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  1. I emailed a save game two days ago with a bug stopping progress to the beast of winter. The 4th wandering soul is missing / not giving credit (I think I actually saw it) so I can't summon the king. I posted at the time but my post was put on hold subject to approval by a moderator. That post has now disappeared so I am creating a new one. I can resend the save game if I need to. I have double checked online 4 the locations of the souls just in case.
  2. This happened to me twice so far. Fortunately I only had a few thousand each time, but most recently I was right in the middle of the vytmadh so it was a hell of treck to go sell something so the crew would stay happy. I wasn't
  3. In Drowned Kingdom Quest I collected all 4 wandering souls but it only gave me credit for 3, so I can't summon the king and complete the quest. will send save game
  4. Hi, I emailed the saved game with the bug, as well as one from just before. user Llethlin
  5. I have the bug where all my fights in the crucible are greyed out, but Engari has no more search quests for me. I still need to get the quest for the adra pearl and the titan's head. I would send a a save file if I new how to find it. Screenshot linked https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1544070161
  6. I have the same issue with the Coil not progressing. after 4 fights I just took it off.
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