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  1. My previous playthroughs have all been slooper-duper, so I finally decided to pimp out a battleship and bully naval combat. I feel like I understand pretty much everything, except this one thing that's bugging the hell out of me (Sailor Experience). Can anyone helps me understand this? It seems like it has zero effect on anything, but why even display it (or even track it at all) if it has no function. Thanks!
  2. ----------------------------- RECAP OF PART 1 -------------------------- --------------------------- 1.1 The Deadfire Debacle -------------------------- ---------------------------- 1.2 The Wayne Conspiracy ---------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- 1.3 The Wayne Syndicate ---------------------------- The Wayne Wikileaks Document Dump Revealed: Wayne was hiding things: Wayne Conspiracy. Events around concealing, covering-up AND EXPOSING What Wayne was hiding: The Wayne Syndicate. A Massive Criminal Organization 1.3 Contains Five big reveals about the Wayne Syndicate -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- PART 2 ----------------------------- ------------- 2.1 Is it Paranoia if They actually Are All Out to Get You? ------------- Putin took the Wayne Dox, because had some plan to Fck with Hillary Clinton by disinformation associating her with Wayne over time. Once everyone thought Hillary Wayne and Bruce Clinton were besties, only then would he demolish Wayne, and hope hillary got locked up too. Putin knows eSnow also.. He knows eSnow is the most Pro-Troller of Trumpanzees in all of world-history on his Q account. Putin sent Giuliani over to eSnow's place to ask him to do the hillary/Wayne breadcrumbs. Giuliani is always on call for his Sugga-daddy-vladdy, so he came and was like, "Snowden, Vladdy sent me to ask you for a really really big favor. He wants you to get back on your Q account, and hit up some more pizzagate type ****. But this time no random Pizza joints. Whatever bad **** you're going to have Hillary, SoroS, & the gang get up into, we need it to all be happening in one place; Wayne Manor. ...My boy eSnow, now he's got nothin' against Hillary, especially now that she's been just some housewife for years. Damned if eSnow wasn't gonna get those Wayne docs back for us, though. Hillary had to take one for the team, she's a big girl... "Hell", eSnow thought to himself. "These guys can't do **** anyway. They been cookin' up hair-brained schemes to sink Hillary for years, there she is: happily retired." Hell, I myself pizza-gated her for no other reason than to up the level of crazy just to see how high he could go. Yea, she'll be fine. He kind of missed rolling the Q crazies, but how would he have predicted that He would Troll them so hard, they would go balls deep ito Q and take Q ball deep inside them, that they would start to produce Q fan-fiction for it, and promptly begin internally trolling themselves. "Good Times. Good Times" he thought to himself, "Now back to business". He turn back to Giuliani and said, "Ok, go on..." ..."Oh right, Well V.P. wants you to... **** V.P.!? that sounds like I demoted President Putin.... So yea, P.P. wants you to... OMG P.P!?! Thank God I'm not there with him! That would be two strikes in like 10 seconds... I've only been to strike two once. Scary as hell man! you know he actually takes the vial of nerve agent out of his pocket and starts playin' with it? I mean S-C-A-R-Y." It's as or more scary than those times when you have "I bet. I think I'd be terrified as hell. I mean the President that wanted to kill me had me sweatin' pretty hard. Literally, cold sweat, hot sweat, day sweat, night sweat. My knowing that OdinBama can stay in Asgard, doesn't even have to get off the ****ter, and any time it strikes his fancy, can call down thunder from the heavens and end me? Yea I remember some real serious paranoia. Worse, than I'm sure you've heard people ask 'is it paranoia if they actually are out to get you"? Well I'm pretty sure I'm the world's foremost expert on that and yea, it's still paranoia. Paranoia is a physical bodily experience. Hormones, Adrenaline, Insomnia, etc. It's also a cognitive experience. Distrustfulness. Misattribution of random events as intentional and/or threatening. AND... Paranoia is also an emotional experience. Fear is paramount, but also the near constant state of excitement and frequent feeling of surprise take a heavy toll. It's a mood, Anxiety. Paranoia is NOT delusions. That's not even a debate. PPD is a personality disorder that doesn't get anywhere close to requiring delusions, simply "unwarranted", "unjustified", or "without sufficient basis". I'll be honest, this one