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  1. Go into your stats scroll all the way down and you pets stats will be shown align with their skills
  2. The Bear is the best pet and yet tls5669 is right they are all underwhelming I hope obsidian buffs all the pets and does more with them in a patch soon.
  3. Human Ranger I find it easier to play human me being one so I often never play other races but I do like godlike.
  4. I noticed this too and was going to make a thread but already made one about the wolf's bugs and lack of attributes and didn't want to spam up the threads. Hope this is fixed This a pretty major bug when it comes to dps.
  5. I have Google it and found a post from a developer that stated that the wolf essentially isn't finished and that they are looking into it. The wolf appears to get at tiny 15% dmg increase independent of might. meanwhile all the other animals get there might bonus the bear for example has 15 and the wolf has 10 so the wolf has the 15% for being a wolf but 0% from 10 might the bear has 15% from might. So the bear is definitely better then the wolf, so unless for roleplay reasons choose the bear.
  6. Yes! I have been wondering about this too, ranger is my favorite class in this game which is odd because when I play d&d video games and pen and paper I never play rangers. Yet I feel like rangers got the shafts in POE they seem to literally be not finished. It released with some pretty massive game breaking bugs and not even sound effects (for the ranger). Would love to hear a wolf howl or massive bear snarl when charging into the front lines. The wolf is missing stats and supposedly it gets a 15% damage increase But the bear has 15 strength to the wolf's 10 giving the bear also 15% damage increase so that with the damage reduction the bear feels better then the wolf in everyway. The bear only has 1 less dex so it's like 3% slower attack speed but that's like nothing. I really hope the ranger gets a heartfelt look at and some love from the devs it needs it bad mostly the animal companion I hope they balance the wolf to allow us to build a ranger that let's the pet dps that would be fun. Loving the the game though can't wait for them to tune it up and add more features. Wrote this on my phone sorry for typos and wall-o-text
  7. So I have noticed that all the other Animal Companions have actual attributes spread But the wolf. The wolf has straight 10's through all attributes yet the wolf description says he is high damage. The bear has 15 might so 15% increase to damage yet the wolf only has 10 might. does this actually matter do attributes factor in? if so the wolf is clearly under developed I hope this gets fixed with the next patch. If anyone out there knows the engine or how to look into the actual stats I would love to know if this actually factors in.
  8. Yeah I have noticed this. especially marked prey... there is no way it is +20 damage, early game that would insta-gib near everything. It doesn't even feel like +20% but I guess its possible but it makes it a pretty crappy skill for only 1 use per encounter. with wounding shot you can with other talents to get near +80% damage.
  9. I like the Idea of the Rangers Pet (Animal Companion) being the focus point of the class and that they work together to damage. I just wish the Pet was actually something to brag about, I think it needs a across the board buff. It's DR is plenty I feel but its reflexes/deflection are horrid at like 20. I think they need a buff to reflex/deflection and also damage slightly across all pets. The current build I am using right now is a Ranger (Hard) human 8 / 6 / 18 / 10 / 18 / 18. The idea of the build is using my wolf to do most of the dmg. So far I have taken 30% damage increase from sneak attacks, 50% damage increase from enemies under damage over time, and the flat 15% damage increase (all these for the pet). I have taken wounding shot which with 18 INT it hobbles for like 15 seconds and does damage over time for almost 30 seconds. With all that together my wolf hits for generally like 40 damage conservatively per normal hit on enemies, then you have to factor in my damage also on top of that. I am only level 4 now so it could get much worse soon. So far I think what obsidian should do is instead of making them tanks (especially when as of now they cant even tank) make the pets DPS and not have the Ranger be the DPS. Have the ranger work with the pet to get high DPS other wise the pet takes a back seat and is a wasted opportunity to be unique.
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