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  1. I liked pre-buffing and long term buffs long term buffs were great simply because they were not tedious at all since you only had to put them on once and a while, in D&D i keep greater mage armor on at all times on my entire party for example
  2. what do you mean by quit... its a single player game its not like your paying a monthly subscription fee therefore no one cares if you stop playing they already have your money lol what is this the WoW forums suddenly lol
  3. all the skills are kinda meh, aside from mechanics which you only need on one guy
  4. do you have anything better to whine about? cuz thats kinda what game forums typically become is a place for people to come to whine about the game lol
  5. only being able to buff in combat basicly elemates the point of a buff lol also for role play purposes its ridiculous lol some how my casters just cant cast lol
  6. yeah it seems like the devs went out of their way to make some of the NPCs crappy lol
  7. I think fallout:NV suffered due to it being sooooo bugged at release to me its kinda a masterpiece much much better than fallout 3 or skyrim
  8. I just wish the game had been built upon D&D 3.5 in the first place, I realize that probably was never even an option but to me it was and is one of my favorite systems
  9. OMG the gave mask of the betrayer 7.7? thats crazy lol Its like the pinnacle of dnd 3.5 gaming
  10. you know for all thing things the elder scrolls series does well its always baffled me that not one of them can find a way to do combat that's not clunky and often down right bad lol
  11. that also bugs me I find so many times that resolve is used in conversation but its a useless stat for me lol
  12. yeah most of the time an 80% would be a let down for me
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