pisses me off. I'm pissed when a retired guy who thinks everyone at his Church talks **** about him and his wife eggs them on when he isn't around, who has been feuding with his backyard neighbor for years over a Grudge over the fence line 10 years ago... That guy... gets a clinical diagnosis and is Paranoid under DSM-5, for a mild personality disorder, that for most of human history, was just called being an insecure ****. Me? I fled my country, move internationally, wore disguises, used fake names, and never use phones or networked devices, only ever carried cash. That sound paranoid at all? Oh that's Bourne-Style cool, eh? I got tons more. How about this: , whenever another person got close enough to spook me, I broke out into a sprint to gain distance and then physically hid at least once a day. I hid in restroom stalls, unlocked cars, basement entrances, dumpsters in Alleyways, dumpsters In parking garages, dumpsters on big building loading bays, dumpsters at apartment buildings.. I once got spooked by a guy walking behind me and on the fourth turn I booked it around two sides of a building, across into a city park and NAVY Sealed it into a fountain where nothing but lips and nose broke water for 3 hours. Paranoid enough for you yet? OMG no, well I was actively in fight/flight for over a year. That enough fleeing for ya? ..." Snowden, let me break in for a second. How bout you stop asking me that every five seconds ok? I'm never going to say it's enough until we get to the end. It's story time here in Qs lair, and you haven't even the started the good stuff. Hmm... What Kind of good stuff do you mean man? Sorry RuGiu, No Hookers Let me just clear up a few more quick things: 1) "Everyone is out to get me". Clearly, this i always delusion. I never thought that. I did, however, BEHAVE, as if everyone was, because once you hold a RATIONAL BELIEF that "Anyone could be out to get you", then it is IRRATIONAL NOT TO BEHAVE as if "Everyone is". 2) People are threatened 3) 4) Defnition PARANOIA IS A STATE OF MIND. full stop. A state of mind that wrecks the body and the mind. In my case, it was particularly devastating because the extended duration lack of any medical care, and the severity of my state of mind. I think it's fair to say I would been of the charts in delusions and self aggrandizement, every major intelligence agency in looking to bag me, the most sophisticated spec ops and intelligence communities in the world, with Drone oBama leading the charge? Grandiose delusions indeed, except when they aren't. It wrecked my mind and body so hard it led to many illnesses of mind and body that persisted long after my threat level did. It's Everything... It's All the time... You're body starts strong ... ... at first you can take it. But then you get tired ... ... and can't turn it off. Fear keeps you wired just try to fake it. jAlways alert Oh. You're him? Nope you're not paranoid Yo sound like a quack you ignorant hack to strangle somebody The cues overwhelm every part of your body In every environment or any confinement from every direction, perception injection Give me some protection, or God damn deflection from stimuli signals, floodin' in through my senses activatin' the systems supplyin' defenses threat cues surround me, not one am I missing' It's constant suspicion, when in this condition It's Fight or it's Flight, no way to decide right They're all out to get me, so nowhere to go Perceptual senses, the highway they speed down, digging in, triggering' this paranoid meltdown. biological alert. Evolved to protect you, the permanence wrecks you, Emergency only, but now they control me. The dangers penetrate, the systems activate. I They ARE out to get me, I'm still paranoid Just spinning it gently around in his hand like a squeezing a stress ball. He just chatting you up, like nothing happened. You actually start to forget, and ease back towards normal, and then something reminds you. This guy is still fondling the weapon he pulled out to show me he can kill me I have never been more scared in my entire life!" Well, maybe not. I'll tell you right now,I know what scares me the most. I don't even let myself get in that situation anymore. I mean, yea, Vlad? The nerve gas? Yea, it's damn scary occasionally, but usually couple times at Fox, when I go eSnow was just about to speak up to try to get Rudy back on track, but
  3. ------------- EXAMPLE: SELF-LOCKED TARGET-TYPE WREAKS HAVOC ON SCRIPT ------------- DIFFERENT INSTANCE OF THE PROBLEM IN THE STORY ABOVE THE ROOT CAUSE IS THE SAME FOR BOTH, THE SAME GLOBAL FIX WOULD RESOLVE BOTH --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'VE ILLUSTRATED THIS ONE VISUALLY, RATHER THAN WITH ANOTHER STORY.
