive right now. I'm not sure if it's worth it to switch between
  4. What kind of spells would you say are the best choices to be trying to recast constantly? I’m only on level 4 with my Tactician/Blood Mage, so for me it’s been Chill Fog and Minoletta’s Minor Missiles so far.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm at the start of my (second) POTD run now that the DLCs are out, and I'm allowing myself to change the companion subclasses - especially the ones who have no subclasses (Eder, Aloth, Pallegina). I'd like to hear if any of you have changes the subclasses - or what subclasses you'd think were fun (and powerful). Eder: I like him as my main tank (that can deal some damage) - right now I have him as Unbroken/Trickster. Unbroken because it's the most tanky fighter and Trickster because it gives even more tanking abilities and some more for Eder to do. Aloth: Even tho
  6. Testing a Tactician/Blood Mage in the first cave now. With Blood Sacrifice and the Brilliant inspiration, I'm spamming Minoletta's Minor Missiles constantly. I haven't tested the Brilliant inspiration on casters before, it seems to have the same effect as Blood Sacrifice - restoring one spell.
  7. Takkik: How have you distributed the stats on the tactician/blood mage? The blood mage's self damage is affected by your might, but as a fighter you want to be doing damage. How are you playing the character - as a ranged debuffer/damage dealer? Melee? A team focusing on blind/flank sounds cool. Are you using companions or mercenaries? If companions - who? Nerd Commando (on youtube) have some interesting build including tactician and blood mage. The "Oil magnate" is a Paladin/Blood Mage with 4 Might who justs spams Slicken (with some Lay on Hands sprinkled in) The "Mossad psyblade" i
  8. Are there any types of spells (or specific spells) that are particularly good/important or bad on POTD, when it comes to the actual damage spells? My favorite buff/debuff spells so far have been Secret Horrors and the druid spell that gives everyone healing and +2 AR. What is the best way of increasing PEN on spells, besides the elemental traits?
  9. Hello everyone, now that Forgotten Sanctum is out, I'm planning on doing a new playthrough. In my previous save (got to around level 14 before deciding to wait for all the DLCs), my party didn't have a lot in terms of offensive spells. It just seemed that it was hard to get enough accuracy. My party was Eder as a tank (fighter/rogue), MC as a gun based holy slayer, Maia as a gun based ranger, tekehu as a healer (mostly) and Serafen as a damage/CC witch. In my new save I want to be more spell focused - especially with the new blood mage subclass which seems great. Before I begi
  10. Boeroer: That kind of rogue build sounds a lot of fun. In such a rogue build, how high would you prioritize Intellect for the AoE effects? Are we talking max PER and max INT first and foremost?
  11. Aloth and Serafen became better with the latest patch. Serafen after (and before) patch: Mig 15 (14) +1 Con 11 (11) Dex 12 (13) -1 Per 14 (12) +2 Int 13 (13) Res 13 (14) -1 Aloth after (and before) patch: Mig 12 (12) Con 10 (10) Dex 15 (15) Per 15 (12) +3 Int 16 (16) Res 10 (13) -3
  12. I think the part of the chest in Uto's gunsmithy having either Dragon's Dowry or Scordeo's Trophy might be wrong. I've never seen Dragon's Dowry in the chest, just the Trophy every time. I did some tests now, saved before going to Brass Citadel for the first time - it's always the Trophy.
  13. When I switch weapons, I have to turn modals on every time. Is there any way to always have them turned on? Or something you can turn on and off?
  14. Here are my thoughts for the companions (and the MC): Edér: Swashbuckler. Might be more tanky, might be more DPS-y. I might use a mod to give him one or two subclasses, I feel it's a bit more flavorful. Fighter (no subclass) / Streetfighter is my top pick right now, or Devoted / Streetfighter. Maia: Scout. Rogues got better, and she becomes a DPS machine. Dual weilding guns or using an Arquebus. Xoti: Priest. I don't like the Monk/Priest combination, and I want the good spell progression here. Aloth: Wizard. Same as Xoti - I want the spells. Serafen: Witch. Single class cipher seems ba
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