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  1. The answer is send Eder or someone to scout ahed draw the shadows in veer off, then have aloth fan of Flames and it should be all or nearly over at least on hard.
  2. Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA, Hold on for a minute. My brain needs to process this level of mental. You are saying that a joke is so bad that it can cause EMOTIONAL HURT to you? And you find a reaction like this to a joke to be a healthy and proper response? Are you for real? that discounting emotional pain is silly No, saying that you got emotional pain because someone joked about your bodyhair or called you a mean poopy-head is silly. It is not only silly, it is in fact as insulting as people who claim they got PTSD because someone made fun of them on Twitter. You know snipping my posts for out of context effect isn't very good trolling. I should have put (potential, if small,) in front of emotional pain in that last sentence to soften it. You also seem to have missed where I said It wasnt about me.
  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA, Hold on for a minute. My brain needs to process this level of mental. You are saying that a joke is so bad that it can cause EMOTIONAL HURT to you? And you find a reaction like this to a joke to be a healthy and proper response? Are you for real? No I'm merely saying that a potential exists for some emotional pain, for some people. The second part was an extreme illustrative example of how certain conditions of the mind can be as injurious as other sources of corporeal pain and that discounting emotional pain is silly, not that they were equivalent in any way, or that it was about me.
  4. Making a semantic argument about how being offended is whining is to ignore that maybe it's not offence it's emotional hurt, before you come up with a smart retort to that consider the number of people with OCD who find release in physical pain.
  5. Druid seems better especially at lower levels, but it's relatively easy to use fan of flames, just scout ahead then pull the enemy with the fighter and fan of flames as he runs screaming past you, or just wait until the fight is well underway and position appropriately, to be honest the yellow area (that onlt effects enemies not allies) is often not hard to position. The spell level 2 Curse of blackened sight is also Foe AoE and is a fairly powerful debuff.
  6. Pc games have been recieving patches for the last 15 years at least it's not new, while console publishers just did backroom deals with platform holders and did initial print runs that had bugs and promised to fix them in subsequent printings the only real change of the past 5 years is the rise of day 1 patches.
  7. -Ranged build for ranger with Kana for the chanter chant sure handed Ila. -Either Wood Elf for the accuracy talent or Death Godlike for extra damage to low health adversaries. -Go mainly might and dex for more damage perhaps more on dex if you plan to use high damage range weapons. (Ymmv though because maybe marked prey and wounding shot will get the buff they deserve and make int useful, as well as the bonus int will give to the rangers level 9 available ability binding roots) -The ranger takes: bear, wounding shot, resilient companion, swift aim, swift and steady, stalkers link, marksman. (level 7) This allows you to reload slow weapons like the arquebus really fast, you keep the bear back until Eder or your tank ties up enemies and then move the bear in from the flank to gain the accuracy bonuses from stalkers link and work your way up the pack. -I havent tried melee yet but it seems like a dicey proposition at later levels when enemies have presumably been balanced against the massive amount of defence Eder or any fighter can get. -Rangers might be less optimal damage dealers than rogues, wounding shot is kind of not great ,as it does piercing dot not raw as the description says, at level 6 they seem to deal highly reliable ranged damage. -The 1.5 reload speed on swift aim is great for the slower more powerful ranged weapons. Worth mentioning is that pentrating shots speed penalty is mitigated with swift aim the speed penalty also matters at lot less than the reload speed buff on slower weapons which can get you a lot of dr bypass. -Arquebus do massive damage with slaying and corrosive lash so given that the ranger also has stealth bonuses you could craft a stable of slaying weapons and always have the correct on out (not that you couldn't do this with any class though) -For a dual wield melee ranger using 2 hatchets might be a good idea as they are inteferring meaning that they confer a +5 deflection bonus each.
  8. I have enjoyed playing a ranged ranger their are however some inconsistencies about the class ability descriptions that really need to be adressed. -The first is that the description of wounding shot claims raw damage over time, shooting party members with the ability shows piercing damage over time on the tooltip, which makes the dot on wounding shot fairly bad. -The description for marked prey is also wrong (adding 20 damage would be ott) but in use it's hard to tell whether whatever damage increase it does actually works. -Many of the pet enhancement talents are also horribly worded but that's a lesser issue.
  9. It doesn't seem as if balance is being applied equally to all classes given how powerful some of the druid spells are. Nerfing Ila seems good but Arbalests perhaps not so much given that DT and laziness and upgrade costs, not balance, are what decide ranged weapon choice. Rangers are heavily incentivised to use high damage weapons for wounding shot (raw dot), while marked prey seems like it hardly does anything deincentivising the use of fast weapons. Unless the Arbalest goes to lower than 30-40 maybe even 28-38 damage it will still probably be the best ranged weapon choice if that changes then another weapon, probably crossbow, becomes defaco choice. I would say that some ranged weapons Arquebus, Pistol need a slight buff. Mind blades is powerful but I would think that it probably needs to not be able to crit at all in addition to other changes because unless the damage is made ivelevant crits will still supercharge it.
  10. If like me you picked a PC voice pack that you discovered became teeth gnashingly annoying you can just delete the auido file player_voice_set (eg player_voice_set_m_feisty) from the folder vo located at: Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\vo , for a mercifully silent PC. (PS sorry if this would be better put in the technical forum I wasn't sure where it should go)
  11. So I don't post often but not one else seems to have mentioned this but the Arquebus seems to be inferior to the the Arbalest now. Arquebus 24-36 damage, 6dt bypass, weak interrupt, -5 accuracy, 10m range. Arbalest 32-40 damage, strong interrupt, slightly faster firing, chance to inflict prone on crit, 12m range. I may be missing something but I'm not sure what.
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