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  1. FWIW, I've seen Medical and Engineering checks in dialogue in the footage available. It does seem like checks for other skills aren't doled out as prominently as in New Vegas, perhaps, but they're still there.
  2. I'm not really noticing any similarity in art style with Fortnite. While both games employed saturated colors, the color palettes are actually rather different. Same with RAGE 2, the color use of which reminded me of Tyranny most recently. Both games tended to feature brown/earthy tones most of the time but very saturated colors to indicate when you were encountering magic/technology/superpowers. Now, it's totally fine not to enjoy The Outer Worlds' art style, you certainly wouldn't be the first person I see online to find it visually unappealing, and it's not even totally incorrect to argue that there's a trend towards more colorful artstyles these days (it actually predates the incredible success of Fortnite and can be seen in the shift of Bethesda's Fallout from the sickly greens of Fallout 3 to the wider color palette of 4 and 76), but I don't think you made a very compelling argument overall.
  3. I've noticed that some NPCs are subtitled but have no dialogue and in many gameplay videos the sound effect for the "You've gained reputation with this faction" notification drowned the dialogue, so I think it's fair to say they're still working on the mixing and the sound design in general. By the way, there is definitely some music in this gameplay video:
  4. From Obsidian's official Discord, courtesy of Aarik Dorobiala: "Hey friends! Apologies for the long wait. We're currently investigating a bug right now that is alluding [sic] us and we're having a hard time reproducing the issue on our end. We have super star Andy on the case."
  5. (Not a dev) Have you completed both sections of the Halls Obscured? You are not just supposed to give any memory to the Trephine, but a very specific one. Just getting the knowledge of how to operate the Trephine by itself is not enough.
  6. They have confirmed in the GameInformer podcast that Hunger/Thirst/Sleep meters will be present at the highest difficulty level.
  7. Sorry for the bump. I was starting a new turn-based playthrough and noticed that the tutorials still reference the old miss range. If there is no way to split the tutorials between turn-based and RTwP, then at least the tutorial should have a small addition noting that the range is different in turn-based.
  8. Sorry for the bump, but given I've seen no movement about this, I figured the team might be interested in an opinion (granted, this list was compiled by me and another person, which doesn't make for much of a case, but hopefully our arguments are sound?) Personally, I think these aspects of combat should be elaborated on in tutorials and the Cyclopedia: - Initiative is a key aspect of the current implementation of Turn-Based, but the intended behavior is not very clear. So far it seems like it benefits casters the most and that it does not grant extra rounds at any point. It would be interesting to know exactly what the intended behavior is. Of course, I can understand that maybe the team is still considering changing this mechanic, which is why they might not have committed to a tutorial. - Interrupts and Prone. What is the intended effect of Interrupts outside of interrupting spellcasting? Is Prone supposed to inflict any kind of penalty on a character? - Durations. This isn't really completely tied to tutorials, but tooltips often reference seconds. As far as I can tell, a bunch of helpful fellows in the community have figured out the conversion method, but it would be better if all tooltips in Turn-Based mode referenced how things work in the turn-based combat. - Action Speed. Action Speed is still a mechanic in turn-based but it is not completely clear how it operates. It obviously has an influence on Initiative, but how exactly does that work, and how useful is it? - Losing Turns. Currently, there are situations in which a character can lose their turn during a round, e.g. when casting a spell with a low Initiative and long Casting Time. is that intentional? How exactly can a player anticipate these situations and plan accordingly? There might be something else I'm missing, but for now it would help if the devs could give more information on these mechanics/potential issues.
  9. Watching the footage of The Outer Worlds that has been made available so far, I can't help but notice that a lot of the text is very tiny. Now, when playing close to a PC monitor, that is often not a problem, but there are a lot of situations where it might be (visual impairments, sitting away from a TV, etc.) Other elements that also seem rather small include the icons for limb damage over enemies' heads, though that is more understandable, given that the developers probably don't want the UI to be too cluttered. Obsidian has been good about providing options for font scaling recently, with both Pillars of Eternity games and Tyranny offering scaling up to 130% of the original size, but this game is developed by a different team and on different technology, so the presence of such an option is not a given. Any word form Obsidian about this?
  10. The ranges for Graze have been enlarged in turn-based mode so you only get Misses when Deflection is Higher than Accuracy and lowers the attack roll under 1. But I don't think they talked about flat bonuses/minuses or changing the randomization of the rolls. If it does actually happen, I'm guessing it's unintended.
  11. The developers mentioned in an update that they will accept feedback at least until the end of February but probably not beyond that because they have to lock things up so that the port developers can finish the console versions, so I imagine the Beta will end by then.
  12. You are completely correct here and I agree that, ideally, breakpoints should be avoided. However, in practice, they already exist in turn-based mode, so I guess it wouldn't be that big of a deal for me personally. A solution that removes this "quirk" of turn-based mode would be best, but I also understand that to some degree certain elements of the design of the game won't be translated perfectly to a late addition to the game core gameplay like this. Now, if the game was designed from the beginning with the idea of supporting the two modes of play concurrently, I'd be more critical, but it is what it is and I'm already surprised turn-based works as well as it does.
  13. While I do agree that there are problems with the current Initiative system, a lot of this feedback IMO fails to take into account the downsides of having full new turns available to a character. Getting a new chance to act would be far more powerful than in RTwP, as you get effectively more Stride, more Cast or Standard Actions (you technically get a lot of those in RTwP, but it's very hard to micro them effectively so the action economy isn't as lopsided in practice), etc. I still agree that this is at least something worth considering for the devs, but I expect that it would be toned down in some form from RTwP. Bit surprised that Dexterity doesn't give additional standard attacks during a turn tho'.
  14. It's hard to get a grip of how Adra is exactly connected to the metaphysical realms right now, but as far as I'm given to understand, the Gods have no access to the In-Between, just the Beyond and, to some small degree, the Here. In one of the endings for the Forgotten Sanctum, Wael regains their body and the ability to see the In-Between, which makes me think the Gods had that ability at one point, but that's probably for another thread/conversation.
  15. I know that right now the developers are likely busy with balance adjustments for turn-based and bug fixes, but I hope that, before Turn-based goes out of Beta, the differences between Real Time with Pause and Turn-based will be extensively tutorialized in-game. Right now the tutorials and Cyclopedia entries still feel a little lacking. Good luck with the balancing work! I imagine translating the mechanics from one system to the other wasn't easy.
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