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  1. The game was alright, I know Icewind dale 2 and NwN2 were bigger. maybe if the expantion made this game as big as those would i buy and then replay the game.
  2. In a single player game balance is up to you, if you want to strickly stick to single classes then do so. But since the option is given to us in earlier games i feel as if it should be in this one. Also maybe it was the designer who were a bit lazy and left it out. (ps obv cant have mage and barbaraian combo)
  3. I like pillars of eternity, i like the story, and the game play. Theirs really is no reason not to have dualclass or multiclass in this game. if their was a multiplayer, dualclass could still be removed from it. Just speaking from a single player point of veiw it should of been put into the game, it worked for the old school games and it would of worked for this one too. It had to have been laziness or short sightedness. I hope they add it to an expantion. If you don't want multiclass then don't multiclass easy enough its an option like alot of other things in the game.
  4. IRMA: "why is everybody hatin dual class? you finish the game playin your fav classes, then you can connect them and enjoy it even more! why do you care if mage+fighter is too strong its not mmorpg jesus. it adds more fun and more options to thr game. whats better, 11 options, or 11x11(-11)? do the math"
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