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  1. My previous playthroughs have all been slooper-duper, so I finally decided to pimp out a battleship and bully naval combat. I feel like I understand pretty much everything, except this one thing that's bugging the hell out of me (Sailor Experience). Can anyone helps me understand this? It seems like it has zero effect on anything, but why even display it (or even track it at all) if it has no function. Thanks!
  2. ----------------------------- RECAP OF PART 1 -------------------------- --------------------------- 1.1 The Deadfire Debacle -------------------------- ---------------------------- 1.2 The Wayne Conspiracy ---------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- 1.3 The Wayne Syndicate ---------------------------- The Wayne Wikileaks Document Dump Revealed: Wayne was hiding things: Way
  3. ------------- EXAMPLE: SELF-LOCKED TARGET-TYPE WREAKS HAVOC ON SCRIPT ------------- DIFFERENT INSTANCE OF THE PROBLEM IN THE STORY ABOVE THE ROOT CAUSE IS THE SAME FOR BOTH, THE SAME GLOBAL FIX WOULD RESOLVE BOTH --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'VE ILLUSTRATED THIS ONE VISUALLY, RATHER THAN WITH ANOTHER STORY.
  4. Yo, @Noqn I finally checked this out last night and yea I agree it's real nice QoL, but sadly it dos nothing other than provide new conditionals. I'm not knockin' that, in fact mad props to the guy who made it, but... As you can see if you scroll up a few posts, I am WAY farther down the scripting rabbit hole than I was when I began this thread., I think I am getting to where I can begin to identify, and maybe help provide solutions that address some of the problems that are baked much more deeply into the scripting cake than missing conditionals. There is just one problem.... I don'
  5. I made a spreadsheet to log my test results, As part of that I made a visual representation of the behaviors I was testing FOR. Turns out, in scripts that are forcing complex procedural execution, the order of the script looks nothing at all like the order of the behaviors, which is why I needed something like this. FOR ANYONE LEARNING SCRIPTING, this might help you think more about what procedural tools are at your disposal. THIS IS AN ILLUSTRATION OF HOW TWO OF THE MAIN PROCEDURAL STRATEGIES INTERACT: - CONDITIONALS AND - SEQUEN
  6. After looking around, I found this Combat Log Exporter It's pretty straightforward, and can write to a file. This will be about a zillion times better than using the in-game one and having to read the unfiltered, or barely filtered, lightspeed spam wall in real-time (with pause) before it evaporates. This is the only one I found, so If anyone knows of any other combat logging tools, and/or combat analysis tools (damage meters, etc.), I love to look at those as well.
  7. I wasn't even going to mod at all... but... trying to debug my AI scripts with this J.V. combat log... it feels like I'm being punished for enjoying the game too much. I mean, it doesn't help that I'm debugging a Lifegiver script in a duo with a Herald tanking for her. The pollen patch/exalted endurance/ancient memory spam must be seen to be believed. Auto-pause can only do so much haha. With the in-game log, I'm just not seeing any meaningful filter options besides per character. I'm not seeing any way to export to file so I can handle it that way. When I hit shift for additiona
  8. @thelee I got to play some today and so I messed with this some more. I super dialed-in my lifegiver scripts and I figured out where the scripts are stored. I assume players can pass them back and forth? If so, load this up and see what you think. It's pretty redonkulous. If you have a decent level lifegiver... give 'er a test drive! Or anyone else... Feel Free... ------- LIFEGIVER CUSTOM AI BEHAVIOR SETS ------- (Single-class w/ AL 9 casts... but, AL 6+ should run this ok) ----------- LOAD BOTH BEHAVIOR SETS TOGETHER, LIST ORDER... 1) DRU#1support as BEHAVIOR SET
  9. Hi @Boeroer, If you don't mind, could you explain what "double inversion" means and, if you're feeling generous, maybe a give a quick example of how it would matter in a build, combat scenario, or whatever you think would give me some context? I've done a fair amount of theorycrafting in other games, and I don't think I've ever run across this term, so I'm lost. I'm loving PoE2, so if you could bring me up to speed on "double inversion" I'd appreciate it a ton. Thanks!
  10. @thelee, I edited the post above to add back in the deleted reasoning, if you want to skim that I tried to be brief. Also, one really random possible cause I hope we can rule out easily: What kind of machine are you running on? I'm on an integrated video card laptop which does have some intermittent video lag/locking. I'm hoping your on a good rig (quantum computer, heh), so we can just rule that out? I think we can regardless, because system issues would be 100% random, and it's not. It is only partially random (see #2 below). --------------------- ADDITIONAL DIAGNOSTIC INFO -------
  11. ARGHHH! @thelee I got deleted! Before you wrote that reply, I got back from dinner and edited in a very well-thought out explanation of why my question 9) was nonsense (and over-specific in assuming the cause of my sequencing issue), and so I also generalized my question to a more useful form. Your reply above makes me realize my over-specific question served its purpose, despite its incorrect assumptions, because you actually answered it generally (broadly) and thus answered my deleted generalized reformulation without ever even seeing it. Bravo! ------------------------ THE GENERALIZED
  12. Hey @thelee, quick update on testing so far and one more question for you (or anyone - on script execution procedure) to help me finish out debugging. ----------- NEW QUESTION------------ 9) Does recovery time act as a hidden cooldown as the script check for executability of a block? - Simplest Example: A 3 block script. First two are long cooldown "One-n-done" actions with recosvery time -- [ EDIT: See Posts Below. Reformulated a Generalized Version of tis question which s more useful ] -- ------------- UPDATE ------------------ - {4 non-ciphe
  13. I want to identify a shrine (survival check 17, I have 15). A +2 Unguent would do it, but I can't find a way to use it from the world map "on foot". I can't see a way to access quick slots or any other way to use the item. I tried popping into a nearby cave, consuming it, and hauling ass back to the shrine, but time seems to pass way to quickly "on foot" for this strategy to work. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance!
  14. Thanks again @thelee! Even when your answer is "you can't do that", it is still very helpful because it lets me move on to the next thing instead of wasting time testing a bunch of failed work-arounds. Appreciate it, as always. ... now if I can just get this damn crew to mutiny! They have been cannibalistically eaten, murdered, sickened, starved, denied payment, rebuffed, humiliated, and still they keep working injured after months of mistreatment. Fools! What self-respecting pirate crew would stand for that? LOL!
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