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  1. I'm at the last part of this quest where you have to align with one of the three factions of Defiance Bay to get into the animancy hearing. My reputation with the Crucible Knights is Champion. I went to their keep and spoke to the leader, who gave me permission to enter the hearing with their endorsement. This is listed in the quest log, but it tells me to go back to Lady Webb to tell her about the endorsement. When I talk to Lady Webb though, the only dialogue option I get is to tell her that I burned all three bridges and need to get her permission to enter the hearing, even though i
  2. If you dismiss a companion in the same zone in which they are normally recruited, it will destroy all items in their personal inventory, as well as those in their quick slots. Example repro steps: 1) Bring Aloth to Gilded Vale. Place some items in Aloth's inventory and in his quick slots. 2) Dismiss Aloth at the Gilded Vale Inn. 3) Recruit Aloth. His items will be destroyed.
  3. The druid's Wildstrike talents, which add bonus elemental damage to regular attacks while shifted, are not affected by abilities that boost elemental damage. Example scenario: My druid has: - Wildstrike Freeze (+30% freeze damage added to regular attacks in Spiritshift form). - Greater Wildstrike Freeze (increases the bonus to +45%). - Secrets of Rime (+5 DR versus Freeze, +20% Freeze damage inflicted). I spirit shift and attack a foe. It deals 29 piercing damage + 13 freeze damage (which is ~45%, so Greater Wildstrike Freeze is working, however Secrets of Rime is not). It would
  4. Aloth's Grimoire Slam per-encounter ability has become permanently unusable as it is labelled "currently active" whether he's in combat or not. Resting or dismissing and re-hiring him do not work. I recall this bug being triggered during a fight when Aloth began the animation for Grimoire Slam, but the enemy died before he was able to launch it. Anecdotal: I have heard others mention the same bug happening for other per-encounter class unlocks as well, not just Grimoire Slam.
  5. If you're using Steam, try right-clicking the game in your library and selecting "Verify Integrity of Game Cache". This will make sure you have all the game files and will do a quick check to make sure the file contents match what's on Steam's servers. Sometimes things get out of whack when games patch on Steam, and this might fix it.
  6. Sorry looking back at this I missed a detail. The companion I chose was an Antelope.
  7. The ranger's Marked Prey skill states that it grants 20 bonus pierce damage to both the ranger's and their animal companion's attacks against the marked target. This skill has a few issues: 1) It does not apply 20 bonus damage, though it does appear to apply *some* bonus damage. By examining the combat log, it looks like it's adding about 50% additional damage to the ranger's attacks so the tooltip may need to be updated. 2) Although it applies to the ranger's attacks, this bonus is not applied when their animal companion attacks the marked target. Steps to reproduce: - Find an
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