  4. Yo, @Noqn I finally checked this out last night and yea I agree it's real nice QoL, but sadly it dos nothing other than provide new conditionals. I'm not knockin' that, in fact mad props to the guy who made it, but... As you can see if you scroll up a few posts, I am WAY farther down the scripting rabbit hole than I was when I began this thread., I think I am getting to where I can begin to identify, and maybe help provide solutions that address some of the problems that are baked much more deeply into the scripting cake than missing conditionals. There is just one problem.... I don't know jack sh*t about modding! I'll be lucky to install the damn things much less make them lol. Now, I seem to remember, that rather than answering my question about an "In (ranged) range" conditional, you went and MADE me one in like 2 minutes flat. That makes me think you are a mod-ninja, or if your not comfortable with that, you clearly at least know something about it. This is what I propose: Let me give you one example, right here and now of the type of thing I want to do, and you can tell me if its something you could/would help with on the modding end. I wrote a story that illustrates the issue, and the solution. So even if I don't convince you, it's a free Deadfire story If you're not into the story idea, then the next post down has a visual illustration of this issue affecting one of my scripts. [@thelee we should always discuss scripting issues like this, story form is fun!] Here we go... [EDIT: GOT TIRED, DIDN'T QUITE FINISH THE ENDING YET. (What is there makes sense though, and explains the problem.] ---------------------------- EXAMPLE SCENARIO [in story form] ---------------------------- GLITCH IN THE MATRIX: A TALE OF TWO IMMYS PART I: I WISH I WAS A HALF DEAD VESSEL Two AI characters, JIMMY the priest & TIMMY the cipher, are hanging out minding their own business, when a bunch of vessels bum-rush them and start wailing on TIMMY. Sadly, the Watcher turned off TIMMY's AI and then went AFK, so TIMMY is just taking the beat-down like a champ, waiting to die. JIMMY calls out to him, "Hang on TIMMY, I'll save you! Holy Radiance will heal you, and put the smack down on those vessels!" JIMMY's ready to party! He knows as soon as TIMMY gets bloodied, his Holy Radiance conditional {target < 50% health} will fire, heal TIMMY, and wreck these fools. GG! Then JIMMY starts to get a sinking feeling in his gut as he wonders, "wait a sec, my other Holy Radiance block has conditional {target is race (Vessel)}, it should've fired right away, right? WTF?" Then, right as he watches TIMMY take a flail to the nuts and crumple to the ground, JIMMY comprehends the literally FATAL flaw in his AI... JiMMY realizes, in a fit of sheer panic, that {target}... is... HIMSELF! The ONLY target type was SELF! Jimmy begins to think it through. {Target < 50%} who would need to be bloodied? Me! {Target is race vessel} who would need to be a vessel? Me! JIMMY thought, if only I was a half dead Vessel,I'd be burning these fools down. But, he isn't a half-dead vessel, so how can he save TIMMY? Becoming a vessel, is out, so he quickly {not}s the racial condition, and begins to yell "Here! I'm Here! Attack me, you bastards!, me!". He keeps yelling as he swipes at them with the weak-ass sickle he stole from that Xoti chick. The vessels don't even care. The weak-ass sickle can't penetrate heir arm. In desperation JIMMY thinks, maybe he can bloody himself! Jimmy begins frantically bashing himself in the head with Xoti's weak-ass lantern to get bloodied, as Timmy, already bloodied, but now on the ground, takes blow after blow and is nearing death. It looks like this is... - THE END (or is it?) PART II: JUST GIVE ME THE FREAKIN' LANTERN, MAN A Watcher, @Noqn, has been soloing PoTD on his new rogue. He's been cruising around in stealth all day, gettin' rich looting everything in sight. Just as Noqn finishes looting a random barrel, and pulling out his 19th Adra Ban for the day (how is that even possible?), he turns corner and sees... WTF??? A mob of tightly grouped vessels, out in broad daylight, stabbing and slashing down at something, and in front of them, just a few feet away from Noqn, a Priest is hitting himself in the face with a lantern, sobbing, adn yelling "Nooooo!!! You bastards!! Take Me!". Noqn laughs to himself as he thinks, wow, what a tool! Although... He's has been taking this new rogue benevolent. Plus, he knows that is Xoti's lantern. Mmm... Xoti. He thinks, maybe I can score with her if he returns it. to her. Hmm.. Xoti ....he thinks a second more, and then says to himself, "ah, what the hell, let's do this" as he drops stealth reveals himself to the Priest. JIMMY is desperate. TIMMY, who is curled up in a