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  1. Wow, I get that the game isn't everyone's cup of tea, but that kind of sensationalist comment (almost troll like) makes me wonder why youre on these forums if that is your broad opinion of their content? There's some very valid critique in your comments but its integrity pretty much ruined by that one line.
  2. This is super rewarding for all those folks who put in the hard work on this to see that kind of recognition. Congrats to the Obsidian team on their nomination!
  3. Cole’s law:Always have the best armor! And by that Brewer Cole meant the most fashionable. If you were going to go down blazing in a gun fight the last thing you wanted was to leave your corpse in some bulky unfashionable armor. NOTE: I have run out of max space to post images so you can follow the rest of the adventures at: https://www.instagram.com/theouterworldsadventures/
  4. Cole's Law: Always have the right equipment. Being a tossball mascot had taught Brewer Cole the importance of good equipment. Look, comfort, protection and of course... visibility. You needed good visibility when you worked as a mascot. There could be nothing more awkward than having to pose with a celebrity and misplacing where your hand was due to poor costume visibility. The same applied to any good piece of armor!
  5. Cole's law:A leader must inspire his flunkies...That's what made Brewer Cole leadership material. His ability to inspire confidence in those beneath him.That's what made him a great tossball mascot and what now made him an amazing captain . People would blindly trust his judgement and follow him into the breach to anywhere, knowing that Cole would ALWAYS lead them to success and safety...
  6. If being a Tossball team mascot had taught Brewer Cole one thing, it was 'Always be prepared!", and by that it meant making sure you were looking good in your outfit. One never knew when a sports photographer was gonna capture you doing your sideline jiggidy jig. This is the sort of thing that made him uniquely qualified to be a Spaceship Captain. His new mechanic, Parvati seemed eager, but was certainly niave, and would need much of Cole's experience and mentorship if she was to survive out here in the outer colony.
  7. Absolutely loving the game and decided to chronicle the journey of my Captain Hawthorne (a former tossball mascot named Brewer Cole) and the intrepid band of the Unreliable. I also have an instagram page for it: https://www.instagram.com/theouterworldsadventures/ One of the immediate things that struck Brewer about Phineas Welles was that in picking somebody to save the universe (alright, the colony) he was not just going to pick just anybody. It was only after careful deliberation would he choose just the right person for the job!
  8. thanks very much! The setting certainly gives it a unique charm and if it delivers some sort of narrative hook as a driver i think it could be something special.
  9. Thanks very much appreciate the kind words. Quite nice to work in this really quick and loose manner occassionally, i think it helps with layout and energy without getting bogged down in the specifics
  10. Saw the trailer to this the other day and just fell in love with the concept. Was inspired to do so fan art so i scribbled out this quick piece bewteen things and hope to get back to it later and draw something up properly! Looking forward to this game and future obsidian properties. Theres so much charm and personality in your latest games (previous games awesome also as disclaimer )
  11. Ha! In all serious folks, I absolutely love the work Obsidian do. Fallout New Vegas and KOTOR2 are up there with my favourite games of all time, and I am currently addicted to The Outer Worlds. The charm and personality that's being injected into Obsidian games is just phenomenal of late. Watched the trailer for Grounded and now i have to go get myself an xbox (steadfast ps4 gamer here) Anyways thought I might share a link to some of my Outer Worlds fan art and there's also a link to my core art account as well if folks are interested. Excited to be on the forums http
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