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  1. True, its easy to get a bit spoilerblind once you have already experienced them yourself..
  2. I would like as little spoilers as possible in this answer, if you can answer it. I am too worried to look up a guide since I just want a general guideline . I saw Durance in my dreams and then I had a chat with him (about the Godhammer, half soul etc) but that has been ages ago and nothing has progressed. I am currently doing the first batch of Leaden Key quests (the tower in Heritage Hill atm). Is there a narutal quest progression that I havent reached yet or should I do something elsre to trigger this? I am mostly asking cause I had him out of my party for awhile and got nervous that it
  3. I just feel the need to double check this: Does your Sagani have 13 might or higher? My friend says his has 15, which the gamepedia wiki supports, but mine has 13... Is this something lasting from me suffering the double-click bug?
  4. Okey, now we are talking about killing homosexuals. Thats great. You can hijax this thread to sausage if you wish.
  5. Well, you are trolling, what did you expect? I am not trolling though. And I didnt particularly mean just this thread, there has been an outrage all over the forums since the little poem was minorly altered.
  6. Did you not read my whole post? But fine. Intimidation is this current environment where you'll be character assassinated by 'social justice' cliques in media and the web if you break any of the egg shells you walk upon. Show me where I'm ridiculing transsexual people? Says the guy (girl?) who would assign right to opinion based on genitals and skin color. I read the whole post, I just didnt know if I had to drag in the "general" part. Of course this is a general problem, but it is not applicable to free speech and it is not with the intent of hurting a particul
  7. Why do you feel the need to insult my intelligence? Disregarding that you know far too little about me to judge this, its rude and most importantly it derails the conversation. I am not spewing hate-speech, I have been the one name-called and threatened in the thread to this point. I will not go in to you with how no transgendered person was involved or accentuating that it was the man who got hurt (And you do not know if he was white or not), becuase that is also derailing and I think you know whats up. I find it strange how so much anger can stem from a group of people, who are evid
  8. Free speech isnt just a loose term though, it is a civil and political right. And I addressed it to a person who used it in a matter that is not correct. I assume that he would want to be told if he was factually wrong when he obviously felt educated enough to comment. It is not that I am trying to be a besser weisser, I am merely setting a foundation for the conversation. But to get back to your post; What intimidation was used? Saying that one was offended and didnt want to play the game anymore? It is not as if the backlash has been more lenient on the other side of the fence, this is n
  9. So I guess that even anti-democratic guys like you should be allowed to raise their voices... Once again, this bears no meaning on free speech. Free speech is when a governmental power or authority limits your voice. Free speech does not concern what Obsidian, a private company, choose to put in their game or not.
  10. There has been a gravepost-entry removed from the game in 1.03, you can google it and I mentioned it in an earlier comment. Really, this is not even a controversial topic. People throwing their hands up and saying "Oh my god, I can't even make fun of a heavily ridiculed minority in the LGBT-community that is in large parts of the world being killed/harrassed/put in jail???!!! What are they going to take away from me next???" need to reevaluate what sort of a presence they want to be in the world. It is not controversial nor threatening to anyone that you can not always reign suprem
  11. So basically alot of white heterosexual males claim to have the right to trash transexual because it is "funny". Nothing new under the sun. Most of the posts here are basically dismissive because you go juggular instead of actually thinking about the issue at hand. One is certainly always allowed to think or have an opinion, it does not always mean one should raise their voice, especailly when so badly educated on the issue. Like white heterosexual males trying to deflect how a transexual person could feel from reading that post. Or what kind of an impact a cultural norm has on an ind
  12. Some conversations seems to be never-ending and bleed into other topics regardless of context, so I thought I should address the matter in a very simple way: If you are a white heterosexual male, you don't have a right to comment on what is offensive to minorities or not. This might be hard to understand for the average white heterosexual man since he is used to always be in positions of power, if not taken by his own body atleast by others with a similar body. You dont have a say in everything, especially things that you have no idea whatsoever about. Furthermore, issue of free
  13. Even if they are "fine" (which i guess I agree on, they are all workable), they bring boring stat lines that often dont match with their persona or perceived power through lore. It is like if Minsc had 11 strength and 16 intellect, it would not go with his theme.
  14. I guess that this isn't really what I agree with you on... You did make me think abit differently about Saganis spread though. You do have some point in it I suppose, but I still feel like she should have more might since she is supposedly the best archer in her tribe (And she is a dwarf, they really arent weak.) As her strength is now, she is barely above average (10+ 2 for dwarf). I dont mind the chars being "gimped" in some areas as long as it makes sense... I still really feel that the Grieving mother by far is the biggest offender to this. She is a hot mess in the stat-spread.
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