fetal position covering his head with his arms for protection, can't take many more of the blows still raining down on him. JIMMY can't watch this. He turns away, and as he does, a figure materializes out of nowhere, right in front of him, and says with a smirk, "Sup, JIMBO?". In a wide-eyed hystria, too crazed wonder how this stranger knows his name, JIMMY screams, "HURRY, HELP HIM!" The stranger looks around casually, then back to JIMMY and says, "TIMMY will be fine. It's cool. Can I have that lantern?" Infuriated, JIMMY yells, "Help him! NOW!", but the stranger just saunters up, puts a hand on JIMMY's shoulder, and calmly says: "JIMBO, Calm. Down. I'm a modder. I mod. I make mods so" JIMMY cuts the modder off, "Please, Help Him! quickly!", but the modder continues, unphased, "JIMBO. I am a mod-ninja so"... "Then save TIMMY, do something!". But the Mod-Ninja simply says "JIMBO, YOU do something, I suggest first, first, you hand me that lantern, then, go cast Holy Radiance on TIMMY". "But I Can't. I Can't!", ,JIMMY says, over the voice of the Mod-Ninja, who continues explaining, "It seems you are not familiar with the modded Rogue subclass, called Mod-Ninja. I am currently pl..." JIMMY interrupts in protest,"I literally cannot cast it. The AI is flawed., and it's fatal". The Mod-ninja plowed ahead, "I am currently playing a Mod-Ninja. We don't specialize in damage like other rogues,". JIMMY realized now that the Mod-Ninja was completely ignoring him, and that the air in front of him was starting to,,, vibrate? "We don't get sneak attack, or backstab, but we do get some powerful abilities.", he said as he begin to gesture in front of himself causing the air to shimmer. "Our abilities help us to man... ". JIMMY, grimly resigned to his fate (and TIMMY'S)., interjects, "The flaw, My AI. It is FATALLY flawed., as TIMMY will confirm shortly". Jimmy doubted the Mod-Ninja even heard him as he plowed ahead., "abilities help us to manipulate the "battlefield" (so to speak)", Jimmy was sure that air wasn't just shimmering now, it was thickening, and darkening, coalescing into a then square about the size of a window, right in front of the Mod-Ninja, and those gestures were extremely precise, and he was doing them "on" the "air-window". The mod ninja continued "... specialize in controlling the environment in which combat takes place, and changing it in our favor, and sometimes for our pleasure. Like when there are lanterns... that people give to us... LANTERNS, JIMMY?". The Mod-Ninja was so intent on the "air-window" in front of him, and his gestures, and whatever that green stuff was running like rain down the window that Jimmy thought he was finished speaking, just as he started to add, "the spell I'm casting now is our inherent subclass ability, "Glitch-in-the-Matrix". JIMMY could see it clearly now, the "air-window". That wasn't rain falling, those were numbers! WTF? That is binary code. Those gestures... the Mod-Ninja was controlling the code!!! WTF? HE'S CONTROLLING THE CODE!?!?! JIMMY was so mind-blown, that it startled him a second later when he heard: " You ready big guy?" "It's time JIMMY. "Time for what, JIMMY asked, noticing the numbers were gone, and the "air-window" was dissipating "II fixed the Holy Radiance AI, It's ready, to cast, but your Watcher is AFK so fix your AI script to cast it and then GO SAVE TIMMY !!! Good Luck!!! said the Mod-Ninja as he disappeared from view.... Noqn, now invisible and heading to farm ,loots again, looked down at the helmet he'd had the whole time and chuckled. HOW? JIMMY thought. HOW DID THE MOD-NINJA FIX THIS SPELL? I didn't , thought this would just be automatic. I don't have time for this! He thought, " There has got to be a new conditional... That is how the modders do it right? All the scripting fixes I've used so far did that, they made a new conditional. Like Cipher at max focus one. So Awesome! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- GOT TIRED & HAD TO SLEEP - WILL FINISH ENDING SOON -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. I made a spreadsheet to log my test results, As part of that I made a visual representation of the behaviors I was testing FOR. Turns out, in scripts that are forcing complex procedural execution, the order of the script looks nothing at all like the order of the behaviors, which is why I needed something like this. FOR ANYONE LEARNING SCRIPTING, this might help you think more about what procedural tools are at your disposal. THIS IS AN ILLUSTRATION OF HOW TWO OF THE MAIN PROCEDURAL STRATEGIES INTERACT: - CONDITIONALS AND - SEQUENCES P.S. I have no clue why (7) Relentless storm is blue, its sequenced not conditional... Freakin' spreadsheets! They have a mind of their own sometimes hehe.
