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  1. If I were to use Gipon Prudenesco, what weapons would you suggest in that case? Do the lashes from Grave Calling / Hel Beckoning apply to spells as well?
  2. Hi all! I am currently running a complete playthrough, base game + All DLC on POTD as a battlemage (Tactician + Bloodmage). Could you guys advise me on what sorts of weapons would be good choices for such a character? I'm currently using Modwyr + Rannig's Wrath (For action speed, helping out with both attacking and casting spells). I do have Citzal's, but I would prefer to dual-wield for penetrating strike. My playstyle is mostly prebuffing, before entering combat / casting CC & Damage spells (Think Ninaguth's grimoire + Zandethus' Draconic Fury). I would prefer to play with mainly one weapon set, as switching is a bit of a hassle in my opinion. I am still open to the idea, however. Thanks in advance!
  3. I don't believe so. I think the flanked condition needs to be applied to the boss, so if its immune, no dice. I could be wrong though.
  4. Hello all! Does anyone know specifically how different Death's Herald abilities are upgraded? Specifically from Visage -> Raiment -> Majesty, something along the lines of that. I'm curious to know, and have been trying to mix around the dispositions. Haven't found anything solid on the forums, which is why I thought I'd ask. Thanks!
  5. Hello all! I'm planning on a full playthrough of all the DLCs and the base game, and I was wondering which of the following 2 combinations would be best? I'm planning on running upscaled PotD, using the new subclasses, as I've played through the base game subs a lot already. I'm considering Tactician, with either Bellower or Bloodmage. My question is, which would lend to a smoother game experience? i.e. capable of going through fights with lesser difficulty given a good amount of strategy. I want to feel like a chessmaster, where a good strategy leads to a strong / overwhelming win. In addition does the Bellower subclass PL bonus apply only to chants / Invocations? If so, I may swap to troubadour for consideration. Thanks!
  6. Hello all, I've been playing on patch 1.2, and I've noticed that in the patch notes, all 2H weapons are supposed to have a +1 additional penetration to their base value. This has been working fine for weapons in the inventory, such as Lord Darryn's Voulge, but it does not apply to conjured 2H weapons like Citzal's Spirit Lance. Thanks!
  7. Hello all, I have a question pertaining the patch notes. It says that all 2H melee weapons gained an additional +1 penetration to the base. Does this apply to conjured 2H melee weapons like Firebrand and Citzal's Lance? And if it does not apply, is this an oversight, or is this intended? Thanks!
  8. Hi all! I'm currently running a Goldpact / Berserker Fanatic, but while playing, I've noticed that my Gilded Enmity appears to be dropping off earlier than expected. I want to ask, is this due to the Raw damage DOT from Frenzy, or due to some other weird stacking reason? Thanks!
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