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  1. Hey for the forbidden Fist/cipher combination how would you distribute the stats for the other stats besides resolve, also I'm using beraths blessing?
  2. Sounds like the perfect blend of melee and caster,also between monk/cipher and monk/wizard which would have a easier time against all the Megabosses?
  3. Hmm I see, guess I'll go forbidden fist/Ascendant, also is there anyway to counteract the damage taken by forbidden fist, or atleast mitigate it so I don't kill myself?
  4. So the forbidden fist/cipher multiclass only works with mods?, cause if that's the case, I can't use mods seeing as I play on console.
  5. Also which cipher subclass is best with forbidden fist?, lastly for forbidden fist do you gain wounds from when hostile effects expire on your character or on enemies?
  6. Ahh dang that sounds pretty cool too, how do you think it would fair if I combined forbidden fist with bloodmage and used life draining spells to counteract damage taken from using both classes special skills?
  7. I see, thanks for the build advice, but yea constantly regenerating health back does sound pretty cool. How well does paladin (steel garrote)/wizard(bloodmage) fair against the mega bosses in the game and dlc?
  8. Hello, I've been trying to decide what build to play for quite sometime now, ever since deadfire first released on the ps4, I've gone through multiple builds all the way from fextralife builds to sin tee builds, but none of there's really catch my tastes, but I have notice I prefer melee casters with regenerative resources and I've decided the three melee casters builds I've come to like is fighter(tactician)/wizard(bloodmage) , fighter(tactician)/cipher(soulblade), and paladin(steel garrote)/wizard(bloodmage). Also I would appreciate if you could tell me how much reactivity that cipher an
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