  6. Hehe, yea. I linked that Mod in this post right above yours Seriously though, I still appreciate it. Thanks!
  7. After looking around, I found this Combat Log Exporter It's pretty straightforward, and can write to a file. This will be about a zillion times better than using the in-game one and having to read the unfiltered, or barely filtered, lightspeed spam wall in real-time (with pause) before it evaporates. This is the only one I found, so If anyone knows of any other combat logging tools, and/or combat analysis tools (damage meters, etc.), I love to look at those as well.
  8. I wasn't even going to mod at all... but... trying to debug my AI scripts with this J.V. combat log... it feels like I'm being punished for enjoying the game too much. I mean, it doesn't help that I'm debugging a Lifegiver script in a duo with a Herald tanking for her. The pollen patch/exalted endurance/ancient memory spam must be seen to be believed. Auto-pause can only do so much haha. With the in-game log, I'm just not seeing any meaningful filter options besides per character. I'm not seeing any way to export to file so I can handle it that way. When I hit shift for additional info the pop-ups are stepping all over each other so it feels like trying to read a foreign language while trippin' on acid. NO BUENO! Please let me know if I am wrong, and the combat log doesn't suck, Otherwise, I'm not here to complain as much as just join the Mod-Squad and be done with this psychological torture session lol. So... Can anyone recommend a mod that will help me analyze what's going on in combat? Please tell me that's a thing that exists! I'm not trying to be too picky, but if it could export a log to a file, and maybe even let me filter by more than character, that be frikkin' sweet! And if you got a link? - me luv you long time Thanks in advance!
  9. @thelee I got to play some today and so I messed with this some more. I super dialed-in my lifegiver scripts and I figured out where the scripts are stored. I assume players can pass them back and forth? If so, load this up and see what you think. It's pretty redonkulous. If you have a decent level lifegiver... give 'er a test drive! Or anyone else... Feel Free... ------- LIFEGIVER CUSTOM AI BEHAVIOR SETS ------- (Single-class w/ AL 9 casts... but, AL 6+ should run this ok) ----------- LOAD BOTH BEHAVIOR SETS TOGETHER, LIST ORDER... 1) DRU#1support as BEHAVIOR SET ONE: DRU#1support (Initiate_Pre-Heal_Heal_Res) (Druid) (3be15daa-8c9a-4501-af6c-d987b237b814).customai 2) DRU#2dps as BEHAVIOR SET TWO: DRU#2dps (Blizzard_FoeRawAE_Foe Storms_VoulgeAtk) (Druid) (c0f6b4fa-3b7c-4224-a4a0-ff855897d141).customai OPTIMAL DRUID SET UP WOULD BE: - All healing spells - 2 FoeAE Raw Dots (maggots and insects) - 3 Storms (Returning, Relentless, BLizzard) - WepSlot1: Thicket Green. - WepSlot2: Voulge That's basically it. There are some blocks in there labeled as DISABLED, I just tossed an [ always true {not} ] on them because they aren't kid-tested mother-approved yet lol. One disclaimer: I mostly tested this as all one big behavior set, mostly in the same order. Splitting them is recent and only ran a few fights with 'em so apologies in advance if it's crap now LOL! [EDIT: OOPS! Forgot to change something back after testing run. You can fix it easily in set DRU1. Got to block 10 (labeled as Heal4:PreHeal1) and change the condition from 25 to 90. That's it. Not much of a pre-heal if your already near death [EDIT 2: OK 9/23/20pm... After a bit more testing some of the fancy additions i made when I did the set split splitting def need moe tweakage and I should have disabled the looped weapon swaps. I mean it's still run. She'll go out there and cast decent heals and area damage spells, but it's not the perfectly refined ass-kicking I'm looking for (she skips stuff and messes up PL boosting weapon swaps, etc...). By 9/25/20 I'll fix it back up to standards and repost it (tomorrow or the next day) for anyone interested. In the meantime.... Here is the older, less fancy. more tested, single-set version of basically the same behaviors: Ranged_Support (Druid) (2d18242f-ed7b-4f48-9e8c-c779c142d3f5).customai Same Druid Set-Up as above.
