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  1. I dont care about some big company's sales lol. I'm just saying that if they wanted to make post apo games they should definetely get Josh Sawyer to work on it. Post apo setting wouldn't be the same without gun related things they had going on in New Vegas, which from my understanding was Josh's idea.. Different ammo types, damage thershold, weapon condition. His dlc honest hearts is also my favorite - added a very interesting story to the fallout universe without changing too much. Chris Avellone on the other hand when making lonesome road tried to make big changes to the universe, because he said he was worried about it becoming too civilized. Not a bad writing, but I just didn't like it. Dead money he wrote stuff for was decent though. No way they would spend AAA budget developing a niche title like that. I really feel like its going to be a post apo. Obsidian is known the most for new vegas, so its very likely that microsoft asked them to do their own post apocalyptic IP. I watched some Josh Sawyer's videos and he talked about wanting to make a realistic medieval game if I rememeber correctly, but I doubt that will happen, since he talked about it openly and recently.
  2. https://segmentnext.com/2020/02/24/obsidian-next-gen-aaa-rpg/ Kind of an old news, but what do you think this will be? I really want them to make their own ots/fpv post apocalyptic game. The market is definitely there. The Outer Worlds already had a massive amount of hype, since people are tired of Bethesda's bull**** and post apocalyptic game from Obsidian would be like a second coming of Jesus Christ himself if they played it well. It's also a perfect time, now that that Fallout 76 turned out to be an MMO grindfest and there won't be other Fallout game made in the next 5 years. Get Josh Sawyer working on it though, since I feel like The Outer Worlds lacked his touch.
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