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  1. Taking the discussion away from Larian's games for a moment, it does look like the Unity programmer position isn't available anymore, so it's probably been filled.
  2. You see your character's face in the inventory and when the camera goes into demo mode spinning around the character model (this happens, IIRC, when you leave the controls untouched for a while). Plus, in general, people like to customize their characters. It's something you could even do in Daggerfall, way back when.
  3. I mean, yeah, but that would still imply some sort of negotiation and agreement on the part of the two publishers? Microsoft can't just sneakily insert the game on Game Pass without permission, is my point.
  4. I mean, I imagine that Microsoft and Private Division *negotiated* the release of The Outer Worlds on Game Pass day 1. Microsoft can't just do that on their own, given they don't own the publishing rights to The Outer Worlds.
  5. There is at least precedent for enemies immune to Interrupt to still be affected by special interrupts. I know using abilities like Skyward Kick on the Oracle of Wael still worked as an Interrupt for me.
  6. I can't imagine anyone would stop you from doing that for personal use. I'd recommend checking Obsidian's rules for the use of their IP, otherwise. I imagine posting a conversion of what they might look like in PnP form on these forums crediting it properly and without using logos/copyrighted materials from Obsidian will probably be okay in the sense that no one will come after you. Obviously doing something for profit is a no-no. However! I'm not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.
  7. Welcome welcome @Shyla ! Hope the job is rewarding and you have a good time interacting with the community!
  8. What's the source on those projects? Not disbelieving you, just hard to see where the information comes from.
  9. I can't imagine Obsidian is going to collaborate with other publishers again as long as they're under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella. So, while a Tyranny 2 is possible, I guess, I can't imagine it would be developed by Obsidian.
  10. Off the top of my head, I didn't see the option when watching the footage released for the game (but also, most people didn't really spend a lot of time on the interface), but it was present in Tyranny and Deadfire, so I'm optimistic about its presence in this game too. I'm sorry that I can't give you definitive info.
  11. FWIW, I've seen Medical and Engineering checks in dialogue in the footage available. It does seem like checks for other skills aren't doled out as prominently as in New Vegas, perhaps, but they're still there.
  12. I'm not really noticing any similarity in art style with Fortnite. While both games employed saturated colors, the color palettes are actually rather different. Same with RAGE 2, the color use of which reminded me of Tyranny most recently. Both games tended to feature brown/earthy tones most of the time but very saturated colors to indicate when you were encountering magic/technology/superpowers. Now, it's totally fine not to enjoy The Outer Worlds' art style, you certainly wouldn't be the first person I see online to find it visually unappealing, and it's not even totally incorrect to argue that there's a trend towards more colorful artstyles these days (it actually predates the incredible success of Fortnite and can be seen in the shift of Bethesda's Fallout from the sickly greens of Fallout 3 to the wider color palette of 4 and 76), but I don't think you made a very compelling argument overall.
  13. I've noticed that some NPCs are subtitled but have no dialogue and in many gameplay videos the sound effect for the "You've gained reputation with this faction" notification drowned the dialogue, so I think it's fair to say they're still working on the mixing and the sound design in general. By the way, there is definitely some music in this gameplay video:
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