  10. Hi @Boeroer, If you don't mind, could you explain what "double inversion" means and, if you're feeling generous, maybe a give a quick example of how it would matter in a build, combat scenario, or whatever you think would give me some context? I've done a fair amount of theorycrafting in other games, and I don't think I've ever run across this term, so I'm lost. I'm loving PoE2, so if you could bring me up to speed on "double inversion" I'd appreciate it a ton. Thanks!
  11. @thelee, I edited the post above to add back in the deleted reasoning, if you want to skim that I tried to be brief. Also, one really random possible cause I hope we can rule out easily: What kind of machine are you running on? I'm on an integrated video card laptop which does have some intermittent video lag/locking. I'm hoping your on a good rig (quantum computer, heh), so we can just rule that out? I think we can regardless, because system issues would be 100% random, and it's not. It is only partially random (see #2 below). --------------------- ADDITIONAL DIAGNOSTIC INFO ------------------- 1) ALL SKIPPED BLOCKS ARE "ONE-N-DONE": 120 CD. They fire once per fight, then are "dead". This is expected, since "killing" a block with a longer-than-battle cooldown is the fundamental tool used in sequencing, not to mention the conditionals are supposed to skip, if conditions aren't met. So, on to more relevant info lol. 2) SKIPS ARE WEAPON ATTACK SPECIFIC: The skipped blocks do share one thing in common, they are always weapon attacks or weapon attack abilities. I've literally never skipped on a self targeted spell, and I'm spamming smoke constantly, so I'd notice. I script buffs/heals that are ally-targeted, but they are all conditional logic, not sequenced, so they aren't relevant. Some enemy targeted spells do skip (usually one of the disintegrate spam blocks), but that is presumably cause by the target possibility matrix we discussed earlier (conditional x priority matrix; although only the conditional dimension matters here). The expected behavior would be to skip, even working as intended (ex. Wiz/Dru AoE takes 10% health off all, bf 1st ascend spam block, disintegrate if {not} < 90%). I feel safe in saying this issue is 100% weapon related. 3) SKIPS ARE GUN SPECIFIC: Slim-Shady the Mindstalker always uses a gun, The Red Hand specifically. I'll test with a regular arquebus to rule out the double-shot perk to be certain, but I don't think it's that. I certainly hope not, because the immediate double assassinate is a beautiful thing, and often works perfectly. We have ruled out recovery, but not reload. This might be important because reload seems to be a distinct mechanic. However, your monk example might argue otherwise (or both issues, though similar, may have independent causes). ----------- THOUGHT ON YOUR POTENTIAL CAUSE THEORY ------------ Mos Def. I'd like to think (I hope lol) we are only searching for one cause with my ascendant script, but quite possibly it's an interaction effect. Also, as mentioned above, it's very possible that instances of the skip(or "delay" as you say) effect, in marginally different context (fist versus gun), may have completely unique causes. My man! We are like script scientists here doin' serious business experimental research. The scientific method is a process. It's all about the "working explanation"... that's the good stuff! I'll buy that, but consistent with the multiple causes line of reasoning, I'd also be willing to speculate on other causes that aren't delay based. Not that I have any brilliant theories ready to go on that lol, just keeping an open mind. This seems unfortunate and annoying, but also... expected (because .1 seconds from now is not right now). Oh ok wait, I think I see what you mean... Is this a fair way to re-state the point you are illustrating? The decision point is at the end of activation time, but the execution point is at the end of recovery time? Am I following you? If so, that's brilliant! That lil' tid-bit will be worth its weight in gold for future scripting. However (check me if I'm wrong), I think I can rule this out as my cause in the ascended sequence scenario, because the root cause in the example is "will expire in .1s", but in my sequenced loops, the blocks cooldowns NEVER expire. They are all one-n-done cooldowns. I've definitely seen this in another context than block skipping, so yea I've "noticed" as you say, but I certainly didn't give it the weight it deserves in light of your "commit decision" explanation, because the one-n-done method has allowed me to (perhaps unwisely) ignore the direct effects of that type of cooldown timing f*ckery. OK so here is how I DID notice it. In the smoke > shoot subsequences, even when the shot fires. It sometimes fires AFTER smoke expires. That shouldn't be mathematically possible! Even with a full reload! But it's close... close enough to be this. My invis lasts 8.1 seconds, and full ramp up time for the shot (invis recovery + gun reload + attack time) is 7.9. A .2 second delay is all it would take to produce the effect. That's not the skipping issue, but it's definitely another issue I was looking to diagnose down the road, and it's not cooldown based ,so one-n-done scripting sequences can't protect me from it. Again, Brilliant! Thanks!, I never actually thought of delay... I was like "maybe i got an action speed debuff that didn't show up in the log", or... "maybe I got stunned" (lol, even though I'm untargetable, duh). I'm definitely on the lookout for delay now though (and how to fix it, if possible). ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please, please, please feel free to share any other thoughts you have on this, or scripting in general (which I'm totally having fun with right now). Even though we didn't diagnose the ascendant sequence (yet!), you dropped a huge knowledge bomb on me with the "activation time = commit decision" thing (assuming I interpreted that correctly), plus you opened my eyes to mathematically impossible delay being a factor in a separate issue. I'll keep theorizing and testing those theories, and I'll for sure consult you once I progress a little more, so you can drop more knowledge bombs! For now, I'm off to load up the game and find cool new ways to automate the beat-down! Thanks again!
  12. ARGHHH! @thelee I got deleted! Before you wrote that reply, I got back from dinner and edited in a very well-thought out explanation of why my question 9) was nonsense (and over-specific in assuming the cause of my sequencing issue), and so I also generalized my question to a more useful form. Your reply above makes me realize my over-specific question served its purpose, despite its incorrect assumptions, because you actually answered it generally (broadly) and thus answered my deleted generalized reformulation without ever even seeing it. Bravo! ------------------------ THE GENERALIZED QUESTION ---------------------------- My sequencing issue is an effect, and recovery time was an (incorrectly) assumed cause. In retrospect, it makes more sense to just directly ask what could cause the effect. So, let me do that now My sequencing issue is that intermittently, one block/action in the sequence will be skipped. The question is why. So... 9) WHAT MIGHT CAUSE A SINGLE-ACTION BLOCK THAT IS A) ALWAYS TRUE, B) OFF COOLDOWN, AND C) NEXT IN SEQUENCE, TO FAIL A "READY TO EXECUTE" CHECK? Again, bravo for actually answering this above before I asked it. You gave a potential explanation with examples, which I want to explore, but will do it in a post below (since I don't know how to quote into an edit). One reason you DON'T give is recovery time (my specific question 9), which I agree with. I also ruled that out as a possibility after asking that question (by logic, not empirical testing). Here is the short version... -------------- THE SPECIFIC QUESTION (RECOVERY) MADE NO SENSE ----------- Because... If recovery time is truly global, meaning no action exists that can be executed during the recovery time of another, then recovery can't be the cause. Assuming global recovery, then no crazy recovery interactions can be created (like if an instant activation ability could be used during recovery - they can't right?). That means that as soon as recovery ends, (following the lettering in the question above) ALL of the blocks that are A) always true and B) off cooldown will become executable at the same time ("right now", as you express the same concept above). Does this seems sound enough logic to rule out recovery as a cause and move on to other possibilities? If so, wouldn't activation time follow the same logic (meaning we can move on, and disregard spell timers, in total, as causing sequence skipping issues? Going once.... going twice.... speak now or forever hold your peace -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... Will reply to your theorized causes below.
  13. Hey @thelee, quick update on testing so far and one more question for you (or anyone - on script execution procedure) to help me finish out debugging. ----------- NEW QUESTION------------ 9) Does recovery time act as a hidden cooldown as the script check for executability of a block? - Simplest Example: A 3 block script. First two are long cooldown "One-n-done" actions with recosvery time -- [ EDIT: See Posts Below. Reformulated a Generalized Version of tis question which s more useful ] -- ------------- UPDATE ------------------ - {4 non-cipher party members}: I applied all these tips to rewrite their scripts, and sh*t is jsut getting WREKT! I don't need to micro at all, took off all auto-pause except combat start so I can make sure the tank intercepts the best target. Heals and buffs working great, AOE targeting from casters working great. It's so face-melty that when I actually want to switch back to auto-pausing to debug the cipher more, I have to nerf (turn off) a bunch of the DPS blocks for the fight to even last long enough for his scripts to run LOL I'm turning DPS off by adding a condition they can't ever meet (Self: summoned weapon, etc., which is handy bc I can leave the impossible condition and just check/uncheck the NOT to enable/disable my "debug mode"). They still win because the defensive blocks are executing perfectly, just slower when I want to debug the cipher. - {The cipher/ascendant}: The script above mostly works (roughly 2/3 of the time-ish), but there are definite hiccups i want to resolve, which is what generated my question 9) above. The good news is that even when it fails (meaning he doesn't have full focus when he hits the ascended spam blocks) it is still pretty combat effective because the target selection seems right on track (at or near 100%) and the action order is mostly executing in the proper order (occasionally skips blocks). So usually, even when it "fails", he is doing effective things, just at a reduced PL because he isn't ascended. - [NEW TECHNIQUE]: I found one new tactic (that you probably already know lol, but) you might find interesting. It's for dealing with the 2nd, 3rd, repetitions of the main loop (BUILD_FOCUS > ASCEND_SPAM; "looped" meaning they must trigger IN SEQUENCE to work, not simply when conditions are met). Of course, due to this sequencing, the behavior sets were getting crazy long, because even getting through one cycle of that loop is over 20 blocks at one action per. That's already way, way too much scrolling to do & and FAR too much jumping around clicking up-arrows anytime you add a new block. NO way was I going to have a 40-50 block behavior set to just to repeat the loop two or three times (each action has to be "one-n-done" [cooldown longer than battle lasts] to fire correctly]. Repeating anything is one new block per each repetition of each action (No Bueno!), so I decided to regress a level and do it by cloning & using list-ordered multiple behavior sets. The cloned list ordered sets seems to be working quite well. SO far, it seems that... The subsequent cloned sets execute as intended as long as: A) There is never an {always true} action above the final set in the list without a "one-n-done" length cooldown (i.e. auto-attack in the bottom block), and... B) Every block/action in the loop MUST have a "one-n-done" length cooldown (not every action; ONLY the ones you're looping/sequencing, more below on that), and... C) The clones have different names. I add (2nd), (3rd) behind the names. (I think... I expected it to be hard to verify; loop actions are the same, but I just thought of an easy test I'll do later) This approach provides some huge advantages (in terms of simplifying/shortening each loop set, especially after the first). 1) Splitting sets inherently reduces set size, so that's a ton less clicking/scrolling right off the bat, but the later cloned loop set in the list get even more elegant because you also... 2) Can remove all the DEAD "combat initiation" blocks, (actions done once at start); "dead" because they are long CD "one-n-done"s also, but not looped because not repeated (e.g., I tactical meld the tank, etc.), and... 3) Can remove all the LIVE blocks that repeat based on trigger conditions, meaning bocks NOT reliant on the sequencing within your loop (e.g., heals, rebuffs, etc. like "If self <50% health,Second Wind"); "live" because list order will always check the top list first, so these will remain active since they aren't "killed" by a one-n-done length cooldown. Essentially, it work just like one MONSTER length set would, but it means - way less clicking/scrolling - way better ability to "see" your two different logic trees (repetition based on sequencing, and repetition based on conditions) Thanks again for all your help!
  14. I want to identify a shrine (survival check 17, I have 15). A +2 Unguent would do it, but I can't find a way to use it from the world map "on foot". I can't see a way to access quick slots or any other way to use the item. I tried popping into a nearby cave, consuming it, and hauling ass back to the shrine, but time seems to pass way to quickly "on foot" for this strategy to work. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance!
  15. Thanks again @thelee! Even when your answer is "you can't do that", it is still very helpful because it lets me move on to the next thing instead of wasting time testing a bunch of failed work-arounds. Appreciate it, as always. ... now if I can just get this damn crew to mutiny! They have been cannibalistically eaten, murdered, sickened, starved, denied payment, rebuffed, humiliated, and still they keep working injured after months of mistreatment. Fools! What self-respecting pirate crew would stand for that? LOL!
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